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Process industry ERP – a quality control application for food processing

Published On - April 19, 2019

eresource ERP for Process Industry has been developed with all the various process industries like Pharma, Chemical, Food & Beverages in mind. An effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module I Integrated with the system will change the way food companies interact with their customers and consumers alike.

eresource ERP for process industry provides customers the option of using the CRM to address Sales Force Automation, Opportunity Management, and Marketing Campaign requirements. This web-based ERP system can be used for tying together the workflow and communication requirements with its online interaction.

As the CRM module plays an important role in the process industry ERP which allows allow your sales force to have up to the minute information on the sales history with their customers. With eresource ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry, companies can track the lot numbers of products associated to the complaint and lookup details of that lot from within the ERP system right down to the production order, or receipt of raw materials associated to that finished good.

In the food processing industry, the food safety standards are becoming increasingly stringent. Although all the government legislation has long been implemented, your customers may be expecting even higher standard of food safety. eresource ERP for process industry helps you maintain the quality standard expected by your customers.

Another important factor is, as far as food industry is concerned the process of forecasting is quite complex as the same depends on season, market segment and demand etc. Therefore there is a strong requirement of a sophisticated forecasting system in the ERP system, which will be able to perform demand planning with the help of numerous statistical inputs. Companies can highly depend on eresource ERP for its performance on forecasting segment.

In the food industry, the delivery side are normally characterized by an extensive distribution system such as having many depots, dealers etc. eresource ERP can influence the management of stock at these stock points by minimizing stock outs and reducing the overall inventory levels. Sometimes, the stocks in the distribution network are a cause of considerable worry for the companies. Managing the inbound and outbound logistics becomes a key challenge and these challenges can be faced successfully with eresource ERP implemented.

It is normal that the completion of new product development projects may take years in the process industry. However, the effectiveness of ERP solution like eresource could help in concurrent engineering and efficient project management. It will not only help to crash the development time but will also closely monitor such initiatives.

eresource ERP is equipped with suitable modules to meet all the challenges faced by food industry sector. eresource ERP meets its customers’ requirement by providing cost-effective solutions without any compromise on quality, performance and functionality.

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