eresource SAAS ERP model brings economic relief for mid-sized companies

ERP for SMEs

SaaS ERP Model:

It is true that companies are feeling the pressure to continue their technology expansion plans despite the tight economic conditions witnessed all over the world. The option before them is to find better ways to carry out with business process operations much successful way.

In the technology front it is undisputable belief that companies have to have an ERP system to run the business process in the right manner. When the traditional ERP system brings an additional burden to the companies that are already reeling under the economic crunch, SaaS model eresource ERP solutions are really a big relief.

Getting an ERP system varies from companies to companies. When the big companies can afford and needs an ERP system which will be extensively support their all their operations and linked with their branches and departments, small companies must look the system in different angle. The questions about why they must purchase an entire system and spend thousands of rupees on a system which they may not even utilized. In that case it is going to a clear case of waste of money.

This is where the importance of eresource SaaS model comes to picture. eresource ERP SaaS model solution helps to reduce the large-up front expenses associated with software purchases by offering less costly monthly pricing and reducing the investment on server hardware.

Also eresource give companies to an option purchase the modules as per their fund availability and later they can go on extending the system by adding more modules as the requirement demand and as the funds become available.

Though there are other versions of SaaS model ERP system in the market, it’s important to check if you can use the system for your purpose or you need to customize it as per your business process. You need to assemble a Request For Information about the system you are looking for. This document should outline exactly what you want the software to accomplish.

Eresource Saas ERP model can certainly be as flexible as you need to be, complete with the customization your system needs. eresource’s SaaS model is served apart from its main ERP system which provides a browser based platform that also has an agile capability of framework built into it. Eresource is the leading Web-based ERP software in India. Eresource Web-based ERP model with its SAAS version can provide your business with more stability, reliability and flexibility.

Web-based eresource ERP system as a long-time business solution

Web-based ERP for Long-time Business – Eresource ERP Software

Agility is the watchword As a comprehensive, flexible and industry-specific ERP system provider, eresource, satisfies all its clients’ need for quick access to reliable, one-source information for continued business growth. eresource, a leader in web-based ERP solution for many industrial verticals has recently launched its ERP SaaS model focusing the small and medium sized companies in India and abroad.

Web-based eresource ERP system made business process easy for companies. The legacy system they were depend on their day to day work process getting outdated as the demanded regular customization and even after the customization the system lacked integrated functionality.

The data available to support critical business decisions also lacked quality and as a result every sections were forced to develop their own database on spreadsheets and workarounds. Additionally, companies having different ERP system deployed in their other location further contributed to the islands of information and multiple data entry points.

Companies also realized that application support and customization was not adequate enough for an efficient business process and many companies after implementing eresource ERP started feeling the impact with streamlined and effective working method of the system.

It makes extremely happy when we hear about the success stories of our customers that are experiencing with the implementation of our system in their companies. It makes us more proud when we hear that our customers are recommending eresource ERP to new clients, which is highly unusual in today’s competitive business world.

Success of eresource ERP starts from the time of its implementation. As you know the catch word of ERP implementation is speed. It was our New Year resolution that all our future implementation will be completed just in 90 days. However, we ourselves surprised that our first implementation of the New Year has been completed in a record-breaking 40-day time span.

The mission was started when the company, the Byteware Technologies in Dubai has planned to implement an effective ERP system sometime in February 2011. Though the company has evaluated many ERP products, they could not find a suitable one that will match with their requirement. It was during the month of October 2011 that the company happened to established the rapport with us, eresource Infotech, and demanded a quick go and implementation process. The order was finally placed by the company in the month of November 2011 and wanted to see the project go live by January 2012.

The project covered end to end business functions, i.e. from Sales, Procurement, Material Management, Distribution, Warehouse Management, Project Sales and Finance. Yes, of course, the project went live on January 8, 2012, as demanded by the company. It was really a record-breaking achievement.

It is normal to encounter with some technical setbacks at the implementation time. But we have surprised this time there were hardly anything that took much time to resolve. The credit must be given where it is due. Hats off to our implementation team for completing the mission in a very successful way. All our current and future implementations are focusing on the same line of working method and we can promise all our clients that we deliver what you demand that too on time.

