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ERP for Plastic Industry & ERP Software for Injection Molding

Challenges Faced in Plastic Industry

Plastic products are high in demand always and it is therefore organizations that are into plastic manufacturing need to produce their products in huge qualities. Many a time this massive production brings down the quality of products due to human negligence. Quality defects and errors in the products could tarnish the reputation of the firm also mass rejection of your products. Therefore maintaining quality of the products is most important for any manufacturing business.

Other challenges faced by plastic manufacturing industries are waste management and management of workforce. Effective recycling methods can solve the waste disposal. This will also lessens the burden on raw materials, lightens the pressure on the biosphere.

Though effective management quality production and waste management in plastic industry could provide million of job opportunities, an efficient management system is required get the desired result.

How eresource Xcel ERP will help overcome the challenges in plastic industry

eresource Xcel ERP for manufacturing industry has been developed to handle all the challenges faced by plastic industry in a intelligent manner. The system helps organization to produce massive quantity quality products as per the specification and requirement of customers.

Our production schedule and inventory modules takes care of timely products of required quantity of products. With implementation of eresource Xcel, plastic manufacturing companies will have a automated ERP system that could manage all your operations with perfection that will eliminated all human errors.

Key benefits of eresource Xcel ERP for plastic industry

• Product Quality
• Automated production control
• Manages lawless production schedule
• Effective workforce management
• Eliminates human errors
• Production Scheduling
• Materials Consumption Monitoring
• Documentation Storage
• Traceability and Tracking
• Tooling Controls
• Batch Production and Quality
• Order Processing & Automation

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