Is your business showing signs of negative growth?

Many reasons to choose eresource ERP as your business solution

Web Based ERP software Solution:

HAVE you ever thought why your business needs an effective ERP system? If any of the following matters hamper your business growth then it is time to think of implementing an ERP system.

When you are not able to keep pace with the changing business environment with your current supporting elements like financial management, sales forecasting methods, fail to determine the need of your customer’s requirement, losing track of your inventory then you must definitely go for an ERP system.

Integrated solution makes all the difference

There are companies that use different software applications for their operations and it affects communication between various sections and department, as these applications are not networked. Time lost in exchanging information from one section to another section can make a big effect in your business strategy.

As these software works as standalone applications, you cannot blame the system for the delay. Therefore the only remedy to overcome the above hardship is to depend on an ERP system, which is an integrated and automation software.

A study of how your employees carry out their routine work will help you understand the importance of having a intelligently integrated ERP system like eresource.

None of your business operations are going to be smooth if the staff use different system for different operations. For example what will be scenario if the staff in the account section use one system for receivables and payables, and sales use another to enter in customer orders? Also, it is going to be a complete mess if the employees in warehouse use a completely different solution to track shipping and receiving.
In the same manner when various front- and back-end systems run separately, it can wreak havoc in your business processes. You are aware that without accurate data from sales, inventory management may suffer, while not having the latest information from accounting can trigger a ripple effect on everything from marketing budgets to payroll.

Easy access to information will make your business process smooth

Quick access to information regarding everything that is related to your business can make all the difference. In today’s fast paced business life sending and receiving information at your will and convenience is the prime requirement. With the deployment of eresource ERP system for your business purpose, every operations can be performed and every information can be accessed with the just help of an internet connect and your laptop.

Our ERP system will make your PC or laptop your office. Everything that is happening in your business organization can be accessed from anywhere at any time with help of our cloud and web based ERP software solution. Decision makers in your company can get a clear view of business operations at any time. Every staff can get the information they need to do their jobs more effectively. The days that have depended on soiled system and spreadsheets will become history once eresource ERP system comes as your business solution.

Automating your financial operations

Once the eresource ERP becomes your business solution, it will automate your financial operations. Your employees don’t have to rely on paper-based invoices and sales orders—and spend hours every week manually entering them into different accounting and sales systems. You can image how much time can be saved on with ERP system when it handles the above operations.

With all accounting details in a single database, accounting staff won’t have to spend hours cross-posting information, rekeying numbers, or reconciling data manually. Deployment of this ERP system will make the accounting staff more productive, freeing them to deliver critical reports without delays and frustration.

Don’t allow too many cooks to spoil your food

As the saying goes, too many cooks can spoil the food, having more than one software application to manage your business bring nightmares. Therefore it is important for companies to implement an efficient ERP system for all your business operations. ERP system like eresource provides end-to-end solution for all your business operations. Being an integrated and web based ERP software solution it takes care of every that is needed to successfully operate a business.

Those companies that are planning to upgrade their patchwork systems like on-premises, legacy system must realize that these kind upgrades can only bring more troubles than they are worth. Not only these are a time-wasting exercise but expensive affair too, that will have no positive result.

It is therefore companies are advised to go for more advantages, effective, intelligent and reliable ERP system like eresoure for their successful business operations which can assure an effective ROI (Return On Investment).

ERP is An Essential Business Tool

Implement eresource ERP software that is truly professional

eresource ERP software are developed professionally with utmost care that would address every issues and problems faced all industries. As it is very complex and difficult process to understand every functions of each industries and integrating all these functions into the system.

As we said the development is a complex exercise because to ensure the ERP developments are going to be fit for the business purpose and have a positive substantial impact the business, developers need to take the time to prepare and include all the relevant stakeholders within the industry, all the way from the initial idea, through to testing.

There are number of steps that to be followed while developing an efficient ERP software that will suit your business functions.

The development team headed by professionals who are well versed with the industry practices plays a key role in shaping up a ERP system that will match your requirement. If the ERP development team understands well about your business there’s a much better chance everything will work out as planned. Constant communication between the developers and the members of your IT team also plays a major part in making the ERP project more success because it helps the developers clarify their doubts and expectations with the in-house IT team.

