Effectiveness of ERP Implementation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is quite understandable that the implementation methods used in some ERP systems differ from other ERP methods. Here are some important features for the effective usage of ERP implementation. Don’t modify the system at the early stage but try to maintain the normal software and arrange your action as such. If you are confident about changes in ERP system will help you quickly then go for the modification or else be with the normal software. Data transfer is one of the most time consuming aspect. Transfer only the data which is utmost necessary and important, remaining data can be transferred later on.

There will be many employees who will be devoting their time for implementation as well as for their daily routine work, but devote only one person who will be fully committed for the project. Hiring people from outside to train the staff will be a time consuming instead allot the company employee itself which will not only save the time but also can save the cost which will be spent on outside trainer. Having cost control is a basic right for an ERP system. Check out for your financial status and if it does not fit to your budget do not spend more on implementation by way of increasing your budget.

Before implementing any ERP system the system has to be tested which is an important factor. Before scheduling one has to make deep check of an ERP system. It has to be made sure that every person working in the organization must have full knowledge about an ERP system and its implementation process. The full and complete information must flow from higher level to lower level. This will not only build confidence but will also get motivated among themselves for the betterment of the business.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

ERP is An Essential Business Tool

Implement eresource ERP software that is truly professional

eresource ERP software are developed professionally with utmost care that would address every issues and problems faced all industries. As it is very complex and difficult process to understand every functions of each industries and integrating all these functions into the system.

As we said the development is a complex exercise because to ensure the ERP developments are going to be fit for the business purpose and have a positive substantial impact the business, developers need to take the time to prepare and include all the relevant stakeholders within the industry, all the way from the initial idea, through to testing.

There are number of steps that to be followed while developing an efficient ERP software that will suit your business functions.

The development team headed by professionals who are well versed with the industry practices plays a key role in shaping up a ERP system that will match your requirement. If the ERP development team understands well about your business there’s a much better chance everything will work out as planned. Constant communication between the developers and the members of your IT team also plays a major part in making the ERP project more success because it helps the developers clarify their doubts and expectations with the in-house IT team.

ERP Project – What the companies must do first

It is very important for the companies that are plans to implement an ERP system to understand what their actual requirement is. Once the companies are clear about their requirement the matter to be passed on to the development team with a clear picture of your requirements with all the specifications and if you leave anything to chance, the result may not be what you have expected.

Therefore, it is imperative you create a detailed list of specifications and lay them out in a document. Whether it’s data samples, process requirements or timeline expectations, the more information you can provide the better.

Users must be trained to handle the system properly

ERP training is an essential part of implementation process. Having a modern car won’t help you if doesn’t know how to drive it. A modern-era ERP system like eresource system are used to properly as per the guidelines provided during the time of training must be strictly followed for a desired result from the ERP system. In most of the implementation failure cases the developers only talk to the executive people, while for a successful operations of an ERP system training to be provided users through a constant interaction between the trainers and users.

Provide reliable data

Give your developer access to reliable data. If the data is a good reflection of what you’re using now, there’s a better chance the development will work as expected. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how the application reacts when it’s been fed data that is inputted incorrectly.

Follow a true professional approach in every stage of implementation

You must have the implementation led by a senior executive who has the authority to make changes happen and happen quickly. Make sure there is a sense of urgency and true accountability for completing preparation and implementation activities on time. Moving away from functional silos and creating effective cross-functional processes that are truly integrated via an ERP system is not an easy task. When ERP is not fully integrated into day-to-day business operations, however, it is not likely to be very beneficial..

ERP Software Company in Coimbatore

A competitive ERP system for industries in Coimbatore

Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu state is famous for its business culture. There are a number of big and small companies that are running their business from this place. Coimbatore is one among the industrially developed and commercially vibrant districts of Tamil Nadu. The place is a mixture of small scale industries and medium and large scale industries. Through there are all kind of industries running from this state the place is prominent for textile industry and it is therefore known as the Manchester of South India.

