Benefits & Features of ERP in the Construction Industry

ERP for Construction Industry

The automation is changing every walks of our life and no business will sustain without adaption of new technology, which includes construction industry. It is immaterial about how big or small is your construction business. This is basically because of market is trending more of customer competition, and don’t want to miss the opportunity to get ahead of their rivals in their business areas.

A good and an efficient ERP system will benefit your construction business. From software to regular activities in construction industry, ERP system like eresource Nfra – Construction ERP. eresource Nfra ERP for construction industry has not only transformed its business applications but also allowed to keep track on single operation right from project estimation, project management, labour management, material management and accounts management. The system is exclusively made for construction industry but its popularity among other leading and small size construction organization increased day by day.

Earlier usage of different software for estimation, scheduling, risk management and other activities related to construction have become obsolete. eresource Nfra has roofed up all activities under one system by having a perfect modules which takes care about all operational activities for an construction industry. The benefits what eresource Nfra could give to a construction industry cannot be measured.

eresource Nfra has implemented the software not only in India but also in UAE and other African region. eresource Nfra an web based ERP application constantly updates on the new advancement technology but also by continuously working on current system to make more intelligent in coming months and years. eresource mainly gives importance to projects as the priority which ultimately results in efficiency and has gained a better quality which ultimately reduces the complex and could have good control process.

After serving many years in this field, eresource is the first to explore an ERP system development and our developments are completely based on industrial studies with all operational method. The professionals say that success of any business depends upon good management decision. Quick data transfer & information help timely decision making and that is the secret of any business. The systems are designed so beautifully that data transfer and information between different branches and different departments becomes easier for all the decision maker.

The large no of employees must be put into use whenever a new ERP system is put into use for big construction industry. Basically in a big organization employees get increased at any time as per the work load and the system should also allow these employees into their working modules. Ultimate care must be taken to have a reporting & to have a comfortable working atmosphere. eresource Nfra ERP system provides the easy platform through which organization becomes self sufficient by getting required information.

Every business must evaluate the information gathered after the scrutiny of market demand and growth. It is important to have a deep understanding of the positive outcomes with the use of erp system in construction industry. eresource Nfra ERP system is the solution for all business demands and growth.

Venco Imtiaz Construction Co (VICC) signs contract with eresource

The Company

Established in 1993, Venco Imtiaz Construction Co. is a multinational corporation significantly operating in the Middle East, south Asia and North America. The company’s expertise include; Engineering Services, Turnkey Construction Solutions, Infrastructure Development, Industrial Facilities and K-Span Pre -Engineered Buildings.

VICC diversely employs more than 4,500 people around the world making us one of the leading construction companies in those regions. Our strength lies in our ability to cultivate innovative, practical solutions for our clients.

By combining our vast experience and ISO Certified Management System, the company constantly enhance their capabilities in line with market forces in the global construction industry. Having their operational branches in USA, UAE, China and Afghanistan, they are capable of mobilizing their resources in the most strategic locations around the world. VICC diversely employs a team of 4,500 professionals and skilled manpower around the world, making us one of the most competent construction companies in the region.


  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Engineering & Design
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Construction Materials & Water Testing

Why eresource?

The decision to implement eresource nfra Construction ERP system for the company was taken after continues evaluation of number of ERP systems Currently the company operations are managed with various software applications such as QuickBooks for accounts, Primavera for Project Management and rest of the functions are managed on MS Excel.

With the volume of the project works that are under progress in various countries and locations the company was in badly need of a suitable ERP system that could take care of their each and every operational process. Apart from the quality of module functions what made eresource nfra erp is so impressive that the system’s ability to integrate project works of different location and bring it under one centralized location from where the project managers and other decision makers able to scrutinize the progress of each projects . This will further enable them to make changes or alterations in the project works whenever necessary. Communication with and between every department from different locations also becomes an easy process with eresource nfra ERP system, which is also one of the most important factor when it comes to a company like ViCC.

Once implemented eresource nfra erp system will allow the Project Managers manage their work effectively from work stations and all information could be feed to them on real-time basis from the on-site location.