ERP Project – What the companies must do first

It is very important for the companies that are plans to implement an ERP system to understand what their actual requirement is. Once the companies are clear about their requirement the matter to be passed on to the development team with a clear picture of your requirements with all the specifications and if you leave anything to chance, the result may not be what you have expected.

Therefore, it is imperative you create a detailed list of specifications and lay them out in a document. Whether it’s data samples, process requirements or timeline expectations, the more information you can provide the better.

Users must be trained to handle the system properly

ERP training is an essential part of implementation process. Having a modern car won’t help you if doesn’t know how to drive it. A modern-era ERP system like eresource system are used to properly as per the guidelines provided during the time of training must be strictly followed for a desired result from the ERP system. In most of the implementation failure cases the developers only talk to the executive people, while for a successful operations of an ERP system training to be provided users through a constant interaction between the trainers and users.

Provide reliable data

Give your developer access to reliable data. If the data is a good reflection of what you’re using now, there’s a better chance the development will work as expected. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how the application reacts when it’s been fed data that is inputted incorrectly.

Follow a true professional approach in every stage of implementation

You must have the implementation led by a senior executive who has the authority to make changes happen and happen quickly. Make sure there is a sense of urgency and true accountability for completing preparation and implementation activities on time. Moving away from functional silos and creating effective cross-functional processes that are truly integrated via an ERP system is not an easy task. When ERP is not fully integrated into day-to-day business operations, however, it is not likely to be very beneficial..

An Effective ERP System for Plastic Manufacturing Industry that Can Take on Your Business Challenges

Plastic, a material is used for making almost all items that we use in our everyday life. It is therefore plastic manufacturing industry is becoming one of most competitive industry verticals in manufacturing segment. Understanding every challenges and requirement of this industry, eresource has offers its best Manufacturing Software eresource Xcel that has been exclusively developed for such industries. It is one of the most intelligently integrated ERP system for Plastic Manufacturing Industry available in ERP market.

Plastic manufacturing industry is faced with numerous challenges among its competitors and making their own mark in the industry with unique approach to curtail the challenges needs very supporting enterprise solution. Today many of the industrial bigwigs have found solace with eresource ERP system, a suitable choice among number of ERP solutions available in the market.

Have flexibility in your working system

eresource Xcel has a unique way of functioning when it comes to manufacturing sector. This web-based ERP system has been exclusively developed for manufacturing industry, which has been integrated with all modules that are required to run the industry smoothly.

Today there are hundreds of plastics manufacturing and processing plants around the country and abroad that have implemented and realized that eresource Xcel ERP system for manufacturing can bring flexibility in their working pattern and achieved greater profitability.

eresource Xcel ERP system has been designed to cope up with all the issues that are faced with plastic manufacturing industry and streamline the business process with easy working method. The system provides all the required functioning of and features to address unique requirement of plastic industry.

Plastic manufacturing companies that have implemented eresource Xcel as their enterprise solution are benefiting much more than what they have been anticipated.

eresource Xcel ERP system for Plastic Manufacturing industry has integrated with the following key features that can help accelerate your business growth.

Production Scheduling
Materials Consumption Monitoring
Documentation Storage
Traceability and Tracking
Tooling Controls
Batch Production and Quality
Order Processing & Automation

ERP Software for Metal Fabrication Industry

Fabrication industry gets its own ERP system

Most of the fabrication companies are small in their volume of employees and other infrastructure compared to many organization in the construction industry. It is therefore fabrication industry can be placed under small sized business category. However these companies serving wide array of industries like machinery manufacturing, automobiles, electronics, construction and infrastructure. And what is most interesting about these fabrication companies are they produce components and subassemblies to customers in various fields, all of whom create products with wildly different end uses.

However, the business competitions are too high in this small sized business sector. It is therefore, to cope up with the demand and supply of quality products to their customers, companies need to operate their business process with the help of hi-tech software solution. ERP system has been extensively used in this field of fabrication industry to manage their business effectively. eresource Nfra ERP system has been developed for industries such as fabrication and like-wise medium and small sized business set up.

eresource Nfra ERP metal for fabrication Industry

eresource Nfra has realized that there are many challenges these type of medium and small type industries are facing in today’s very competitive business arena and one of the most unique challenges fabrication companies face is the need to accommodate different customer preferences that too in the way the components are delivered.

