eresource ERP joins Intel Software Partner program

We have great pleasure in announcing that eresource ERP, India’s leading web-based Enterprise Resource Planning solution provider, has become an Intel Software Partner.

Intel Software Partner Program provides access to whole number of tools for business planning, demand forming, technical and marketing resources, which help to expand business along with involving new customers and efficient track of new market trends. Program allows its participants to develop software solutions together with Intel’s processor technologies.

eresource is the only Indian ERP firm, which bagged many prestigious awards such as Business Excellence Award, Udyog Rattan Award, Business Leadership Award for its outstanding performance and extensive contribution in Product Innovation, Quality Management and Customer Support to the Small and Medium Enterprise Segment.

We are extremely thankful to our customers, well-wishers, channel partners and all others who have supported us in achieving this marvelous success. We are dutiful to extend our co-operation and service to all our customers and well-wishers. We promise you that our services and products can only get better with our Intel Software Partner program.

Effectiveness of ERP Implementation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is quite understandable that the implementation methods used in some ERP systems differ from other ERP methods. Here are some important features for the effective usage of ERP implementation. Don’t modify the system at the early stage but try to maintain the normal software and arrange your action as such. If you are confident about changes in ERP system will help you quickly then go for the modification or else be with the normal software. Data transfer is one of the most time consuming aspect. Transfer only the data which is utmost necessary and important, remaining data can be transferred later on.

There will be many employees who will be devoting their time for implementation as well as for their daily routine work, but devote only one person who will be fully committed for the project. Hiring people from outside to train the staff will be a time consuming instead allot the company employee itself which will not only save the time but also can save the cost which will be spent on outside trainer. Having cost control is a basic right for an ERP system. Check out for your financial status and if it does not fit to your budget do not spend more on implementation by way of increasing your budget.

Before implementing any ERP system the system has to be tested which is an important factor. Before scheduling one has to make deep check of an ERP system. It has to be made sure that every person working in the organization must have full knowledge about an ERP system and its implementation process. The full and complete information must flow from higher level to lower level. This will not only build confidence but will also get motivated among themselves for the betterment of the business.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Is your business showing signs of negative growth?

Many reasons to choose eresource ERP as your business solution

Web Based ERP software Solution:

HAVE you ever thought why your business needs an effective ERP system? If any of the following matters hamper your business growth then it is time to think of implementing an ERP system.

When you are not able to keep pace with the changing business environment with your current supporting elements like financial management, sales forecasting methods, fail to determine the need of your customer’s requirement, losing track of your inventory then you must definitely go for an ERP system.

Integrated solution makes all the difference

There are companies that use different software applications for their operations and it affects communication between various sections and department, as these applications are not networked. Time lost in exchanging information from one section to another section can make a big effect in your business strategy.

As these software works as standalone applications, you cannot blame the system for the delay. Therefore the only remedy to overcome the above hardship is to depend on an ERP system, which is an integrated and automation software.

A study of how your employees carry out their routine work will help you understand the importance of having a intelligently integrated ERP system like eresource.

None of your business operations are going to be smooth if the staff use different system for different operations. For example what will be scenario if the staff in the account section use one system for receivables and payables, and sales use another to enter in customer orders? Also, it is going to be a complete mess if the employees in warehouse use a completely different solution to track shipping and receiving.
In the same manner when various front- and back-end systems run separately, it can wreak havoc in your business processes. You are aware that without accurate data from sales, inventory management may suffer, while not having the latest information from accounting can trigger a ripple effect on everything from marketing budgets to payroll.

Easy access to information will make your business process smooth

Quick access to information regarding everything that is related to your business can make all the difference. In today’s fast paced business life sending and receiving information at your will and convenience is the prime requirement. With the deployment of eresource ERP system for your business purpose, every operations can be performed and every information can be accessed with the just help of an internet connect and your laptop.