Manpower Management

One of the important elements of success in the construction industry is an efficient management of manpower. Human Resource Management module in eresource nfra system could help organizations streamline their recruitment of personal and management of workers in the construction site.

Each project needs to be supplies with adequate manpower to complete the project on time. eresource NFRA helps companies to identify the requirement of manpower for each project accurately and thus the deployment can be done effectively. Manpower if not managed properly could bring negative results on project success.

Company culture

  • VICC’s corporate culture is founded on a set of values:
  • Safety and sustainability: Safety first! Provide safety trainings and safety tools to all ouremployees and labors while adhering to international safety provisions.
  • Talent and skills: Talented and highly skilled people are our greatest asset.
  • Honesty and integrity: We have a zero-tolerance policy to bribery and corruption practices, we respect our competitors and stake holders.
  • Attitude: We promote a positive and proactive attitude towards business and a constant commitment to the company as those are the most powerful tools we may think about, even more powerful than technical and economic strength alone.
  • Training and skills enhancement: Young and innovative staff will forge the company’s future by promoting and enabling their skills, creativity and innovative approach.
  • Quality: Quality is the key to competitiveness in the international arena.

ERP For Project Based Industry

Grow with eresource Nfra ERP for Project Based Industry :

Even after understanding so much about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and its benefits for project-based industries like Construction and Infrastructure, there won’t be many construction companies that have not thought of going for a marvelous business application like this one.

The intelligent ERP solutions like eresource Nfra ERP for contracting business involves itself with not only transaction-based processing, but also the projection of detailed cost estimations prior to the efficient execution and delivery of the bid-contract- sale chain, at a systems level, this focus tends drives a number of different and highly-granular business needs.

Today eresource Nfra for contracting industry has been categorized as a high-in-demand ERP solution in India and UAE as well as in many parts of African region like Nairobi and Nigeria. This is because the system has been integrated intelligently with some of key modules that could take your business to new heights.

Nfra ERP system helps overcome challenges faced by project-based industry.

Project Budgeting: Project budgeting is one of the main challenges faced by project based industry. When implemented, eresource Nfra ERP system enables to create, modify, and manage project budgets. You can also compare budgeting to actual and view each change’s impact on profitability.

Time and expense management: The system helps you to track the work and expenses of your consultants when they are out on work. This tracking system will assist you in limiting the travel within the policy limitations as per each project budget. Those completing the projects, can they simply submit time and expense entries and this can be added to the project cost.

Manpower utilization: Intelligent use of manpower can be carried out with the help of Nfra ERP system. Systematic work schedule of employees will improve productivity, profitability, and utilization of each service professional.

Contract Management: Contract management is not only a challenging task but also time consuming. Timely payment to subcontractors will ensure the smooth flow of work, which will enable the project to complete as per schedule. The system will also allow you to take control over change orders, document and payment tracking, and subcontractor disbursements in order to ensure timely, productive, and cost-controlling project completion to boost profitability and client satisfaction.

1. Project estimation (popularly known as Job Cost module)

For construction ERP solution Project estimation it is the most important element. Because all construction projects, such as interior, external, the renovation/reclamation of land or facilities and other developmental values all begin with some sort of overall estimation relating to a project’s total cost.

Construction projects are largely driven by a primary contract. This contract represents a final legal cost/revenue baseline agreement between developer and customer. Hence, certain necessary elements must be estimated in order to establish a desired business outcome including time and materials tasking.

  • Method of time and material tasking:
  • Current and archival budget comparisons and storage tasking
  • Complete audit tracking of all budgetary changes
  • Job based category management
  • Actual versus estimated cost comparisons
  • Variable cost calculations ranging from gross/net revenue, to percentage of completion
  • Applied calculations associated with cost-of-sales and earned revenue estimations

2.Efficient Finance Management

An intelligent ERP system requires a more granular approach to financial management. Sophisticated construction systems like eresource Nfra includes the following:

  • Contracts management
  • Contractor indexing
  • Materials management
  • Equipment management
  • Time and billing
  • GST and other government policy management
  • Purchase and change order management
  • Operational inventory management

3.Effective Payroll capabilities

Payroll capabilities in the Human Resource Management module in eresource Nfra ERP system has been extended further, by orienting toward hours-expended versus estimated-cost operations, along with deeply-defined reporting. This modules has been integrated effectively with real-time payroll processing, labour costing, labour cost control reports, taxes, employee insurance, EEO reporting etc.

4. Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is another useful module in eresource Nfra construction ERP feature for construction companies. CRM is generally used when preparing new quotes, but it can also be used to grow your business. If your ERP CRM contains a sales pipeline, you can manage each client or project according to their proximity to a closed deal. You can also use Nfra ERP CRM modules to maintain contact with owners and developers just as we discussed for suppliers above. Let them know of your successes, wherever they are.

5.Supplier relationship management (SRM)

Like CRM, SRM is another component that help keeping the relationship cordiarl between the company and the subcontractor. Because sending simple feedback to a subcontractor goes a long way toward keeping that relationship strong. The same feedback can be sent to material suppliers too. Everyone prefers to do business with people we like and trust. Make sure subs and suppliers like and trust you by ensuring communication channels are open and active.

6. Project management

Apart from tracking milestones Project Management in eresource Nfra ERP system can be used to generate billings for progress payments. Project management module helps you avoid problems on the job.
eresource Nfra ERP for Project based industry have two edges. That’s manage your business today and grow it for tomorrow. So Keep both of these edges sharp.

ERP for EPC Contractors

eresource Nfra helps EPC Contractors to take their business to new heights

eresource Nfra Construction ERP for EPC Contractors has been designed to handle all the operational requirements of the Industry in most effective and efficient manner. This intelligent ERP system can help ERP contractors to minimize construction delays due to lag in information, equipment or material supply. An effective project estimation module enables to execute projects within budget and on time.

The system, eresource Nfra has been developed and upgraded according to the market needs. As the most trusted ERP solution company in India and UAE, eresource is committed to provide a industry- specific, comprehensive and robust solution for the Construction industry, which includes the EPC Contractors.

eresource Nfra ERP system helps the construction activities in many ways. Following are the some of the advantages you will have with eresource Nfra.

Efficient Management of budgets and baselines through accurate forecasts / analysis of revenue across the organization.
Enhanced performance of projects achieved by deployment of right resources at the right time, adequate planning and scheduling, collaboration and communication between stakeholders on the project.
On-time, on-budget delivery of projects achieved through absolute control over project Planning and execution.
Improved response to customers allowing better services on regulatory standards.
Mobilization of skilled resources, on time supply of materials guaranteeing 100% increase in labour productivity.
Efficient Cash flow management both at the organization level & Project level; based on forecasting, controlling, and updating cash flow; effective Project wise accounting system.

This Integrated solution for EPC Contractors offers an integrated platform for managing all aspects of EPC Projects from proposal and bidding to commissioning and operation. You can effectively collaborate with stakeholders across the supply chain; minimize cost and schedule overruns, control project risks and issues, and so on.

eresource Nfra s a full-blown, web-based ERP system that comes with useful functionalities that are designed help companies go for innovation and modifications in the project management.. This system will help construction companies and its subordinates like EPC contractors etc. to make all their operations automated with advanced and industry-specific requirements. The system will help companies transform their business processes, covering Project Management, Supply Chain, Operations & Maintenance, Finance and Human Capital Management.

ERP for Civil Contractors

One stop solution for all your construction process

Realizing the increasing complexity of the construction industry, especially the civil contractors, eresource, one of the most-trusted web-based ERP solution in India and abroad, has decided to offer an exclusively ERP system called eresource Nfra ERP for Civil Contractors.

