eresource The New Generation Enterprise Resource Planning System

Organizations are thinking and preparing for the future technology, which will take their business to new heights. However, how to define, deploy and manage the technology and business services are really a matter of concern for everyone. This is where the assistance of advanced Business Solution s like eresource ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) makes its relevance.

Web and Cloud-Based ERP Software

eresource’s Cloud-based ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning Solution help face the challenges before today’s enterprises. As the businesses are today work and deliver value more dynamically, the competition in the market also been increased which brings new challenges to them. Cloud computing and social computing technologies, new working standards and a stubborn economic reset are all reshaping how work gets done.

Companies are exploring the ways to extend more value added services to its customers. Though operational improvement and cost savings be critical factors it alone will not help companies in their business operations . Emerging new challenges must be addressed with solutions that extend the value of complex, knowledge-based business activities.

eresources end to end ERP Solution supports complex, high value, knowledge-based work. eresource ERP Solution simplifies back-office process automation for mid-sized and growing business. It provides real-time information about finance, order management, purchase, inventory, employee management, e commerce and much more. With web- based ERP Solution , you can accelerate business cycles, improve productivity and reliability, and provide higher levels of service to customers, suppliers and partners.

Our SAAS Model solutions are a big hit among the mid-sized companies in India. With eresource ERP, pharmaceutical companies that are looking for a next generation enterprise solution can realize cost and process efficiencies. With the solution they can also take their sales and marketing effectiveness to new heights.

Many ERP System currently used by many of our midmarket companies are quite mature and ripe for replacement. Most of today’s midmarket organizations had ERP System s older than 10 years old. ERP Technology has evolved significantly in the years since these systems were deployed. Therefore operating your business on out-dated system can make adverse effect on your business operations . You must change today for better tomorrow. A generation system is already here

ERP cloud computing, an economical way to manage business process

ERP cloud computing is the most economical way to manage enterprise solution based IT services. No wonder it is gaining more acceptance and popularity day by day.

However, despite many advantages and growth projections, cloud computing method requires careful planning when it is applied with applications like ERP. This is where eresource ERP makes the difference. Unlike many other ERP products in the market today, eresource ERP practiced cloud computing method since its inception. Being a web-based ERP system the base method used with eresource proves this formula.

Organizations that plan to implement an ERP system must understand some important aspects of ERP cloud software that can contribute to their business. The important aspect are the business benefits of ERP cloud computing.

The dynamic provisioning of the cloud computing is that resonates with ERP users. ERP cloud computing methodologies in eresource ERP system enables IT managers simply to click a few menu selections to free up computing power from the cloud whenever manufacturing operations need additional resources. On the other hand, for the on-premise applications, it would take weeks or months required to buy a new server, load it with software and get everything working properly.

eresource cloud ERP facilities provides organizations with a wider area to deploy the solution quicker and can expect a faster ROI. Needless to say it can also help organizations reduce capital expenses. Rather than continually buying new equipment and software, companies can keep a steady and methodological way for expenses.

Small and medium scale industries are the one that could benefit maximum from eresource cloud ERP. As they are in the stage of growing path, unwanted expenses incurring in the way of investment in an exclusive IT departments and the executives to maintain and manage its successful operations will definitely make a hole in their pockets. With the usage of this cloud computing application method they will be able to divert the resource in other areas that could help them grow further.

When an organization plans to implement an ERP they must really must get into a long discussion and have a thorough evaluation of their requirement about the ERP system. eresource consultants are always ready to clear any doubts pertaining to the ERP system in I general or our cloud computing system in particular. A continuous interaction between company executives and our consultants will clear the way to understand our system more closely.

The requirement of companies also varies. There are cases which needs only updates of few modules. In some cases companies may subscribe to a demand-planning module or a production-planning program for an overseas plant rather than going with a full ERP suite. Whatever the cases may be, eresource cloud ERP software will be the best answer.

For business flexibility and control implement eresource ERP

Which is the perfect ERP system for you? This must be first question asked yourself before you select an ERP system for your business flexibility. From conventional ERP to Web-based system and Cloud ERP as there are many variant available in the ERP market, selecting the right ERP for you is very important.

Selection of right ERP system for business flexibility depends on a number of criteria. This includes functionality of potential ERP systems relative to your business requirements, cost-factor and your organization’s need. It is also important to consider whether you would like to go for a short-term vs. longer-term costs. Ultimately this decision could be further narrowed down to two main variables: complexity and control.

Large companies with huge number of employees need to control their IT infrastructures because they view business technology as a competitive advantage. These companies are more likely to find that traditional on-premise ERP systems to meet their business needs. With their larger background these types of systems can provide the flexibility and control that these organizations are demanding.