Our ERP system will make your PC or laptop your office. Everything that is happening in your business organization can be accessed from anywhere at any time with help of our cloud and web based ERP software solution. Decision makers in your company can get a clear view of business operations at any time. Every staff can get the information they need to do their jobs more effectively. The days that have depended on soiled system and spreadsheets will become history once eresource ERP system comes as your business solution.

Automating your financial operations

Once the eresource ERP becomes your business solution, it will automate your financial operations. Your employees don’t have to rely on paper-based invoices and sales orders—and spend hours every week manually entering them into different accounting and sales systems. You can image how much time can be saved on with ERP system when it handles the above operations.

With all accounting details in a single database, accounting staff won’t have to spend hours cross-posting information, rekeying numbers, or reconciling data manually. Deployment of this ERP system will make the accounting staff more productive, freeing them to deliver critical reports without delays and frustration.

Don’t allow too many cooks to spoil your food

As the saying goes, too many cooks can spoil the food, having more than one software application to manage your business bring nightmares. Therefore it is important for companies to implement an efficient ERP system for all your business operations. ERP system like eresource provides end-to-end solution for all your business operations. Being an integrated and web based ERP software solution it takes care of every that is needed to successfully operate a business.

Those companies that are planning to upgrade their patchwork systems like on-premises, legacy system must realize that these kind upgrades can only bring more troubles than they are worth. Not only these are a time-wasting exercise but expensive affair too, that will have no positive result.

It is therefore companies are advised to go for more advantages, effective, intelligent and reliable ERP system like eresoure for their successful business operations which can assure an effective ROI (Return On Investment).

ERP is An Essential Business Tool

Implement eresource ERP software that is truly professional

eresource ERP software are developed professionally with utmost care that would address every issues and problems faced all industries. As it is very complex and difficult process to understand every functions of each industries and integrating all these functions into the system.

As we said the development is a complex exercise because to ensure the ERP developments are going to be fit for the business purpose and have a positive substantial impact the business, developers need to take the time to prepare and include all the relevant stakeholders within the industry, all the way from the initial idea, through to testing.

There are number of steps that to be followed while developing an efficient ERP software that will suit your business functions.

The development team headed by professionals who are well versed with the industry practices plays a key role in shaping up a ERP system that will match your requirement. If the ERP development team understands well about your business there’s a much better chance everything will work out as planned. Constant communication between the developers and the members of your IT team also plays a major part in making the ERP project more success because it helps the developers clarify their doubts and expectations with the in-house IT team.

ERP Project – What the companies must do first

It is very important for the companies that are plans to implement an ERP system to understand what their actual requirement is. Once the companies are clear about their requirement the matter to be passed on to the development team with a clear picture of your requirements with all the specifications and if you leave anything to chance, the result may not be what you have expected.

Therefore, it is imperative you create a detailed list of specifications and lay them out in a document. Whether it’s data samples, process requirements or timeline expectations, the more information you can provide the better.

Users must be trained to handle the system properly

ERP training is an essential part of implementation process. Having a modern car won’t help you if doesn’t know how to drive it. A modern-era ERP system like eresource system are used to properly as per the guidelines provided during the time of training must be strictly followed for a desired result from the ERP system. In most of the implementation failure cases the developers only talk to the executive people, while for a successful operations of an ERP system training to be provided users through a constant interaction between the trainers and users.

Provide reliable data

Give your developer access to reliable data. If the data is a good reflection of what you’re using now, there’s a better chance the development will work as expected. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how the application reacts when it’s been fed data that is inputted incorrectly.

