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GST-ready ERP system is ready for quick implementation.

Published On - April 24, 2019

GST ready ERP system is ready for quick implementation.

With the introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) the way organizations doing business will see a massive change. If the surveys conducted by various agencies can be believed, there going to be a substantial increase in businesses in the country. The increase in business will definitely reflect in the use of software systems such as ERP solutions.

As far as the ERP system is concerned, even a small taxation change would make a big impact in the basic structure. There need to be restructuring of whole accounting module. As the prime job of an ERP system is to generate invoice and payroll management, these sections also witness realignment of its structure that would match with the new taxation methods.

Having said that, eresource being one of the most flexible ERP solution to match with the business process of variety of industrial verticals as such as Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Construction and Infrastructure, Feet Management, Trading and Automotive, we have successfully integrated the new taxation method in the system. Our GST ready ERP system is safe and reliable solution that can be implemented in short period of time in any industrial segments.

eresource is India’s awarding winning ERP system and one of first to be ready with GST integrated ERP system which will reduce overall tax burden. Introduction of GST would reduce the impacts of cascading taxes and allow the cross-utilization of tax credits across the supply chain.

With the announcement of GST, eresource has started to upgrade, fix and design new functions and processes in our ERP software to prepare for the change. Though, as we said earlier, it all were very time consuming exercise, because any change in rates is still a major ERP event and have to create new tax codes, conditions and update information about products and materials. Understanding all these aspects we have succeeded in making our system cent per cent GST ready and any implementation process can be completed within 90 days of time.

Mainly the following modules have been redesigned to fit accommodate the new GST method successfully.

  • Procurement or Materials modules
  • Sales or supply chain modules
  • Financial management modules

With the introduction of GST almost any types of goods or services will be taxable and GST transitions the taxable event from sales, distribution, manufacture, and provision to simply the event of a supply.

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