More dynamic ERP modules with easy to operate interface

Companies that plan to invest in ERP system must do a proper evaluation before taking the final decision about the right choice of the ERP modules and Functions. It is to be remembered in today’s technologically advanced business environment, a web-based ERP system can definitely do wonders if not miracles.

Web-based eresource ERP system can definitely help all business operations. It makes the work easy with avoiding unnecessary entries of information. Once an order is entered, the same data could reflect in all necessary modules instantly. eresource ERP is more dynamic than any management software where you may need to do several entrances to complete one task. With eresouce ERP user can evaluate credit possibilities for a sale in real time according to client debt reports, helping you to reduce irrecoverable amounts.

The overwhelming enquiries about our system and its functional modalities, we felt it is necessary to make aware of our system to our aspirant customers in a more easily understandable manner. We also would like to intimate all our existing and aspirant customers that eresource ERP modules have been recently upgraded with more user friendly interface that helps easy operational methods for the users.

In this series of articles we will try to present some of our important modules with its functional modalities with its operational methods with the help of each module’s screenshots. Readers who has any questions related to anything particular could write to us or calls us directly for more detailed briefing and live demos of our ERP system.

eresource ERP system consists of modules such as, Admin, Master, Support, Purchase, Stores, Sales, Service, Purchase Service, Account, Excise, Insurance, HR, Plant Maintenance, Design & RD, Production, QC (Quality Control), TPP, Job Work, PMC, Compliance and Utility. See the below screenshot to view how the modules has been arranged nearly to the convenience of the users.

The login page of eresource ERP solution takes you to the system master page which allows the system administrator or any other authorized person from the company to define the company details, user details and their rights. This module has the option to add multiple companies and branches as per the requirement of the company that have implemented the system under the agreement signed with eresource. The administrator could enter the options such as Company Creation, Branch Creation and Financial Year though this screen and further manage the user rights.

The company name entered by the administrator will be displayed in the opening page from there the user could enter into the ERP modules of that particular company/branch.

When a company or its branch name is clicked, the user will be taken to the module pages where all the modules will be displayed and user could select the module to work with as per the right is given to them by the system administrator. (See below screenshot).

Details of working method of each modules will be elaborated in our coming articles which we hope will give a clear picture of India’s leading eresource Web-based ERP.

Understanding eresource ERP master module

Understanding eresource ERP master module

In the earlier article we have seen the entry page where the different modules of ERP system are displayed. The user can select any of the modules they wish to work on with provided they have the right. What is to be remembered is that before anyone can start work on any modules, the Master must be prepared, which normally done by the System Administrator or anyone that the company has authorized.

In the ERP Master module, we have heads like Account, Item, General, Excise, Warehouse and Report. (Figure shown below)

Each head s has its own sub section where the Administrator could enter the details required to manage the master. After the master is defined, when the user select any section, all the details such as price or condition, entered in the master for that particular head will be applied.

When the mouse cursor is brought above the first head ‘Account’ sub-section under the Account will be highlighted and clicking and going into any of the subheads sections, details could be entered there. See the below figure to understand the creation of Master.

In the figure above you could see the head Account has been selected and sub-sections in that head Customer, Supplier, Agent, JobWorker, Transporter, Insurance Company, Consultant and Other Service Provider are highlighted.

In first sub-head, i.e. Customer, you have option to Add a new customer or Search or Edit a existing customer. By clicking the Search button you go to the list of Customers under your company (Figure shown below).

In this manner the Administrator could add details of the companies under their list which will be saved as master and called for action when a user selects it.

Apart from sub-heads under the Account many other sub-heads such as Finish Item, SemiFinish Item, Raw Material Item, Packing Material, Consumable Item, Tools Item, Capital Goods, Inventory Level , Item Group Description, Fixed Asset, Ttem Party Relation, Supplier Wise Item Rate, Customer Wise Item Rate, Currency Rate Conversion, Terms And Condition, Userlist, Branch Party Relation, Branch Item Relation, Party Evaluation, Production Process, Employee Hierarchy, Product Category, Scrap Items Conversion and Excise Head etc can be defined in the master.