Follow a true professional approach in every stage of implementation

You must have the implementation led by a senior executive who has the authority to make changes happen and happen quickly. Make sure there is a sense of urgency and true accountability for completing preparation and implementation activities on time. Moving away from functional silos and creating effective cross-functional processes that are truly integrated via an ERP system is not an easy task. When ERP is not fully integrated into day-to-day business operations, however, it is not likely to be very beneficial..

eresource Xcel Manufacturing ERP Software

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]An ERP system that suits well for every manufacturing companies

The endless benefits of eresource Xcel ERP Software for SMEs in the manufacturing industry making more and more companies in this segment implement the system for their business and operational process. As the system is highly focused on customer relationship and end results, companies can expect their business growth to reach a new height in a short period of time. The system will also help the companies with standard set of business practice that ultimately helps produce better products.

eresource Xcel allows easy and quick communication with suppliers, vendors, and customers as well as among every department, branches at various locations within the organization. This easy communication method makes decision making easier which is very important for a successful business.

eresource Xcel, one of the best ERP system for manufacturing industry can be implemented on the premises or on the Cloud as per the requirement and budget of each company. The system streamlines all your business process that includes sales, purchase, billing, customer, vendor, production Finance and Inventory.

An ERP that has everything for your business operations

eresource Xcel ERP system for manufacturing industry consists of modules of Purchase Management, Sales and Billing Management, Customer Management, Vendor Management, Product Management, Financial Reporting, Account Management, Statutory Compliance and Inventory Management. Purchase Management. The system automates all important functions, eliminates human errors and makes every process function as per the schedule and planning.

The system offers an efficient Inventory management that helps move inventory to the right place, time and cost. Xcel ERP gives you an in-depth, real-time view into key supplier, inventory and shop floor performance indicators for better management of your business process.

Numerous reasons to implement eresource Xcel

Though there are numerous reasons cited to implement an ERP system, the absolute reasons to implement an ERP system like eresource Xcel are the transparency that system can bring to your business operations, its data reliability, ability to integrate new technology into the system whenever the situation demands, , a system that is affordable for SMEs which can also reduce operational risk.

Vendor Management in the system enables efficient management of supplier and vendor data to gain a competitive edge. Intelligently designed Product Management promotes integration and data exchange among all business users who interact with products. Financial Reporting empowers the finance department to record, organize, maintain and analyze data captured from all functional systems included in the system.

Grow big, grow more with eresource Xcel

Case studies in organizations that have implemented eresource ERP Xcel reveal a variety of different business-specific benefits. One of the case studies revealed that by replacing legacy systems with an our web-based ERP system, one manufacturing company has reduced its inventory levels by 30 percent, reduced its warehouse space requirements by 38 percent, improved its month-end close process by five days and increased sales by 100 percent without hiring new employees.

With Cloud-based eresource Xcel ERP in place, all manual processes are automated, production scheduling is more efficiently managed and inventory is more accurately assessed. Also, business performance can be measured in a much more holistic fashion than ever before. This gives executives real-time visibility into all business processes, enabling them to make better strategic decisions. In short, with eresource Xcel ERP system, all small and medium companies can compete more aggressively in global markets.

eresource Xcel ERP system for manufacturing industry, can also deliver significant improvements in other areas, enhancing many non-financial processes such as payroll, quality control, resource allocation and scheduling for project management teams, supplier relationship management for purchasing and procurement departments, and training and time and attendance tracking for human resources groups.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Characteristics of effective ERP Implementation

Its a well known fact that some ERP software implementation methods are more effective than others. Here are a few attributes for effective usage.