Knowing the importance of this place for business and helping these business houses with a rightly integrated enterprise solution, eresource has developed its ERP system that will match with every industrial segments that are doing business in this area.

Serving a wide range of industrial segments

Our manufacturing ERP product, eresource Xcel, that is being designed to match with all kind of business process of manufacturing companies going to be a big assistance for companies in Coimbatore. With the implementation of eresource Xcel ERP system in manufacturing companies, every function of these companies will become quick, flawless and transparent. The system is made to suit industries like Engineering, Manufacturing, Textile and Food Processing that have huge presence in Coimbatore.

All these industries in Coimbatore need quick exchange of critical information between various sections, branches and locations that will enable the managers and other decision makers to act promptly and timely. This timely action can help companies achieve steady growth. Once implemented, eresource ERP system will support you every step of the way in your business functions.

Being one of the most trusted ERP software in India and in many other overseas countries, eresource ERP system has the appropriate architecture, customization features, installation procedures, and level of complexity.

Deep understanding of industry best-practice

Our professionals work closely with your company IT heads to ensure that you have the correct suite of integrated applications to suit your needs and budget. eresource ERP system helps to identify and plan the enterprise-wide resources you need to best serve your customers. With a deep understanding of industry best practice, our professionals can guide you to procure and help you go for right modules and customization wherever required. Our cost-effective system could bring a tremendous changes and growth in your business in a short span of period.

eresource, one of the most widely accepted ERP software in India has many clients in Tamil Nadu that includes Coimbatore. Having our registered office in Mumbai, we have a branch office in Chennai. Our wide range of enterprise solutions includes various exclusive ERP product for many industry verticals CRM Software and HRMS. We also serve the logistic industry with our unique ERP solution known as eresource 3GL, which a very popular among transportation companies. Our services are customized to suit the preferences of our customers and enable optimum efficiency and performance. eresource product is also famous for its affordable prices and quick implementation process.

ERP Software Company in Tamil Nadu

eresource offers world class ERP system for industries in Chennai

Chennai , the capital city Tamil Nadu and a metropolitan city is not only emerged as an educational hub of the country with many renowned institutions but the city and the whole state is flourishing with large, Medium and small scale industries. These industries are largely contribution to the economic growth of the state. Today a large number of reputed companies from all over the world is setting up their business houses in the state.

Though these industries are creating a healthy business environment in the state competition among them to keep hold of their product quality is also high. To keep any business float at higher level with production of quality products every industrial set up need a good technology support. Every operation of business needs to be managed by sophisticated technology support to keep up the pace with the completion in the field. Today there is no industry that can efficiently manage their operations without an effective enterprise solution.

eresource comes with affordable ERP

However, there are number of enterprise solution available in the market eresource ERP system developed by one of the leading ERP firms in India, eresource Infotech Pvt. Limited stands at the top. This is because when most of the other ERP vendors concentrate on a single area of operations, eresource has developed exclusive ERP system for every industrial outfit.

Chennai and Tamil Nadu is witnessing a vast development with onset of new industrial setups. World renowned automotive industries have already started their production Tamil Nadu. Other than automotive, trading, textile mills, printing and technology and many other different kind of manufacturing companies have their plants working in this state.

Though all big organizations are managing their operations with help of hi-tech ERP solution, a large number of companies in the mid-sized and small scale industrial outfits are still running with old-fashioned operational method. When some of them are managing with their business with outdated legacy system others are still work with Excel type worksheets system to manage their complex business affairs.

Reliable, flexible and easy to operate

There are many reasons for these companies not opting for latest ERP system for their operational purpose and one of the reasons are the cost factor. Understanding their need and budget, eresource is offering all its exclusively ERP systems in an economical manner. As there are options to choose from On the Premises and On Cloud with web-based ERP system the investment becomes minimal which is affordable for size of a company. With this minimum investment, companies can enjoy a world class ERP system that could manage all their operational needs flawlessly. With the system implemented all your business operations become automated, which can eliminate all manual error.