Warehouse management keeps inventory moving and shipments on schedule

Warehouse Management Module in ERP

Selecting the right ERP solution with an effective warehouse management module is imperative to keep inventory moving and customer shipments on schedule. eresource ERP provides the means to ensure fast, accurate fulfillment through directed, optimized workflow.

The warehouse management processes built in eresource ERP system allows the inventory in the organization to always be up to date and correctly valued. The possibility of defining the warehouse structure of the organization to the unit level (bins) facilitates the exact location of the company stock at any time.

Inventory Management Module in eresource ERP provides a powerful and flexible set of features to help you manage and report your inventory information. eresource Inventory Management facilitates processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. The activities of inventory control involves in identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status.

Warehouse management module in eresource ERP software provides a steady stream of new supply chain workflows, from which users can pick and choose only those workflows they want.

An effective WMS can reduce human errors by preventing product from being put away in the wrong location, picking the wrong product, or picking the correct product but in the wrong quantity. Additionally, such a system can increase the productivity of the warehouse by reducing traveling time, maximizing the use of available space, and suggesting moves for better space utilization.

eresource Inventory Management facilitates processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. The activities of inventory control involves in identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status.

Following are the operational facilities provided in the warehouse management in the eresource ERP system.

  • Vendors and suppliers definitions
  • Warehouses and storage bins and multiple warehouse support.
  • Personalized product attributes in the warehouse (color, size, Grade, Pressure, quality description, etc.).
  • Movement among warehouses.
  • Picking strategies (according to stock, with rules of priority by location, etc.).
  • Physical inventory, inventory planning, continuous inventory.
  • Reports of movements, tracking, stock, arrival/departures, inventories, locations, etc.
  • ABC Definition and Analysis
  • XYZ Definition and Analysis
  • Product Commodity Item Location
  • Product Configuration Bin Card
  • Item Party Relation
  • Inventory History / Non Inventory Item
  • Bin Transfer
  • Ageing Analysis Goods Receipt Note
  • Material Requisition
  • Material Requisition Approval
  • Material Issues
  • Purchase Returns Sales Returns
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Ageing Analysis
  • Stock Transfer
  • Material Indent
  • Personalized reports.

eresource ERP TQM module enhances the ability to listen to the customers

Organizations targeting Total Quality Management (TQM) in their businesses, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has become an essential necessity, Though these two concepts are getting treated separately, in reality separating one from other is impractical as far as a business organization is concerned.

Therefore it is a undisputed fact that quality is the prime pillar of success for any industry. Eresource ERP is integrated with a sophisticated Quality Management Module that helps Quality Assurance & Control department

eresource ERP Quality Control Module not only monitors quality by control plans in purchasing but also provides real-time process capability index for quick review. Quality Control in eresource facilities are versatile and offer support for every phase of your operations, from receipt and acceptance of materials, through jobwork of intermediates, to inspections of finished goods before shipment to customers.

Following are some function integrated in our TQM module.

  • Quality Control
  • Product Quality Control
  • Job work Quality Check
  • Record of Analysis
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Approved / Rejection Slip Quality Audit Records
  • Compliance Reporting

Customer focus ranks first among the basic principles of eresource total quality management. One can realize many advantages brought on by the use of eresource ERP systems with its TQM module. Implementation of eresource ERP helps organization’s enhanced ability to listen systematically to what the customer is communicating, faster response to customer requests, and increased quality in the services offered to the customer.

Another basic principle of total quality management is an inherent consequence in an organization where eresource ERP software is in use. For an organization that has made the appropriate choice in their ERP system, the associated best practices are, in a sense, acquired for free. The successful implementation of eresource ERP and the proper usage of its TQM module further assure that the system promotes the evolution of the organization in a continual fashion.

Maintenance of up-to-date and reliable information on suppliers, and assessment and evaluation of suppliers also constitute important aspects of TQM module. eresource ERP system provides support for associated functionality through dedicated modules.

