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ERP for Cosmetic Industry

eresource Bpro ERP system essential for Cosmetic Manufacturing

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Why Cosmetic Industry need an ERP system?

  • Integrates supply chain management

  • Improves production scheduling

  • Improves customer experience

  • Easy and quick Financial Operations

  • Efficient Management of Staff and Other Resources

  • Reduced stock obsolescence

  • Automates all manufacturing and administrative process

  • Increases organizational transparency and responsibility

eresource Bpro ERP for Cosmetic Industry - Functions and Features

Key Benefits of eresource Bpro in Cosmetic Industry

Quality Control and Batch Traceability

Digital Batch Manufacturing Records’ functionality provides full lot traceability from the source raw material batch, through production to the finished product batch and delivery to the customer.

Improve Efficiency

Enables optimized production scheduling. Eresource Bpro ERP system could eliminate all manual work and automates all manufacturing and administration work which makes all your work procedures error-free and saves time.

Reduce Costs

Optimizing inventory levels reduces the value of stock held and consequently reduces the opportunity for out-of-date and other unusable raw materials stock. This ultimately reduces the manufacturing cost.

Improve Decision Making

Eresource Bpro ERP system delivers more accurate and timely information enabling cosmetic manufacturers to make decisions with confidence.

Automation and Streamlining Processes

This system can help save time and maximise productivity by automating everything from order confirmation emails and reports to stock rotation and raw material purchasing.


With the deployment of resource Bpro ERP as your enterprise solution  an organisation can grow efficiently without a significant increase in overhead.

Reduce Compliance Costs

Erespirce Bpro ERP system helps cosmetics companies operate and manufacture products in a consistent and compliant manner.