Our exclusive Manufacturing ERP system serves a huge number of companies in India and abroad. Chennai and all other major places in Tamil Nadu that houses a number of Small and Medium-sized Business (SMBs) is one of our major destination. There are a large number of companies in Tamil Nadu that are currently operating their business with the help of exlusive eresource ERP systems (eresource Xcel ERP for Manufacturing, eresource Nfra ERP for Construction and Infrastructure, eresource eTrade ERP for trading, eresource LifeScience ERP for Pharmaceuticals etc.).

Eresoruce ERP systems, which are economical, reliable and flexible will surely help your business grow to new heights with a assured return on investment (RoI).

7 Reasons your Business needs GST ready ERP Software

GST reduces the extra tax charges and the complexity of the current taxation structure.It is the need of the hour that your ERP system must be GST ready. It is high time you get a GST ready ERP software for your business because by 1st July GST is going to be implemented in India.
Complexities to understand how this GST storm will affect your business is intense now-a-days.
eresource is here at your service.So what are you waiting for?
Join hands with eresource and implement GST ready ERP software now so that you can weather the storm.

1) Get Digitalized!

Businesses often opt to track inventory, sales, purchase, bank and production entries on a regular basis to avoid any kind of data inconsistency. Manufacturing ERP software helps to automate and integrate these critical processes ensuring to track all the entries thus, reducing de-duplication.
The recent shift from paper money to digital currency calls for transparency that is in line with the GST tax reform. ERP systems with their online transaction and bank reconciliation processing will simplify the digitization process.

2) What about your document management?

Since all your documents, payment receipts, reports are going to be digitalized , to comply with GST, e-filling will become a pre-condition for all businesses.
Going digitalized has its own plus points and ERP systems help you ease in this new trend. Henceforth it becomes easy for you to maintain all your important documents efficiently and also access them anywhere,anytime you want.
Only GST ready ERP software which can interact well with GSTN(GST network) can help you achieve seamless automation and ease in your business transactions.

3) Your ERP is Compliance ready!

Now the firms have to ponder how to equip businesses to handle tax compliances.This is where GST ready ERP system comes handy.
After GST implementation, in order to maintain accurate financial records it is necessary to be compliance ready.
Changing scenarios in the economic world creates ripples in all the business processes.
If your ERP is not GST ready yet then it will be difficult to manage compliances for multi-state and destination based tax regulations.

4) Systematic System

Firms will have to redefine key processes including those related to finance, taxation, logistics and warehousing such that the workflow is properly executed.
GST ready ERP system will ensure smooth movement of goods and services across country while curbing tax expenses.
GST estimates that many check posts will be reduced and will provide more transparency to the clients.
Every detail of what you are paying for will be mentioned. Since GST subsumed many indirect taxes, reporting/printing will be optimized.

5) One-Upmanship

Some firms may not have GST ready ERP or some may not even have ERP systems.So once you upgrade/buy GST ready ERP, you definitely have a more advanced system than your competitors.
It makes it easy to manage your business processes efficiently with new bill passed by the Government.
It is not only better for your business but also your clients will get a more user-friendly interface. Its a win-win situation altogether.

6) It is completely Cost-effective

Since GST reduces indirect taxes, it ensures a cost-effective functioning.
Save more money with the help of GST ready ERP.
eresource ensures no holes in your pocket, hence this is the best reason for you to buy our GST ready ERP.

7) Success, Success !

Let’s face it! Every business wants to be successful and earn loads of money. So if we say you get happy customers too then this is just icing on the cake.
With ERP systems you get a user-friendly interface so you know from exactly where the product is in the development stage till the product is deployed.When you can easily trace the product it becomes easier for you to work efficiently and reduce the errors that may come along . So by the time your customers receive the product, you know that it is of a fine quality.
With GST, ERP systems have evolved and included new engines to comply with the GST laws. So once you have eresource GST ready ERP ,you are bound to success after all.