This fully integrated intelligent ERP system that allows you to control and access data in real time, helping you maximize your profits through better budget and schedule management while reducing the risks of duplicating or losing data entries.

eresource nfra Construction ERP Software is an exclusive web-based business solution software designed for medium and large Civil Construction and EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) companies. The system has been developed with all the essential work process of a construction company in mind with features include Management of Schedule of Rates, Analysis of Rates, Project Estimation (Definitive and Control), Tender Evaluation, Cost Sheet preparation, BOQ Generation, Audit and Projection.

Accurate project estimation

Those who are working in the construction field know how important the project estimation is. Everyone would agree that this is a herculean task that needs lot of patients and technical know-how. However, with eresource Nfra in place, creating a perfect and comprehensive estimate for a commercial construction projects can be a much easier task. This accurate project estimation would help the companies having control over the three most important variables in the project work, that is — Time, Finance and Resources (Man, Material, Equipments),

Facility to access real time information is one of the other factors that can lead to efficient operations in a civil contracting and other construction companies. Eresource Nfra allows you to access all the information on real time basis. This feature helps all the departments timely information, especially the accounting department which automatically receives data from the project management system and they maintain control over the posting of financial information.

Efficiently managing all the important process with timely received information can help the civil contracting companies move in the right direction with their decision making. As civil contractors manage a large volume of information like daily management of subcontracts, progress draws, change orders, charge backs, drawing logs, daily logs, meeting minutes, transmissions, submissions, RFI’s, RFQ’s and many other documents, it is necessary to have an ERP system like resource Nfra to manage it cleverly and intelligently.


  • No duplication of entries.
  • Accounts department automatically receives data from the project management system and they maintain control over the posting of financial information
  • Elimination of separate spreadsheets and other databases
  • All information is recorded and reported consistently
  • Contacts can be managed centrally
  • All documents can be stored online for quick retrieval

Over the time resource Nfra has been chosen by number of reputed construction firms in India and UAE. The system is efficiently meets all their estimating, project management and accounting needs. With features like contact management, unit costing, daily cost reporting, sub-trade management and flexible billing, eresource Nfra is the perfect solution for maximum performance.
The system is able to rrack every cost, revenue and communication from planning to closing. With eresource Nfra implemented you will always know where you stand with every project—almost right to the minute.

Construction industry to benefit a lot from eresource nfra ERP

benefits of ERP for Construction Industry:

One of the biggest challenges for any construction company is in estimating cost of construction, which in turn helps it in containing overheads and expenses. Since the projects are usually spread over many years, aligning the projected cost with the actual cost becomes difficult. The challenge becomes manifold given that most companies deal with large project and huge volumes.

For example, one of the major construction companies in India was also facing the same challenge. For this company, at any given time there would be at least 50-60 construction projects running concurrently. The departments were maintaining the data in different files using different Excel charts. The accounts department was maintaining a separate software package but materials and purchase was not linked to these. Moreover, much of this data was lying in site offices, which was not connected to the head office.

Whenever there was an enquiry, each department would have to pull out the information and consolidate it for the report. The entire process of collecting and collating information from various departments was being done manually. This not only slowed down the decision-making process but also create power centers within the company. This made it very difficult to do real-time cost estimation of different projects.

eresource implemented an effective ERP system within a short period after the company approached with the demand for a suitable ERP for construction which would connect all functions and projects to a centrally maintained database system.

In the first phase eresource ERP implementation several modules such as financial, material management, marketing, project planning and control and so on. The solution was customized to meet the needs of a large construction company. For instance there is a module on the bill of quality that helps in project cost estimation, by breaking down each project into activities. Each activity is then broken down into till of materials of material, labour and equipment. Another module helps in material requirement planning on the basis of the work projection of a particular month/week.

The marketing module enables the company to send information to all its customers from its database whenever they launched a new project. The module also helped the company track all the pre-sale and sale activity, right from the time a customer posts a query to the closure of the sale. The module helps to take care of the company’s all marketing. It has made the planning and forecasting of demand extremely easy. It also creates ripple effects in the company where all departments like purchase, materials and stores now get aligned with the forecasts.

eresource ERP software solution: easier to use and simpler to implement

Though there are numerous players in the Indian ERP market today, eresource ERP software solution stands out among its competitors. Our ERP system is composed of several integrated modules that replace legacy systems, most of which are point solutions that operated solo in their respective departments.

eresource ERP software systems use a common corporate database to integrate not just multiple departments, but also multiple sites, for a truly companywise view. In this way, this ERP system gives greater visibility into business processes across the company, including the finance, human resources, manufacturing and marketing departments.