There many situations that shows up challenges. A manufacturer may need a metal fabrication supplier to take on a design-to-order project. This means the fabricator will need to have a flexible process that allows for accurate cost estimates and frequent changes to the design – often right in the middle of production. And also in other time, these fabricators may be called upon to produce a high quantity of a standard part.

To handles these types of complex matters fabrication companies needs a business application that will help the companies to stay efficiently and effectively in the market and take up any challenges and competition that this industry demands. eresource Nfra has identified all the areas where a fabrication company must concentrate more to stay ahead in their business strategy and the ERP system has been integrated with modules that will help these companies to withstand all the competition in the market.

Get rid of delays and mistakes with ERP system

Today more and more fabricators industry rely on robust enterprise resource planning systems such as eresource Nfra that support and augment their sometimes unusual processes without causing delays or unnecessary mistakes.

eresource Nfra ERP software for metal fabrication companies has to provide the ability to integrate data with the all their operational process – production, scheduling, bills of materials and so on. This is especially important for custom jobs.

An ERP system like resource Nfra that can take the design changes and translate them across the entire system, making it easy to get accurate cost estimates for quotes, procure the necessarily materials and schedule labor and capacity for production. In a business like fabrication it is important that the ERP system be able to quickly and accurately take customer requirements, create a design, develop an estimated cost, deliver a quote that satisfies the customer and turns a profit for the metal fabricator, which eresource Nfra can manage easily.

Efficient management of customer relationship is every important in any business, especially in industries like fabrication. Eresource Nfra has an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) modules has been integrated intelligently in the system. The CRM in resource Nfra can quickly place orders and communicate requirements to the fabricators on real-time.

Fabrication industry have similar planning needs like any other industries such as labour, materials, scheduling, subcontractors and other facets to routine production. Eresource Nfra ERP for metal fabrication industry have these processes as standard features and other functions that has been integrated as special features.

How to Implement a Strong ERP Program

Time is a most critical components in executing a fruitful ERP framework. Regardless of the amount you spend for planning to implement ERP, there never seems enough of it.

In making arrangements for an ERP establishment, how much time you distribute and how you split it up are basic factors in getting a fruitful execution. An excessively idealistic schedule can fate a venture before it begins.

Sadly, a reasonable timetable for an ERP task can be exceptionally hard to build. A few sections of the task, eminently necessities arrangement, process planning and testing, can be absolutely hard to evaluate. Since these are real parts of the enterprise project, getting any of them wrong can toss your whole timetable.

One thing that aides in arranging and booking an ERP venture is involvement. The more tasks you involved into, the more experience is gained.

This is one place where an accomplished advisor can pay huge profits. You most likely don’t have much experience actualizing ERP ventures, yet your specialist ought to have enough of it. Work intimately with your expert when you are booking and setting courses of events for your ERP try.

The prerequisites period of the venture as a rule happens before the genuine booking happens. Here the accentuation is on fulfillment as opposed to the time it takes. It is imperative to take care of business instead of to meet some manufactured schedule.

Process investigation and improvement, then again, should be booked precisely. The main thing you can make certain of in this piece of the usage is that it will take longer than it shows up at first glance. Plan this exertion deliberately and ensure you give enough time for it. Keep in mind the procedure investigation is in some part iterative and you may need to adjust a procedure a few times to take care of business.

Be particularly careful about attempting to get back on plan by compromising in the test stage. It just gets you inconvenience over the long haul and will foul up your take off endeavors.

Obviously you can set up any timetable you like for actualizing your ERP venture, however that doesn’t mean every single conceivable calendar are functional. It’s critical that you begin with a practical timetable while actualizing an ERP venture..

Understanding ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning system, popularly known as ERP system, the descendant of MRPII offers the answer to the economic and productivity troubles of manufacturing and service enterprises. Thus, the ERP system has become very popular as an enterprise management software tool.

ERP is a Software application that provides an organization with functionality for two or more systems. While some ERP packages initially covered two to three functions for an organization most ERP systems today cover almost all the business functions of an organization.

As the name suggests, the term ERP referred to how a large organization planned to use a organization’s wide resources. It was the larger companies that have opted to use the ERP systems initially. However, the use of ERP has changed and today the term can refer to any type of company, no matter what industry it falls in. In fact, ERP systems are used in almost any type of organization – large or small.

