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ERP Software in Ghana

Affordable ERP for SMEs in Ghana

Published On - November 25, 2021

eresource is an affordable ERP for SMEs in Ghana

eresource, one of the most popular enterprise solutions in India has expanded its operations in many other countries including Ghana.  The special features in our ERP system has been well explained during the seminar conducted in Ghana a couple of months ago.  It was also an awaress program among the business fraternity in Ghana to make them realize the advantages of eresource ERP solution in various industrial verticals.

Well before introducing our ERP system into businesses in Ghana a proper market study and industrial requirements have been thoroughly studied and scrutinized.  All our excusive ERP system that serves various industrial segments have been well planned and developed with the help of the output received from this particular study.

Also in a move to assure small business customer in Ghana, eresource ERP has come out with exclusive ERP solution for manufacturing companies in Ghana. Eresource Xcel ERPan ERP for Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises is an affordable, quick to implement enterprise solution which enables the SME to focus on growth and improving their business rather than worrying about their method of business operations.

eresource Xcel ERP for Manufacturing Industry in Ghana is designed to provide the small and medium enterprises to implement a suitable resource planning which will guarantee a return on investment, thus making it to grow their business beyond their expectations and margins.

eresource serves many industrial verticals

Over this short span of period since introducing the system in Ghana business arena, eresource has been able to complete several implementations in this country and demand for our ERP system is growing from various industrial segments. Apart from Manufacturing sector, eresource has also its exclusive ERP software for Process Manufacturing, Construction and Infrastructure, Trading & Distribution, Logistic & Fleet Management etc.

eresource ERP system helps SME is to gain operation efficiency, reduce cost of production, supply chain management and deliver product to customer on time.. The major obstacle for the SMEs is the cost element associated with ERP implementation, which are usually very expensive. Web-based, cloud-deployed eresource ERP Is one of the most affordable enterprise solution which can be deployed by even small business unit.

Key features of eresource ERP system

  • Sales and Distribution module
  • Purchase and Supplier Module
  • Inventory and Material Management Module
  • Production and Shop Floor Management Module
  • Total Quality management
  • Excise management
  • Accounts and Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management

Benefits at a glance

  • Gain Business Visibility
  • Increase Operational efficiency
  • Gain Business Visibility
  • Improve Customer Relationship
  • Streamline Production and Planning
  • Optimize IT Investments
  • Comply with Regulations
  • Cut Costs
  • Bring product to market sooner
  • Monitor and control and expenses
  • Eliminate human errors

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