  • Implement the ERP in its normal form
    Don’t try to customize your ERP system at the very beginning. Try to maintain the standard software and organize your strategy likewise.
  • Make improvements which will bring vast advantages quickly
    If you are sure that improvements in ERP system will bring benefits quickly, then only go for for the customization. Otherwise, stay with the standard software.
  • Data Migration must be kept at minimum
    Keep in mind that migrating data is one of the most time-consuming task. Keep the data migration at minimum, transfer the important data which is absolutely needed and transfer the remaining data later on.
  • Assign a single person for an ERP project
    As many of the employees working on the project will be giving their time for implementation as well as routine work, have only a single person who is fully committed to the project.
  • Make use of super user to train the end user
    Instead of hiring people from outside to train the user, use your company people itself. It will not only save time of training, but also help saving the cost that would be spent on the outside trainer.
  • Don’t over-exceed your budget limit
    Cost control is fundamental on an ERP execution. Watch out for your financial plan and don’t exceed the budget if you can’t spend on the implementation.
  • ERP testing is a must
    ERP testing essential part of implementation. Ensure your testing program is thoroughly considered and firmly scheduled. Using less time on planned testing basically moves the trial period into the go-live period.
  • Schedule the Go-live date as per the project
    ERP implementation is a time consuming process. You must have a timetable and stick to it firmly, yet don’t trade off the task by trying to meet the external forced due dates.
  • Communicate, Communicate and Communicate
    Ensure that everyone in the organization has every minute detail about the ERP system and its implementation. Every detailed information must flow from upwards as well as downwards. Keeping everybody tuned in is critical for building confidence and motivating them for betterment of the business.

How to make ERP software implementation successful?

ERP software implementation is an important part after the ERP installation. There are various things you can do to make the implementation of an ERP system successful.

Following are the important ways that will help you to implement ERP successfully :

  • Training is the main part under ERP software implementation. Prepare a real training schedule and ensure that the users get sufficient amount of training to get familiar with the system.
  • Ensure that while migrating or transferring the data, you give sufficient time and ample resources to handle the data migration.
  • Also ensure all possible sources of data that you have to migrate to is properly identified. This will help in smooth flow of business activities. The old or stale information should be brushed out and not relocated.
  • Short down your competitors to a few top competitors. This has to be done after thorough evaluation of different ERP vendors. Also, the ERP vendor should be ready to share about the training, time spent on project, resource allotment, etc. And enable you to judge how sensible they are.
  • Keep some probability of increased budget while implementing ERP. Have a flexible budget as the cost of implementing the system may vary.
  • Don’t forget to involve the end user in the process. They will gain sharp observation as well as they will have a important part in the implementation phase.
  • Last but not the least, do not purchase more ERP than you require on the assumption that you’ll develop into it and don’t aim to manage with a bundle that doesn’t address your issues. While it’s vital to have headroom to develop in your ERP system, it’s similarly important not to overbuy. Instead, search for an item more suitable to your business needs.

Importance of ERP Training

Make ERP Training topmost priority

ERP software is a suite of coordinated business software that an organization utilizes for gathering, storing and analyzing information from various business exercises. Numerous ERP vendors offer ERP arrangements that business can implement as per their size and business necessities. To understand this integrated system, organization must execute training programs for their employees and it must be the top most priority while implementing ERP system. Those companies hold up until the last moment to think about preparing new users, or they put the assignment of training on the IT office can have terrible outcomes.

ERP training has to be one of the best needs when arranging an ERP implementation. Prior to the implementation starts, training has to be projected and some preparation of training must be started. As the implementation grows, so should the training, and it should proceed even after the ERP implementation is finished.

How does ERP training helps in successful business?

  • Training the internal users helps to minimize the costs that would have been spent on the outsourcing department. Training the users will also help to take more benefits of ERP system. Where most of the untrained users consume time while working or seeking help from their peers, trained users will become more effective and efficient towards their work and to invest energy in creating value.
  • Most of the organization thinks that there is no need or little need of ERP training for the user as the user can become familiar with the software once he/she starts using it. This thinking wind up with an ERP system that is not used completely, and in few case the system completely fails. From here, it can be concluded that better ERP training is the crucial part of ERP implementation to achieve success.
  • Training the user guarantees that all of them are using the similar kind of information and it decreases manual errors in the processes. The outcome is better-quality information and procedures with less probability of wrong or copied information, which ultimately enhances quality.
  • The users who are untrained will surely refuse the ERP system which will gradually lead to employee attrition, and sometimes, unemployment. Trained users, on the other hand, will find themselves skillful and valuable asset to the organization. Also there are less chances of employee leaving the organization.
  • The users who are not trained well tend to stick on the fundamental parts of the ERP system and stay on the manual procedures which they feel are appropriate. Whereas, the trained users achieve the required expertise in one fourth of the time than the users who are less trained. Training makes the user more productive and efficient to gain the benefits the system has to offer.