For businesses that are at the ERP selection stage, we recommend to a system with integrated TQM module. An ERP system without TQM integrated is not sufficient to meet the present needs of any organization. Keeping in mind the continuous improvement, organizations must implement an ERP system that will be able to meet their future needs as well. The system must also be flexible, and have the infrastructure that will allow it to keep pace easily with revisions in the business processes. Additionally, working efficiently with an ERP system that is well versed in TQM requirements is key among factors for success of a business organization.

eresource ERP helps small businesses to grow

ERP for Small Business Growth

In today’s dynamic technological environment, eresource is becoming a name to reckon with. Computer technology has progressed beyond automation and organizations have realized that shying away from constantly transforming technological advancement could push their business into a corner from where comeback into the front arena will be a difficult task.

Though ERP solution has become a key business solution for a competitive business process, the cost involvement was not an affordable affair for many medium and small sized businesses. With the advent of affordable Web-based eresource, ERP solution has become popular with many medium and small businesses,’ eresource ERP provides end-to-end solutions that leverage technology-enabling customers to grow their business. Over the years, eresource has made its stamp in the industry as the pioneers in Web-based ERP solution.

Many of our customers have chosen eresource as their business solution because this system helps their organisation to use its resources more effectively. What is more significant about eresource ERP system is, it is not just an out of shelf software programme; instead, our solution is developed to meet the demands of a company’s customers, suppliers, employees and other business units.

Our customers make us stronger in providing them with an absolutely matching system for their requirements. Many of our customers have commented that an integrated ERP solution like resource that matches the way a company does business can make a difference to the success of an organisation, setting the fast growing company apart from an average performer.

As you know without an ERP system, a company will most likely have a vast number of different software solutions that do not talk to one another effectively. This will not only affect the functioning of the daily operations but also the growth of organization all together. As the technologies emerged there was a talk of unsuccessful ERP implementation and failure to find the good results. However, those talks and speculations have become history now. Today all successful organizations, including the small and medium sized businesses, consider the implementation of ERP system as the backbone of their business process.

With eresource ERP system in place, all business processes are being automated by placing them into a simple and concise visual format. Information can flow constantly, allowing an integrated view of a client’s information process at any point. Purchases and expenditures can be registered at a central database and interactions between marketing, sales, quality control product processes, supply lines, stocks and other areas can all be found at a single point.

eresource ERP system can provide an organisation with the tools to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions – faster. eresource provides its clients a tailored and flexible solution that is cost-effective and allows them to add functionality as their organisation grows.

SMEs are the most aggressive adopters of eresource ERP

ERP for SMEs

The way ERP system was used by organizations taking a rapid change. Initially an ERP solution was mostly preferred by manufacturing organizations only. And that too for the Finance and Accounting, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management/Purchase process. Lately they have included Plant Maintenance, HR, Transportation and Service modules for easy operational process.

Today every industry is looking for an ERP solution to run their business smoothly. Like the manufacturing industry, process industry also has benefited most from implementation of eresource ERP system. Fleet Management, Construction, Chemical, Automotive and Trading Industries all are finding eresource ERP system as an affective business solution to overcome the market challenges.

Apart from the above industries other industrial sectors like cement sector, power sector, and food sector are going for eresource ERP solution. Many construction and project companies have also implemented eresource ERP solution for an effective business process.

The SME segment in India has been one of the most aggressive adopters of eresource ERP software. eresource provides an ideal ERP for SMEs with affordable ERP packages. In fact almost 60 per cent companies in our client list are from the SME segment. This increase in the penetration level in the SME segment is attributed to the introduction of low cost eresource ERP solution.

The implementation of eresource ERP helped the SMEs to get aid in smooth inventory management, timely scheduling of production cycles and shipment of goods, managing human resources and online data communication.

The emerging trend in the ERP market shows a steady increase in the implementation of ERP system in every industrial sector. As a result, these industrial sectors have witnessed tangible quantitative benefits in the post-ERP implementation era.

The companies who implemented the ERP system must realize is that most of the time all the benefits are difficult to prove on statistical grounds as soft benefits like comfort in work life, maturity in planning, attitude changes, transparency, visibility etc are either practically impossible to measure or correlate such improvements to ERP implementation. For the real effect of ERP system, companies are supposed to set their objectives prior to implementation followed by measuring of the achievements after implementation, and only then should they conclude about the effects of ERP.

