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Manufacturing ERP

eresource Xcel, an intelligent ERP solution for Manufacturing

Published On - April 24, 2019

Manufacturing ERP Software has another name, eresource ERP Xcel

Manufacturing scenario is changing rapidly. Modern day manufacturers are very cautious on every step they put forward today, whether in their production process or choosing the right software application for their business. It is not surprise every member in the manufacturing industry is following a customer-central approach. The approach makes their business to be transparent and engage customers throughout the product life-cycle and strengthen the relationships with them. They have realized that satisfied customers are only the solution to make their business grow with increased profit.

Therefore manufacturing companies need powerful and intelligently integrated ERP solutions to help them optimize the whole array of manufacturing-related processes – supply chain and delivery of raw-materials, production, storage, distribution, financial flow, relationship with partners and customers, and so on.

However, to manage their manufacturing business to make the above task complete they need a business application that match with their requirement. There is no surprise eresource Xcel, an exclusive ERP solution developed by eresource, one of the most trusted and intelligent ERP solution providers in India, being the first choice among them today.

On the outset eresource Xcel ERP solution for Manufacturing Industries helps manufacturing companies with every internal process that will reduce manual work, improve visibility, increase efficiency, add flexibility and lower the costs. The web-based solution has been termed as an intelligent ERP system that can increase productivity, promotes collaboration and generates business intelligence for global manufacturing businesses of all sizes and commodities.

Award-winning ERP system

eresource is an award-winning ERP development company consists of a highly professional team with decades of manufacturing industry knowledge with academic best practices to ensure your organisation is at the forefront of manufacturing Industry.

eresource Xcel, being the most sought-after ERP solution today in India and UAE, we keep a close watch on every single development in the technical front in the world of information technology and updates our system that could take up any challenges in the industry. Changes like evolving customer expectations and growing business competitions have begun forcing businesses to pursue innovation and embrace digital transformation.

Manufacturing companies must understand that transformation in the technology front is fast occurring in the manufacturing industry field and that can benefit sales, marketing, commerce, and service and support. Eresource Xcel, as an ERP product that gives utmost important to customer satisfaction , we make it sure all these new elements are rightly and timely gets updated in our ERP system intelligently and effectively. This is also a reason that we term our ERP system as an intelligent ERP system.

Transformation is the watchword

Of late more and more manufacturing companies embrace digital transformation and the decision makers are going to increasingly demand intelligent enterprise applications in order to improve their business processes and resource utilization. There is no doubt that intelligent ERP applications will enhance the technology value proposition by moving from record management to intelligent software systems that learn from exceptions and evolving business rules, empowering users to discover more actionable insights, predict and plan better for any particular outcome, and recommend next steps.

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