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Demand grows for ERP solution

Published On - April 23, 2019

Demand grows for ERP there is no doubt that the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are in great demand today. Industry analysts are forecasting growth rates of more than 30% for at least the next five years. According to a study conducted on ERP solution, corporate growth has been indicated as the most compelling driver for adoption of ERP amongst senior management respondents.

Improved customer service, efficient distribution system, and reduced operation expenses are some of the other important business imperatives that are driving top management to implement ERP solutions. Majority of CEOs/Senior managers share the same view that ERP is an important tool to achieve competitive advantage.

Following are some of the major factors of ERP popularity.

  • ERP enables improved business performance through cycle time reduction. Cycle time is the time available at each station for the performance of the work allocated or the time elapsing between completed units coming of an assembly line. It also helps in increased business agility, inventory reduction and order fulfillment improvement.
  • ERP supports business growth requirements through new products/product lines, new customers, global requirements including multiple languages and currencies.
  • ERP provides flexible, integrated, real-time decision support in improving responsiveness across the organization.
  • ERP eliminates the limitations of the legacy system such as fragmentation of data and process, inflexibility to change and insupportable technologies.
  • ERP takes advantage of the untapped mid-market (medium size organizations) through increased functionality at a reasonable cost.

These are some of the reasons for the explosive growth rate of the ERP market. As more and more companies are entering into the market, the ERP solutions providers are facing a competitive market which brings out the best in them.

Initially the huge cost involved in the implementation of ERP solution has kept many medium scale industries away from it. However, with the introduction of affordable ERP solutions like eresource ERP, which is basically intended to serve the small and big players in the field alike, is bringing good benefit for Indian SMEs. This also contributed to the growth of ERP demand in the Indian market.

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