• ERP for Batch Manufacturing

    Success of an ERP solution can be measured by the response of the employees of the organization, which implemented the system. An efficient system allows the employees to be more efficient in their role In handling their work process

  • ERP For Construction - Nfra

    eresource nfra ERP solution provides comprehensive project information necessary to answer all critical business, investment, and operational questions.

  • ERP For Manufacturing - Xcel

    With eresource Xcel ERP, small to midsize Manufacturing Companies benefit from a fully integrated, on-demand ERP solution designed to reduce costs, improve customer service, increase margins and generate new revenue streams.

  • ERP for Trading - eTrade

    eresource ERP system is a leading web-based enterprise solution for all your trading business. This ERP package consists of integrated business application with better decision making-tools

  • ERP For Fleet Management - 3GL

    Irrespective of your fleet's strength, eresource 3GL ERP for Fleet Management can provide solution for all your vehicle operations which includes trucks, cars or any other commercial vehicles.

Industry Specific ERP

Best Manufacturing, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Transportation Software Company

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Manufacturing ERP Software

Top Manufacturing ERP Software offers solution that enables manufacturers to compete in today’s aggressive business environment.

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Pharmaceutical ERP Software

With the introduction of cGMP compliant Pharmaceutical ERP solution, eresource ERP has been armed

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Construction ERP Software

eresource nfra is the best ERP system for Construction and Infrastructure projects. Why companies need

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Transportation ERP Software

The challenges faced by the Fleet Industry started witnessing rapid changes with the advent

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Trading ERP Software

eresource ERP system is a leading web-based enterprise solution for all your trading business. This ERP package consists

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Automotive ERP Software

Updating outmoded management system can reap significant benefits for the Automotive Industry. Most reliable ERP Software

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8 Benefits of ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry can greatly benefit from the efficiency, scalability, and agility provided by cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution like eresource Xcel. Understanding the importance of the contributions

Best ERP for Manufacturing Industry in India

eresource Xcel is the web-based Manufacturing ERP Software . It gives you to the freedom to work from wherever you want. You can use it from anywhere if you have a laptop and an internet connection. This eresource Xcel-ERP solution offers various modules

Features of eresource Xcel Manufacturing ERP system in India

Today there are many ERP applications available in the market. However, every applications are not the same and each give importance to different areas for operations. When there are some ERP products which concentrate on supply chain management

Mobile phone compatible ERP system for manufacturing industry in India

Implementing an ERP solution that will be mobile compatible is not only important but also necessary to manage your manufacturing business effectively in today’s changing technological environment. An ERP system like eresource Xcel for manufacturing.

Press Release

QPoint Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd opts for eresource ERP - Nfra

QPoint Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd. is a well established company for engineering solution with more than 17 years of service in this field has decided to implement eresource Nfra ERP system.. ..
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Atharva Engineers has gone live on eresource ERP - Nfra

It gives us immense pleasure that Atharva Engineers has gone live on eresource ERP - Nfra . After a dedicated effort from eresource team and as well as the team from Atharva Engineers we are proud to inform that Atharva engineers has commended our efforts and consistency to keep them motivated to use our ERP software..
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Startech Engineers ERP Implementation - Go Live Achieved

We are proud to inform that Startech Engineers is live on eresource Nfra. We thank the complete startech engineers team for their optimum support for making eresource Nfra a success.
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"Tool like eresource ERP – Nfra, enable us to execute, especially as unique and as complex as our projects on time and on target, and one-on-one customer services we are into. It’s the kind of ERP that is taking our business to a different level.
Mr. Jitu Mahnot – Business Head


"One of the main reasons for choosing eresource ERP - Xcel was the robustness of the ERP system and the flexibility it offered to suit our business needs, especially as unique and as complex as ours, compared to other ERP solutions in the market.
Mr. Nirmal Jain – MD, Rishabh Plast Industries.


"Quality work, and Friendliness is why I am very pleased, we choose to work with eresource ERP – Xcel, and they are professional, quick to response. The understanding of various type of manufacturing dynamics, helped us with rapid development of business needs.
Mr. Sandeep Sanghavi – Managing Director

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