The latest ERP tools available in the market today can cover a wide range of functions and integrate them into one unified database. For instance, functions such as Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relations Management, Financials, Manufacturing functions and Warehouse Management functions were all once stand alone software applications, usually housed with their own database and network, can now fit under one umbrella called ERP.

Popularity of the ERP system has grown with its vast usage among the all kind of industries, Today majority of the midsize organizations are using ERP to support a variety of business issues, including globalization, lean manufacturing, conducting e-business, consolidation, shared services, collaborating with suppliers and meeting the requirements of new customers.

In today’s competitive business world usage of ERP system is becoming a must for any organization to meet the challenges faced in their business process. Studies also reveal that very few midsize companies that don’t already have an ERP implemented are facing numerous problems in their production and sales departments.

Web-based ERP

Of late many of the organization consider Web-enabled ERP as their most important and strategic platform because it provides a solid foundation and information backbone for eBusiness. When a business application like an ERP system is enhanced with the eBusiness capability, i.e. making it a web-based ebusiness enabled ERP, they supercharge each other. eBusiness is the best vehicle to share business information with partners for creating major B2B synergies.

A fully integrated web-based ERP will capture and create accurate, consistent and timely relevant data, and assist in intelligent business decision-making. The impact of ERP/e-Business integration is substantial, ranging from reduced inventory and personnel level to improved order and cash management. It also results in improved customer responsiveness, reduced IT costs and the availability for value-added activities.

A clear advantage of the web-based ERP solution is that remote users like executives and sales representatives can access the company system with any browser, which is much more convenient than going through a laptop configured for Terminal Services. A quick and on-time implementation of the solution can be done on your existing configuration set up. That means you do not need to upgrade your network for Windows/Exchange Server and SQL Server database.

Web-based ERP removes your headache from the Investment made towards time and cost in the maintenance of the server & other hardware.

Suitable ERP for construction Industry and Infrastructure Companies

ERP for Construction and Infrastructure Industry:

Infrastructure and construction companies are known for having a large site network. Today’s rapid business environment demands these companies to have on-line information on daily work progress. It is required for better planning and effective payment system.

eresource nfra ERP for construction and Infrastructure industry is integrated with suitable modules that helps the management to get data from the sites on a daily basis. There is no need of expensive hardware installations. What you need at the site is only a PC and Internet connection and your work is done.

eresource nfra ERP has a number of implementations in the construction and infrastructure field in its credit. It makes us happy when he hears our customers say they were able to recover the investment that they have made in our ERP solution within a year.

The first and most important benefit of eresource nfra ERP solution is that information has now become completely transparent and seamless. There is no scope for malpractices or hoarding information. With a smooth information flow, decision-making has also become much quicker. Processes like purchasing materials have been automated and have been immense benefit from the solution.

Here are some of the key benefits of eresource nfra ERP for construction and infrastructure Industry.

  • All offices, branches with its department and site offices are now connected on a single platform
  • Free flow of Information between departments
  • Effective fund management
  • Overview of the projects and instant availability of data and reports

With the implementation of web-based eresource nfra ERP you also take your business online. Your company will link all the modules together to the central system and make the information flow in real-time.

The construction and infrastructure companies are witnessing the results of enterprise management and consolidation of information. One of the many benefits of implementing eresource ERP solution has been a tight integration between all projects and site offices with the company headquarters.

As a result of this improved coordination there is greater efficiency across the various business processes and function. The company will able to get a complete breakdown of its project costs in terms of material. With eresource nfra ERP you have nothing to look beyond. Take the right decision. Implement eresource nfra ERP and be happy with a business solution with guaranteed success.

eresource penetrates Indian ERP market

Indian ERP Market

eresource ERP helping many small and medium business enterprises in India gain maximum benefits from its ERP implementation and also edge over their competitors by successfully integrating its key business operations.

eresource ERP system links the sales, purchase, manufacturing, order, inventory, supply chain and warehouse management modules in an enterprise for fast and accurate information access to every single person. This is because every single operation and action taken at any place by any person depends on consistent and updated information. Whatever a person required can be immediately accessed by him provided he has the legitimate access to the system.

