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Manufacturing ERP

No 1 Leading ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

Published On - July 10, 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]eresource ERP Xcel product is a web based software exclusively used for manufacturing industry software. The accessibility of these product is such that it can be used from anywhere by having a Laptop, mobile and an internet connection. eresource ERP Xcel has a fine modules like Admin, Master, Sales, Purchase Stores, Quality check, Job work, Billing & Accounts management. The entire module is aligned as per GST regulations. eresource ERP Xcel software provides creative answers to keep you ahead in business by increasing your productivity which will keep you ahead from competitors.

eresource Xcel ERP not only increases your operational efficiency but also save your cost which will have a speedy service of the product in the market by maintaining a good customer relationship.
It also brings third parties like Suppliers, Customers & Contractors to be the part of your business platform. Every actions of the user is recorded due to which he becomes accountable & responsible on his work & will also have the track of each & every transactions.

eresource Xcel provides multiple solutions to multiple departments like Finance, Inventory management, Production, Planning & Human resource so it becomes easy to get information of any department at any place you require.

The customer and protection of business data is the top most priority of our solutions. The implementation support provided to the customer cannot be matched which will be worth the money to gain operational excellence.

The benefits by using eresource Xcel ERP will not only increase operations efficiently but also streamline production process by saving cost which will minimize error free in production process. You will get a complete report related to your business immediately which will have a good customer satisfaction. Our main motto is customer & satisfaction of the customer.

To grow big with eresource ERP Xcel there are case studies about the organizations who have implemented ERP system. The case study revealed that by changing their old systems with our web based ERP system one of the manufacturing company reduced their inventory level. It also reduced their ware house space requirements and also could improve on month end process their by achieving 100% sale in the business without hiring new employee.

The manual process got automated by our web based eresource Xcel ERP. Scheduling became more efficient for production department to manage. Inventory level could be accurately measured. This could really give the executives to have their time visibility on all business process and which really helped them in taking strategic decisions. To be more clear in saying with eresource Xcel ERP all the SMES can be more rigid and competitive in global markets.

With eresource Xcel the communication with suppliers, Vendors, Customers & among every department, different branches at different locations with in the organization becomes easier. This easy method of communication could also be one of the reason for the decision makers for taking a good decision which is very important for successful business.

eresource India’s leading ERP solution provider will satisfy all the needs of the manufacturer which will help in gaining operational excellence.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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