On the other hand, most of the small and mid-sized companies consider the ERP function as a tool to excel in their day-to-day business process. They don’t mind outsourcing by getting the facility from outside their compound wall. For these types of companies, Software as a Service or the Cloud ERP solutions often makes more sense.

Global presence of each company also varies depending on their strength and operations also their supply chain sophistication, diversified products, and customer interfaces that provide competitive advantages over their competitors. Companies with higher levels of complexity and sophistication can consider either on premise or hosted off-site (in the cloud).

It is also a fact that almost every mid-market ERP suite shares several common modules, the differences among solutions tend to be quite granular within these modules. Also, even if different packages offer the same feature – say, sales-order management – it might not be bundled in the same module; some vendors include sales-order management in their CRM suites while others package it in their SCM suites.

What is the taken in to account when evaluating an effective ERP system is that key to an ERP package is tight integration between modules, so that all of the core business modules are related.

As every company is different and has different business needs, so it is important to understand which types of ERP systems will work best in your situation. For more information and comprehensive evaluation of each variant, please write to us or call us today.

eresource Cloud ERP brings immediate and real business benefits

eresource’s Cloud ERP system is getting much acceptance among mid-sized companies as a reliable enterprise application, and the customers opting for this system Is increasing gradually every day. Considering the efficient working mode of this software coupled with minimum investment and advantages of easy deployment method, it is not a surprise its popularity is skyrocketing in the ERP market.

eresource ERP system has been developed and implemented with adequate technical support can deliver immediate and real business benefits to its users. As eresource ERP focuses on targeted solutions for all industrial segments, business benefits of the system becomes more tangible for customers.

However, it is also important that to make this cloud ERP operation success, companies should consider data quality issues, staff training and methods to distribute business intelligence to end users.

As Cloud-based is also web-enabled application, eresource Cloud ERP system needs only a few menu selections to free up computing power from the cloud whenever operations need additional resources. Whereas the on-premise ERP system takes months to be implemented, eresource’s Cloud ERP can be deployed and made operational within couple of week time.

Apart from the advantages of quick time implementation, the system also covers wider areas of an organization in its operational areas which can help the organizations with faster return on investment (RoI). eresource Cloud ERP also helps organizations reduce capital expenses and it eliminates the need of buying additional hardware every often. This ultimately brings organizing organization’s resources effectively and efficiently through a steady and methodological way for expenses.

When it comes to eresource Cloud ERP, small and medium scale industries are the one that could benefit maximum. Most of these organizations in India are on the growing path, unwanted expenses incurring in the way of investment in an exclusive IT departments and the executives to maintain and manage its successful operations will mar the progress chart. When a ERP system like eresource Cloud is implemented, unexpected expenses can be curtailed and funds can be diverted to other areas which will help the growth graph to go higher.

There must be a proper planning before implementing an ERP system. The decision makers must sleep on the idea of an ERP concept for a while and long discussion with expert and other IT professionals from their organization must be carried out. Proper evaluation of an ERP system also could bring a clear picture of what they are going to have in future. From eresource part, our consultants are are always ready to clear any doubts pertaining to the ERP system in general and cloud ERP system in particular. A continuous interaction between company executives and our consultants will clear the way to understand our system more closely.

We have opened many channels to make the communication an easily accessible method. We have provided an enquiry form at the bottom of this page. You are welcome to fill out the form which will be attended quickly and timely with adequate information. You can also reach us through phone call. Our hotline numbers are provided at the top of every page. SMS facilities also provided to make the communication channel wider.

ERP SaaS model economically viable

ERP SaaS model Very encouraging news for Indian IT Services comes from Gartner, the leading global provider of independent and objective technology related research and advice. According to Gartner, the information technology research and advisory company providing technology related insight, Indian IT services market is forecast to reach $10.2 billion (approximately Rs. 53,000 crore) in 2013, a 12 per cent increase from an estimated $9.1 billion in 2012.

Their study also reveals that despite facing a slowdown in the past two years, the rate of growth of India IT services sector remains relatively high. Although it is fact that India’s GDP growth has slowed in the past year because of global economic challenges, the growth fundamentals are on relatively solid footing, driven primarily by growing domestic consumption. Increasing e-governance projects in the government sector such as Unique Identification Authority of India, and Accelerated Power development and Reforms Programs, are to be viewed on a positive note, which is going to benefit the Indian IT sector in a big way in the coming days.

Takers for IT services in government and private sectors in India are increasing rapidly and demand includes the enterprise solution software applications. As the ERP applications are becoming essential for efficiency and transparency of business process, shying away from this service could be a big setback for businesses in the long run.

With the entry of Cloud computing in the IT sector, the demand for SaaS ERP system also started to grow as the solution is being considered most economical and hassle free enterprise solution.