ERP Modules at a glance

The integration of the business processes improves coordination between bodies, streamlines workflows and processes and benefits them in terms of retaining and satisfying customers by delivering their orders ‘on dot’. eresource ERP also helps keeping the customer informed about their orders’ current status rather than keeping them waiting for information. eresource ERP makes an organization more time-sensitive.

The manufacturing enterprises can also benefit of better marketing opportunities through eresource ERP. It also penetrates section-wise to addresses solutions to many shortcomings existing in an organization.

eresource ERP also further enhance the decision making by highlighting future projections about sales during a certain period of a certain product. It helps the management take appropriate decision on the production plan and also helps the executives to introduce new value added features to the existing product. This way the product quality could be checked on time which will enhance the sales process.

Listing of benefits from eresource ERP also includes reduced inventory costs by better planning and forecasting of requirements. Ultimately eresource ERP system helps getting higher return on investments (ROI) quickly.

Finally, there are no two opinions that ERP system has a great importance and it has become the need of the hour for the survival of organizations especially in the manufacturing sector. Irrespective of their strength, whether they are the big players in the field or the SMEs, their success will depend on the way they are dealing with the current business process environment. With this note we would like to remind them that an ERP system is part and parcel of that successful formula.

eresource ERP for Manufacturing industry consists of following modules.

Sales and Distribution Management

This Module comprises of Contact Management and Sales Order Processing Management. It is an integrated solution comprising of marketing and sales activities. Organization can act immediately to improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness by using this Module. eresource Sales Management module is all about retaining customers, improving customer loyalty and gaining customer insight

Purchase Management Module

Purchase Management module in eresource ERP streamlines procurement of required raw materials, packaging material, sub assembly and other non-inventory materials. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Quote Evaluation, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes. Purchase module is tightly integrated with the inventory control and production planning modules.

Manufacturing, Planning and Control

Manufacturing, Planning and Control Module in eresource ERP optimizes the utilization of manufacturing capacity, parts, components and material resources using historical production data and sales forecasting.

Total Quality Management Module

eresource ERP Quality Control Module not only monitors quality by control plans in purchasing and manufacturing but also provides real-time process capability index for quick review. Quality Control in eresource facilities are versatile and offer support for every phase of your operations, from receipt and acceptance of raw materials, through production of intermediates, to inspections of finished goods before shipment to customers.

Inventory and Material Management

Inventory Management Module in eresource ERP provides a powerful and flexible set of features to help you manage and report your inventory information. eresource Inventory Management facilitates processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. The activities of inventory control involves in identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status.

Plant and Machine Maintenance

The time has changed, machine breakdown and idle repair is no more accepted practice. The plant maintenance module in eresource ERP provides an integrated solution for supporting the operational efficiency. The plant maintenance module covers all equipment / machines of the plant.

Excise Management

The Excise module in eresource ERP will enable the organization to ensure Excise compliance to manage all transactions of Sales, Purchase, Production, Warehouse Transfer etc., This module will help the organization fulfill its statutory requirements according to latest government regulations.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource module in eresource ERP streamlines the management of human resources and human capitals. It comprises of four broad sections, mainly Training, Recruitment, Payroll and Attendance. HR module in eresource routinely maintains a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation and promotion of all employees.

Finance Resource Management

Finance Resource Management in eresource ERP gathers financial data from various functional departments and generates valuable financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers, Quarterly Financial Reports, Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis, Cost Center wise Analysis, Branch wise Profit Analysis, profitability report, Asset and Depreciation Management, Tax Management, ABC Analysis and many more.

Making ERP success: Identifying the right elements

Ways to Ensure ERP success:

In our last article we have discussed what makes a business grow. It was explained in details the basic qualities, applications and dedicated efforts are necessary to succeed in a business field. What we would like emphasis in coming series of articles are that just implementing ERP solution won’t make your business grow. To make ERP implementation sensible, we have to consider some other elements along with its focusing styles and then formulate the overall plan of actions. Let us now get to know what the important elements of ERP are and how can ERP be used in a rightful manner that will contribute largely into the growth of an organization. There are five important elements that have been identified and these are analyzed in details in the following articles.

The Client: The first and foremost element

The client is, who suggests focusing on the organization’s main line of business. As ERP implementation is more of business strategy than IT strategy, one has to analyze the key business driver’s specific to the industry and also for the company. It is customary to redefine the business processes with proper synchronization of these drivers along with improved customer interactions. The term ‘customer ‘ includes internal as well as external. The organization must plan for leaving traditional functional set-ups and re-configuring its resources across pull type process set-ups where every transaction has specified supplier, customer, and the activities known in all aspects.

