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Construction ERP

EPC and MEP contracting firms needs a strong ERP system

Published On - July 1, 2020

EPC and MEP contracting firms needs a strong ERP systemeresource Nfra helps fulfil your commitment

As the construction companies in the world over showing a rapid growth in their business activities, the industry is becoming the main revenue source for a large number of sub-contracting firms that manages MEP contracting work. Majority of the major construction companies in India, UAE and many African countries have the practice of sub-contracting Electrical and MEP work for a easy and quick work flow.

However, many a time lot of these sub-contracting companies are finding it difficult to make their contracting agreements fulfilled due to illogical planning methods in their work strategy. The reason for their inability to fulfillment their commitments are due to lack of a business application like ERP system that could take care of their work schedule punctually. A sub-contracting firm has commitment to many big constrictions firms at the same period of time and managing all their work efficiently is not a easy task. The best way to address all its customers efficiently is to have an intelligent ERP system that could match with every types of work that these companies are demanding for.

eresource Nfra, one of the most sought-after ERP solutions that has been developed exclusively for construction industry, is the one and only best suited ERP system for Electrical and other MEP constructing firms. eresource Nfra for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) is an innovative business management software solution specifically designed for MEP management and contracting industry.
Tailor-made ERP for SMBs

eresource Nfra ERP system has been developed within the right parameters under the construction industry. Apart from its working methods increase in popularity of eresource Nfra holds another reason too, its price. eresource Nfra is also one of the most affordable ERP systems in the ERP market today. The system can be deployed in large to small and medium business organizations. Most flexible and customizable ERP system, eresoure Nfra is becoming first choice among many big construction companies as well as medium sized sub-contracting firms in the Electrical and MEP segment.

eresource Nfra ERP system will allow seamless workflow across the processes, resulting in greater operating efficiency and increased profitability. Apart from making your workflow smooth, the system can save your time that ultimately saves money. Contracting companies will have a tool to reduce estimating and other costs, which can have a dramatic impact on your business’s bottom line. This ERP system empowers contracting companies to make critical planning and other management decisions with a heightened confidence. With this system everyone in the company will have easy access to the timely and accurate data as per the request.

System highlights

>> eresource Nfra system allows Schedule, deploy and ensure higher utilization of manpower with effective project management.
>> Integrating Project management activities with material management, purchase, subcontracting and transportation solutions allows the companies to reduce delays due to shortage of material and equipment.
>> Real-time visibility >> Accurate Budgeting & Accounting that Improves profitability.

EPC and MEP Contracting Model View

    >> Admin & Master
    >> BOQ Management
    >> Billing & Contract
    >> Customer Relationship (CRM)
    >> Project Budgeting
    >> Account & Finance
    >> Inventory & Stores
    >> Material Requirement Planning
    >> Purchase Management
    >> On-Site Engineer Portal
    >> Sub-Contractor Work order
    >> Project Planning & Control

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