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PMS backbone of Oil and Gas Industry

Published On - April 18, 2019

Preventive Maintenance System (PMS) backbone of Oil and Gas Industry

It has been proved beyond any doubt that a well-chosen and intelligently implemented, Preventive Maintenance System can make more economic sense. This is because preventive maintenance is doing the minimal routine work necessary to ensure the equipment remains in proper operating condition.

Before discussing anything further on Preventive Maintenance System (PMS), it is necessary to understand how important is PMS. Preventive maintenance is planned maintenance of plant and equipment that is designed to improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned maintenance activity. Preventive Maintenance includes lubrication, cleaning, adjusting, painting and minor component replacement to extend the life of equipment and facilities. Its purpose is to stall breakdowns and excessive depreciation. Neither equipment nor facilities should be allowed to go to the breaking point, especially in industries like Oil and Gas, where a brief disruption of work could mean not only a huge financial loss in downtime but it will jeopardize the safety of people working there.

It takes a lot to keep the Oil and Gas industry running smoothly. However, an effective IT backbone with a solid application which supports the end-to-end logistics can address the challenges effectively even while reducing costs and minimizing risks. This is the best way you take control of Oil & Gas industry. In Oil & Gas industry. Therefore, on-time flow of materials, people, and equipment to and from exploration, development and production sites is critical.

Understanding the situation lot of companies in the Oil and Gas industry have placed their gear on a transformation mode . Earlier this industry was heavily relied on human interaction for preventive maintenance. However, this exercise demanded lot of working time and efforts that most of the time produced unsuccessful result. With introduction of exclusive PMS like eresource erp software, Gas and Oil Industry is opting for a good and effective preventive maintenance system.

Eresource PMS uses enhanced analytical tool to lead scheduled maintenance. The system is linked to operational performance of equipment that measure performance parameters such as vibration or heat in oil exploration. When any of these parameters stray outside a predefined range, automatically determine the most likely cause and will also suggests work orders to maintain or replace certain equipment

Using eresource erp PMS in Oil and Gas industry has many of advantages. First of all there will be tremendous value creation, particularly petroleum exploration when using an integrated preventative maintenance system like eresource PMS. Lowering maintenance time will have immediate benefits to the life of lubricants and filters, as well as maintaining design specification operating parameters to achieve maximum productivity and quality. Apart from the above benefits, the original equipment manufacturers for the oil and gas industry can also indirectly benefit by understanding exactly what equipment and replacement parts clients need when managing oil and gas exploration projects. Also engineering manufacturers can learn from the exercise by understanding past performance and enhancing design specification to meet increased production demands and work order flow. These factors will help maintain inventory and purchasing to an optimal level as well reducing the inherent financial risks of holding excess inventory of parts.

The benefits received from eresource ERP PMS in the energy sector reduce costs significantly for an industry with massive capital expenditures, leading to a more efficient energy enterprise for the long-term.

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