What is happening in most of the Indian companies is that even after adopting ERP, the organization continues with traditional functional style of departmentalization. This is mainly because of the absence of customer driven strategic plan or its incomplete erp implementation. In such set-ups or typically in make-to-stock environment, we find the traditional atmosphere of rivalry between various functional departments. For example, Marketing is the main ‘culprit’ for the production planning inefficiencies because of the dynamic, non-standard requirements which do not make sense.

Similarly, production planning department is regarded as the ‘worst’ ever planner by the purchase department. The accounts department is the common enemy of all. Such culture is the outgrowth of the multi-hierarchy organization structure in which cohesive and common language for business performance is missing. The organization is operating with fragmented departmental optimum results and no orientation is observed for the integrated business strategies. ERP completely fails to address such environment the underlying reason being misunderstanding and lack of coordination between different departments. ERP cannot ‘fulfill’ the requirements of these users.

For example, a sudden change in released marketing plan without consent of planning and purchase will create complete nervousness in the organization. Also, the targets given to purchase will conflict with production and maintenance targets. Such local optimum objectives lead to overall fragmentation and under utilization of organizational resources.

ERP never supports these practices and the corresponding deviation between the Sucessfull ERP software concept and the organization practice will make ERP a costlier affair for the organization. If the client is not able to switch over to lean products and still wishes to eliminate these problems, then S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning – will discussed in details later) must be followed sincerely. It is the only way out for the Indian companies to improve their existing ERP performance.

A few organizations already started this, but it should become a general feature across all sectors. The main idea of SOP is to collaborate internally and find out workable and naturally optimistic plans for particular planning horizons. Participating regularly in such meetings will boost the morale of participants for driving ERP towards success. An important point to be noted here is that this recommendation is applicable to each and every industrial sector including manufacturing and service.

What makes your business grow?

Indian currency this is the one question many businessmen ask themselves. What makes the business grow? We have the answer. It is the Planning. Planning makes a business grow and yield good profit. You may think it is simple. But is it? No. Do you want to find out why it is not simple? For a good planning in business you need to get proper guidance. Are you getting proper guidance or you being misguided?

Let us begin from the beginning.

It is said that, well begun is half done. This punch line best suited as far as a business enterprise is concerned.

In today’s hyper competitive markets, small and midsize companies are faced with ever-growing challenges and they could overcome these challenges if only they are fully prepared. Business enterprises must be occupied with the infrastructure, whether it is in the form of man power strength or the software system, which could streamline and handle the workload successfully and help deliver the result in a desired manner.

Success of a business lies in the faith their customers keep with them. To gain the customers’ faith, organizations must fulfill their commitment. Is your organization able to keep the commitment? If not, why? You must have searched for the reasons many a time without getting an answer.

In spite of having dedicated personnel who are ready to carry out orders successfully and enough man power strength to bring out required product from the factory, most of the time you have failed to achieve the desired result. You have failed to deliver goods to your customers as per the commitment made. What went wrong when everything seems going right?We can say nothing went wrong. But you failed in your planning or things weren’t turned out as you and your personnel anticipated. Production department need the raw material to produce the product. You need to provide the raw material. Have you made sure your production department had enough stock in their hand? Have you made arrangement of these materials with your delivery sources? No. Isn’t?

And because of the some human error you failed to deliver the goods and you could not keep the promise made to your customers. Will these customers approach you again for their requirements? Can your business survive if the customers don’t come back?

But you could have avoided this entire scenario if you had implemented eresource ERP in your organization. eresource ERP identifies the requirement of production in advance, from the raw material requirement, stock available, stock to be ordered, delivery time, production details, man power required, time required for production and all that need to bring out the product on time on a required manner and also it intimates the concerned departments though email alerts. It is just a small example of how eresource ERP could contribute to your business function.

eresource ERP, a reliable and affordable ERP solution from eresource Infotech, identifies and supports every function of an organization including its branches, departments and its sub-sections. What is more exciting about eresource ERP is, it not only addresses all your day to day business challenges, you will also get a healthy return on your investment quickly and faster than you probably thought.