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Web-based ERP is the easiest way for SMEs to extend business

Published On - July 1, 2020

Agility is the watchword If you ask who has benefited most from the Internet and web-based applications without doubt it can be said that SMEs are the one who have benefited most from it. e-commerce applications have become a gateway to the external world which facilitates it to transact and communicate with members of its customers, suppliers and employees.

Web-based and e-commerce application permits organizations, especially SMEs who have limited infrastructure, to conduct its entire business though this medium. An effective enterprise solution like eresource ERP automates all internal functions of an organization to ensure that benefits of e-commerce are delivered to the entire organization.

As eresource ERP is an integrated system, once implemented organizations need little help from the usual phone calls, faxes, or other communications for business transaction which actually takes up a lot of time and efforts of most of the departments and officials related to it.

Web-based eresource ERP not only just connects all the departments and branches of a company but also the customers of the company can directly log to the system through the website to interact with the departments directly.

A supplier when logged on to the company site and its ERP system through the web, can enter the Order Date, Select the Supplier Name, Item Code and supplier Quotation Number from list. They can also select Currency, Order Type, Mode of Payment from the list. Details of all selected items, Price per Unit and Discount from Supplier Quotation are displayed in Order Details. The system calculates the item-wise amounts and the total amount to be paid. Excise Type and value can also be entered. Tax Details lists the various taxes and deductions that may be applicable. Purchase Order Number can be generated on saving the record. One can also print the purchase order.

Also unless the Purchase Order is authorized, no material can be received in Inventory against the Purchase Order. User cannot change/modify information displayed in Order details. Once Purchase Order is placed, details of Purchase Requisition, Request for Quotation (Purchase) and Supplier Quotation can neither be altered nor deleted. If any changes have to be made, a separate Purchase Order Amendment has to be placed thereby ensuring security.

As all these exercised are performed through online, a lot of time can be saved and also all dealings and transactions becomes transparent.

There is no doubt web-based eresource ERP will surely do a lot of good for SMEs in their business process. It is the easiest and cheapest way they can find in extending their presence in the widely spread global market.

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