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Published On - April 22, 2019

ERP Security – eresource Infotech, India’s leading ERP solution firm, is proved to be the most effective and reliable ERP solution providers. Our highly secured ERP solution provides uninterrupted reliable services. eresource ERP solution is armed with up-to-date security and intrusion detection facility, which provides an organization with quality service.

Anyone will agree that security is the main concern when it comes to software application and it is one of the most important issues for an organization. In classical business operation, just as in governmental and military operations, there have long been security issues concerned with physical protection. eresource Infotech has made a thorough study of the situation and incorporated the security measures in our solution as per the requirements.

Security threat to ERP is possible in the form of tapping or hacking. In addition to these security risk faced by all computer systems, two aspects of security are critical to ERP. One aspect concerns the quality of data generated and housed on the ERP.

The other aspect is control over who can access data. One major benefit of a Web enabled system is the flexibility afforded to users through the ability to log on to the ERP system from any terminal or location. The ability to maintain ERP security in a Web environment is mandatory, given that majority, eresource ERP is responding to demand to provide adequate security.

Our project experts study every aspect of the project thoroughly before the implementation. Our experts bring their know-how about the ERP package and about ERP implementation – know-how that is not included in the standard documentation.

This practical knowledge is derived from their expertise, which stems from practical experience, because our project managers have seen many projects and have made or seen many mistakes, they can avoid many of the mistakes bound to occur during the implementation period. They know what will work and what will not. Thus, by eliminating the trial and error method of implementation and doing it right the first time. Our project managers help in saving huge amounts of money, time and effort.

eresource experts can present the advantages and drawbacks of each area and reach a consensus with the decision makers before the implementation. Needless to say, it is also their duty to understand the total context and scope of the envisioned work and also alert the company management about actions and decisions that must be undertaken on time to time.

Our project managers will maintain technical documentation on the project. Though they will leave once the project is complete, they will create a knowledge base and also will train enough people so that the work they have started will be continued without any interruption.

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