How to Implement a Strong ERP Program

Time is a most critical components in executing a fruitful ERP framework. Regardless of the amount you spend for planning to implement ERP, there never seems enough of it.

In making arrangements for an ERP establishment, how much time you distribute and how you split it up are basic factors in getting a fruitful execution. An excessively idealistic schedule can fate a venture before it begins.

Sadly, a reasonable timetable for an ERP task can be exceptionally hard to build. A few sections of the task, eminently necessities arrangement, process planning and testing, can be absolutely hard to evaluate. Since these are real parts of the enterprise project, getting any of them wrong can toss your whole timetable.

One thing that aides in arranging and booking an ERP venture is involvement. The more tasks you involved into, the more experience is gained.

This is one place where an accomplished advisor can pay huge profits. You most likely don’t have much experience actualizing ERP ventures, yet your specialist ought to have enough of it. Work intimately with your expert when you are booking and setting courses of events for your ERP try.

The prerequisites period of the venture as a rule happens before the genuine booking happens. Here the accentuation is on fulfillment as opposed to the time it takes. It is imperative to take care of business instead of to meet some manufactured schedule.

Process investigation and improvement, then again, should be booked precisely. The main thing you can make certain of in this piece of the usage is that it will take longer than it shows up at first glance. Plan this exertion deliberately and ensure you give enough time for it. Keep in mind the procedure investigation is in some part iterative and you may need to adjust a procedure a few times to take care of business.

Be particularly careful about attempting to get back on plan by compromising in the test stage. It just gets you inconvenience over the long haul and will foul up your take off endeavors.

Obviously you can set up any timetable you like for actualizing your ERP venture, however that doesn’t mean every single conceivable calendar are functional. It’s critical that you begin with a practical timetable while actualizing an ERP venture..

GST-ready ERP system is ready for quick implementation.

GST ready ERP system is ready for quick implementation.

With the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) the way organizations doing business will see a massive change. If the surveys conducted by various agencies can be believed, there going to be a substantial increase in businesses in the country. The increase in business will definitely reflect in the use of software systems such as ERP solutions.

As far as the ERP system is concerned, even a small taxation change would make a big impact in the basic structure. There need to be restructuring of whole accounting module. As the prime job of an ERP system is to generate invoice and payroll management, these sections also witness realignment of its structure that would match with the new taxation methods.

Having said that, eresource being one of the most flexible ERP solution to match with the business process of variety of industrial verticals as such as Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Construction and Infrastructure, Feet Management, Trading and Automotive, we have successfully integrated the new taxation method in the system. Our GST ready ERP system is safe and reliable solution that can be implemented in short period of time in any industrial segments.

eresource is India’s awarding winning ERP system and one of first to be ready with GST integrated ERP system which will reduce overall tax burden. Introduction of GST would reduce the impacts of cascading taxes and allow the cross-utilization of tax credits across the supply chain.

With the announcement of GST, eresource has started to upgrade, fix and design new functions and processes in our ERP software to prepare for the change. Though, as we said earlier, it all were very time consuming exercise, because any change in rates is still a major ERP event and have to create new tax codes, conditions and update information about products and materials. Understanding all these aspects we have succeeded in making our system cent per cent GST ready and any implementation process can be completed within 90 days of time.

Mainly the following modules have been redesigned to fit accommodate the new GST method successfully.

  • Procurement or Materials modules
  • Sales or supply chain modules
  • Financial management modules

With the introduction of GST almost any types of goods or services will be taxable and GST transitions the taxable event from sales, distribution, manufacture, and provision to simply the event of a supply.