New Trends Emerging in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP software has its foundations in the manufacturing industry since the nineties wherein the ERP application were utilized for manufacturing resource planning (MRP). Still, ERP has developed itself to cover all the crucial activities of a business, no matter which industry sector it has been implemented. Now, both public and private sector use ERP for their core business operations in some or the other form. ERP applications tend to be compatible in nature, sharing significant business information which is controlled by a centrally located database.

ERP software still stay fundamental in the present business setup which allows quick and effective decision making. Numerous organizations are taking up ERP software solutions for accomplishing operational excellence without realizing that it is in a state of constant change, which implies that the fate of ERP is probably going to be influenced by upcoming technology and social patterns. However, ERP users can avail benefits if they adopt new ways to innovation.

What trends can be looked in an ERP System?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has lot to benefit from accepting an open way to new technological changes and innovations. Here are some trends that can shape the future of ERP, if it is implemented correctly:

1.Big Data :

Organizations have turned out to be more subjective to IT and, therefore, they have aggregated lots of information that has been normally underutilized. By using analytical devices, organization can start to utilize this information to make accurate forecasts that will help in proposing business strategy.

2.Cloud ERP :

Cloud ERP will proceed to rise and will be largely acknowledged with most ERP systems. Decreased expenses in capital uses and IT resources, enhanced flexibility and maintenance, and in addition improved security and failure improvement will make the cloud attractable to all organizations.

3.Acceptance of ERP software by small and mid-sized business :

With expanded ease of use and cloud arrangement choices, small and mid-sized businesses will look for the additional value of an ERP system. Decreased cost to adopt and implement ERP will make it a suitable asset for organizations of all sizes.

4.Mobile ERP Accessibility :

The organizations employees, executives always need real-time access to various information at any given place and time, either its workplace or on site. Therefore, it is believed that organizations will start accepting the Mobile ERP to deal with ERP reports, dashboard in real time to perform quicker decisions.

5.Social Media Trend :

Number of ERP merchants have seen the value of web-based social networking and have integrated it into their systems. They even have made their user interface like the well known social media channels where the client and the vendor can have live interaction about ERP. Sales, Customer Service and Marketing can interface with clients and customers allowing for purposeful marketing activities and increased brand loyalty.

Why you should not customize your ERP Implementations frequently?

Customization brings with it vast costs that make it a smart thought not to compose custom code just in case that you can help it. Maximum ERP implementations require some custom programming at some point of time. The reasons why custom codes must be avoided are as follows :

  • Uncertainty and increased Implementation Cost

Composing and testing code is costly. Indeed “little” changes can deliver errors that go through the whole ERP establishment, creating a wide range of reactions and absolute bugs that must be found and settled. Pursuing these things down is tiring and also expensive. Besides it’s difficult to make sure you’ve found and settled every one of the issues. The outcome is that the customization occupations quite often take additional time and costs a larger number of assets.

  • Maintenance and Upgradation

It is time-consuming and often expensive to get a new custom code installed. It takes lot of resources to get the new code work with the existing code base. Ultimately, ERP system continuously gets older and older. It also create a complication for further upgradation.

  • Majority of ERP system exhibits “ethical policies”

Rather than writing a custom code as per industry standards you must genuinely consider changing your procedures to adjust to the way the ERP system wants to gets things done. The only way ERP gains business advantages is by modifying the processes.
With present day ERP implementations, there is considerably less requirement for customization. By configuring the ERP system properly will help in lessen the customization work

How to make ERP software implementation successful?

ERP software implementation is an important part after the ERP installation. There are various things you can do to make the implementation of an ERP system successful.

