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Enhanced ERP system from eresource helping Life Sciences

Published On - April 18, 2019

Technology savvy business leaders from the Life Science field are adopting new technologies that directly align and support their more nimble business strategies. They are leveraging cloud solutions to gain greater business agility, faster deployments and predictable investments. Life Science industry today largely viewing the development happening in the technology field with hope and optimism especially the mission critical business systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), which has been intelligently integrated with supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Majority of companies from this field are opting for deployment in the cloud technology. By deploying these technological advancement Life Sciences industry can become more flexible in their business operations.

Effort to eliminate waste and non-value added expenditures from the production process that doesn’t create value is becoming a futile exercise.. However, introduction of able and effective ERP system has fully enabled this production practice adhere a strict monitoring. This technology enablement is now being adopted by most of the organizations in this field in a big way.

More enhanced manufacturing ERP software like eresource have helped these companies with its project accounting and cost accounting modules thanks to deep integration with both finance (receivables, payables, ledger) and core manufacturing processes (master planning, shop floor control, WMS, etc.) to identify waste and thereby preserve value with less work.

Developing a system that suits Life Science manufacturing companies was a great task that eresource has done successfully . The continued morphing of manufacturing systems and supply chain management systems into single solutions has paid off well.These kind of innovative integrations in our system has made best-of-breed business applications are being replaced by our innovative integrated business suite solutions.

This was due to the fact that manufacturers are increasingly turning to the supply chain to reduce cycle times, lower inventory (and related working capital), accelerate customer fulfillment and decrease distribution costs. Eresource ERP applications is enabling these strategic goals come true.. These include such things as leveraging customer segmentation for improved demand planning, integrating multiple supply chain strategies for more accurate forecasting, and simulating buying patterns.

Normally manufacturing companies do not use the CRM very effectively. They have a reputation of using CRM systems for the bare minimum. However, in medical fields where patients are now more connected with others in the same boat, are more informed and have more options than ever before, companies must rethink their CRM strategy, processes and software.

Today patients are more updated about medicine and other medical related matters, thanks to the more accessible information facilities. They are more active in determining what medical equipment, surgical instruments and surgical appliances they believe are right for them. They are sharing their findings with other patients and entire online communities in social networks and internet forums. To meet these patients where they congregate, Keeping this in mind, the latest CRM modules have developed to include ‘social CRM’ tools that leverage social listening and collaboration apps to identify and engage with patients where they digitally congregate.

Unlike in other industries, people in the Life Science field have to depend heavily on technology advancement. Therefore it is important to know for the people who are connected with the field the technology trend and act instantly without losing much time to be a competent field. For that what they need is an tool that will give them full support and confidence in their working process. Eresource ERP has been developed keeping all these facts in mind and the system is fully capable of empowering people in the field to make better business decision and by that way the company that they serve will able to improve its business performance.

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