One of the challenges in the Indian ERP market is scaling these complex, expensive systems to make them more accessible to midmarket companies. With the introduction of Filtered ERP, eresource has made ERP within reach of all small and mid-sized companies.

We have also made our ERP software solution easier to use and simpler to implement, as well as reduced cost necessary customizations to fit the business, namely by adding features that support certain aspects of businesses that are common to midsize organizations in a given industry.

Though we agree to the point that almost every midmarket ERP solution includes the same modules, the features within those modules vary greatly when it comes to eresource ERP.

In general, our ERP system’s core modules are:

  • BI (Business Intelligence)
  • CRM
  • Financial management
  • HCM (Human Capital Management)
  • Manufacturing operations
  • SCM

We have incorporated video demos of our Construction and Infrastructure ERP in the site. You are most welcome to visit those pages to ascertain how effective the modules are. We are sure these demos will help you to scrutinize our system closely. We are on the process of adding more video demos to all other verticals. (Please visit us again to see it yourself).

You must also keep in mind that the time is right during an ERP implementation to standardize business processes across the network – which should make it easier to carefully align your organization’s business

eresource nfra, much more than an ERP system for Construction industry

ERP system for Construction and Infrastructure industry.

Construction and infrastructure projects are always a complex mission and therefore a software to manage these projects would naturally hold its complex nature reflecting on it. However, understanding every aspect of its nature and the determination to find a suitable and effective ERP solution is the result of eresource nfra system, an exclusive ERP system for Construction industry.

Construction companies execute a wide variety of projects across diverse markets and customers. Each projects has its own merit and demerits and these projects could vary from simple to highly-complex, each having different requirements with different project budget, procuring materials, tracking project documents, managing scope changes, preparing forecasts, etc. Many a time project managers have to break their head to make projects progressing in a smooth flow and it is imperative for them to have the proper tools to manage their work more efficiently and effectively. eresource nfra ERP

When we said that most of the construction and infrastructures projects are complex in nature the claim holds much water. Drawing a complete picture of a project will make it clear how these projects are getting ironed out effectively. As far as project is concerned a baseline budget is the key factor. A baseline budget for labor hours and project costs broken down via a work breakdown structure that allows a project manager to accurately track the progress of their job.

When a budget is made it just cannot be made out on the basis of fixed bid jobs, but also time and material jobs. It is also to be taken into account that consistently overrunning on time and material (T&M) projects can negatively affect the ability to secure repeat work with that customer in the future. Ability to manage risk is an important factor on the part of a project manager and that contributes to their ability to complete their projects successfully. There are number of functions that could bring risk and these function must be effectively controlled. Labor Productivity, Procurement, Project Documents, Forecasting, Labor Productivity Analysis, Gross Margin Variance, Cash Position are some of the functions that must be handled carefully and effectively by a project manager for the successful completion of a project.

So questions arises how could a project manager handle these areas effectively. Answer is very simple. With the help of a reliable ERP software that could cater to every need of companies that undertakes construction projects, especially the important portfolios like Project Mangers in the organization. Over the years eresource ERP has been widely accepted as the one of the most reliable and effective ERP software for Construction and Infrastructure industry. However, understanding the sophistication in working method in this industrial segments, eresource has introduced an exclusive ERP for construction industry and the system, eresource nfra ERP, has become an big hit among the construction companies and India and abroad, especially in the UAE.

In places like UAE, where all constructions a fast-paced project, implementing an ERP solution like eresource nfra will be an added advantage and with this system it is easy for a project manager work quickly with different projects simultaneously as the could automate much of this workflow,

For more information and a live demo, please contact our sales division in this email ID