Following are the important ways that will help you to implement ERP successfully :

  • Training is the main part under ERP software implementation. Prepare a real training schedule and ensure that the users get sufficient amount of training to get familiar with the system.
  • Ensure that while migrating or transferring the data, you give sufficient time and ample resources to handle the data migration.
  • Also ensure all possible sources of data that you have to migrate to is properly identified. This will help in smooth flow of business activities. The old or stale information should be brushed out and not relocated.
  • Short down your competitors to a few top competitors. This has to be done after thorough evaluation of different ERP vendors. Also, the ERP vendor should be ready to share about the training, time spent on project, resource allotment, etc. And enable you to judge how sensible they are.
  • Keep some probability of increased budget while implementing ERP. Have a flexible budget as the cost of implementing the system may vary.
  • Don’t forget to involve the end user in the process. They will gain sharp observation as well as they will have a important part in the implementation phase.
  • Last but not the least, do not purchase more ERP than you require on the assumption that you’ll develop into it and don’t aim to manage with a bundle that doesn’t address your issues. While it’s vital to have headroom to develop in your ERP system, it’s similarly important not to overbuy. Instead, search for an item more suitable to your business needs.

Importance of ERP Training

Make ERP Training topmost priority

ERP software is a suite of coordinated business software that an organization utilizes for gathering, storing and analyzing information from various business exercises. Numerous ERP vendors offer ERP arrangements that business can implement as per their size and business necessities. To understand this integrated system, organization must execute training programs for their employees and it must be the top most priority while implementing ERP system. Those companies hold up until the last moment to think about preparing new users, or they put the assignment of training on the IT office can have terrible outcomes.

ERP training has to be one of the best needs when arranging an ERP implementation. Prior to the implementation starts, training has to be projected and some preparation of training must be started. As the implementation grows, so should the training, and it should proceed even after the ERP implementation is finished.

How does ERP training helps in successful business?

  • Training the internal users helps to minimize the costs that would have been spent on the outsourcing department. Training the users will also help to take more benefits of ERP system. Where most of the untrained users consume time while working or seeking help from their peers, trained users will become more effective and efficient towards their work and to invest energy in creating value.
  • Most of the organization thinks that there is no need or little need of ERP training for the user as the user can become familiar with the software once he/she starts using it. This thinking wind up with an ERP system that is not used completely, and in few case the system completely fails. From here, it can be concluded that better ERP training is the crucial part of ERP implementation to achieve success.
  • Training the user guarantees that all of them are using the similar kind of information and it decreases manual errors in the processes. The outcome is better-quality information and procedures with less probability of wrong or copied information, which ultimately enhances quality.
  • The users who are untrained will surely refuse the ERP system which will gradually lead to employee attrition, and sometimes, unemployment. Trained users, on the other hand, will find themselves skillful and valuable asset to the organization. Also there are less chances of employee leaving the organization.
  • The users who are not trained well tend to stick on the fundamental parts of the ERP system and stay on the manual procedures which they feel are appropriate. Whereas, the trained users achieve the required expertise in one fourth of the time than the users who are less trained. Training makes the user more productive and efficient to gain the benefits the system has to offer.

Managing your Stock with ERP software

Many organizations pile up the stock beforehand at their warehouses to avoid the shortage during any business process. Some of the small sized organization has these hidden inventory which is sometimes left untouched and ultimately adds up to the expense. This hidden stock makes it hard to firmly deal with the business. ERP system doesn’t ensure your stock is precise, however it makes it probable to set up forms that will give you an exact stock tally. Without ERP software, it is almost difficult to remain over stock.

The initial phase for revealing the unclear or obscure stock is to ensure that there is a smooth flow of supply chain network. If the stock is entering at right time and kept where they should be, there is no requirement for private reserves of materials.

As you take care of on stock, don’t be astonished in the event that you discover errors and issues in your store network. The act of keeping private stores regularly conceals wasteful aspects in your business forms.

One of ERP’s role is to influence the smooth of supply chain, from getting to invoicing. It gives you chance to observe into the organization at all levels and gives you a chance to see exactly what you have and where.

A decent ERP software assembles trust. At the point when labourers know they can depend on the organization’s procedures to give them the materials they require, it ends up less demanding to wean them off-the-books stock. Obviously, it likewise influences the work to stream more easily.