The growth of services in IT sector also increased the awareness and usage of cloud ERP and ERP SaaS models in Indian market. Our experience reveals that the benefits offered by eresource ERP SaaS model will ultimately result in widespread adoption.

eresource ERP SaaS model delivers everything you need to run your business better. Purchase the product suites that you require, and eresource delivers the quality and reliability you need to run your business. eresource SaaS ERP system can be customized as per your requirement and operates just like an on-premise solution. Economically viable and operationally scalable eresource SaaS ERP system is unique in its own way. You have to feel it to believe it. Call us today for a FREE demo.

eresource is a fully integrated mobile and dynamic ERP solution

eresource ERP – fully integrated mobile and dynamic ERP solution

eresource ERP, with its new additions in each every industry verticals, is now providing users the opportunity to access their data anywhere, on any mobile device. eresource’s latest exclusive additions under the Cloud technology, which supports different verticals is designed to address any inflexibility of existing ERP software by allowing businesses to choose the deployment option that fits their specific needs.

eresource ERP on Cloud is a cost-effective option for small and medium-sized businesses and offers extensive benefits for growth and expansion. We have developed exclusive application for different industrial verticals with freedom to scale and grow. Being a Cloud-based solution it also gives freedom from all other IT constraints and offers high-level security , privacy and easy accessibility. With all your data in the cloud, you can move it at any time. Any new features and additions could be integrated when and where it is required as your business demands.

Being a cloud-based ERP solution, this solution is hosted in a platform over the Internet. Therefore the application could be accessed from anywhere at any time with a Net connection you have, either in your lap or mobile. At eresource, the bottom line is that ERP software whether that is deployed in a cloud environment or a on-premise deployment. eresource Cloud ERP environments are built using virtualization and load balancing technology that allows applications to be deployed across multiple servers and database resources.

Eresource ERP software on Cloud benefits customers a lot. Scalability of the application and reduced hardware costs are added advantage. Apart from this, Cloud computing technology make it easier for us to deploy it for our customers and they do not have to manage hardware, software and other upgrades.

When it comes to Cloud computing, Web Technology holds the success key. Cloud-based ERP applications are accessed through a web-based browser. By using web-based browser, customers receive many benefits that are not inherently part of The Cloud. By eliminating client software, customers save time and money on installation and maintenance. In addition, the web delivers access from any device on any platform without any expensive and complicated remote access software.

Web-based ERP solutions such as eresource ERP solutions are managed from a central data store to guarantee that users can access real-time data and dashboards from anywhere. The benefits of web software are especially significant when companies have multiple locations or companies.

Without new innovations and exclusive ERP solutions for different industry verticals eresource ERP software is setting a new standard for performance and innovation in ERP system. Today eresource has become established ERP software in the field of Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing (Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals), Construction and Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Fleet Management, Logistic Management, Sales and Trading, Preventive Maintenance and Human Resource Management.

Please calls us or write to us today to know more about this fully integrated, mobile, and dynamic solution that can help your business tremendously.

Web-based ERP can boost your business

Web-based ERP Software

Successful organizations are continuously modifying their methods in serving their clients which also increases their profit margin. To achieve this positive result, organizations have to intelligently integrate ERP system in their business management process. An effective ERP system gives the solid foundation to the supply chain which enables information; material and money automatically flow up and down the supply chain at high-speeds without any glitches.

Of late many of the organization consider Web-enabled ERP as their most important and strategic platform because it provides a solid foundation and information backbone for e-business. When a business application like an ERP system is enhanced with the e-business capability, i.e. making it a web-based e-business enabled ERP, they supercharge each other. e-business is the best vehicle to share business information with partners for creating major B2B synergies.

A fully integrated web-based ERP software will capture and create accurate, consistent and timely relevant data, and assist in intelligent business decision-making. The impact of ERP/e-Business integration is substantial, ranging from reduced inventory and personnel level to improved order and cash management. It also results in improved customer responsiveness, reduced IT costs and the availability for value-added activities.

A clear advantage of the web-based ERP software is that remote users like executives and sales representatives can access the company system with any browser, which is much more convenient than going through a laptop configured for Terminal Services. A quick and on-time implementation of the solution can be done on your existing configuration set up. That means you do not need to upgrade your network for Windows/Exchange Server and SQL Server database.

As you would have come across more suggestions on ERP, selecting the right one is crucial. The term “Hosted Solution” is rapidly catching up, on account of its own benefits. A web-hosted solution ensures a lower outlay and predictive spread of cost over time. You have a substantial saving in cost (on both the software and hardware, licensing) that can be better invested in your business process.

Web-based ERP removes your headache from the Investment made towards time and cost in the maintenance of the server & other hardware. When you go in for a web-based ERP, you can start using it from day one and can eliminate all trouble shooting and other related technical snags. Most of the hosted applications are like off-the-shelf software. The web-based ERP applications are available to you anywhere and at anytime from a simple browser.