We must also remember that as the Indian market seems to be very encouraging for ERP implementation, the organizations must pay attention to the time-frame deployment. The structured implementation programme such as eresource ERP’s Guaranteed On-Time implementation, can speed up system deployment and return on investment.

eresource Cloud ERP brings immediate and real business benefits

eresource’s Cloud ERP system is getting much acceptance among mid-sized companies as a reliable enterprise application, and the customers opting for this system Is increasing gradually every day. Considering the efficient working mode of this software coupled with minimum investment and advantages of easy deployment method, it is not a surprise its popularity is skyrocketing in the ERP market.

eresource ERP system has been developed and implemented with adequate technical support can deliver immediate and real business benefits to its users. As eresource ERP focuses on targeted solutions for all industrial segments, business benefits of the system becomes more tangible for customers.

However, it is also important that to make this cloud ERP operation success, companies should consider data quality issues, staff training and methods to distribute business intelligence to end users.

As Cloud-based is also web-enabled application, eresource Cloud ERP system needs only a few menu selections to free up computing power from the cloud whenever operations need additional resources. Whereas the on-premise ERP system takes months to be implemented, eresource’s Cloud ERP can be deployed and made operational within couple of week time.

Apart from the advantages of quick time implementation, the system also covers wider areas of an organization in its operational areas which can help the organizations with faster return on investment (RoI). eresource Cloud ERP also helps organizations reduce capital expenses and it eliminates the need of buying additional hardware every often. This ultimately brings organizing organization’s resources effectively and efficiently through a steady and methodological way for expenses.

When it comes to eresource Cloud ERP, small and medium scale industries are the one that could benefit maximum. Most of these organizations in India are on the growing path, unwanted expenses incurring in the way of investment in an exclusive IT departments and the executives to maintain and manage its successful operations will mar the progress chart. When a ERP system like eresource Cloud is implemented, unexpected expenses can be curtailed and funds can be diverted to other areas which will help the growth graph to go higher.

There must be a proper planning before implementing an ERP system. The decision makers must sleep on the idea of an ERP concept for a while and long discussion with expert and other IT professionals from their organization must be carried out. Proper evaluation of an ERP system also could bring a clear picture of what they are going to have in future. From eresource part, our consultants are are always ready to clear any doubts pertaining to the ERP system in general and cloud ERP system in particular. A continuous interaction between company executives and our consultants will clear the way to understand our system more closely.

We have opened many channels to make the communication an easily accessible method. We have provided an enquiry form at the bottom of this page. You are welcome to fill out the form which will be attended quickly and timely with adequate information. You can also reach us through phone call. Our hotline numbers are provided at the top of every page. SMS facilities also provided to make the communication channel wider.

ERP SaaS model economically viable

ERP SaaS model Very encouraging news for Indian IT Services comes from Gartner, the leading global provider of independent and objective technology related research and advice. According to Gartner, the information technology research and advisory company providing technology related insight, Indian IT services market is forecast to reach $10.2 billion (approximately Rs. 53,000 crore) in 2013, a 12 per cent increase from an estimated $9.1 billion in 2012.

Their study also reveals that despite facing a slowdown in the past two years, the rate of growth of India IT services sector remains relatively high. Although it is fact that India’s GDP growth has slowed in the past year because of global economic challenges, the growth fundamentals are on relatively solid footing, driven primarily by growing domestic consumption. Increasing e-governance projects in the government sector such as Unique Identification Authority of India, and Accelerated Power development and Reforms Programs, are to be viewed on a positive note, which is going to benefit the Indian IT sector in a big way in the coming days.

Takers for IT services in government and private sectors in India are increasing rapidly and demand includes the enterprise solution software applications. As the ERP applications are becoming essential for efficiency and transparency of business process, shying away from this service could be a big setback for businesses in the long run.

With the entry of Cloud computing in the IT sector, the demand for SaaS ERP system also started to grow as the solution is being considered most economical and hassle free enterprise solution.

The growth of services in IT sector also increased the awareness and usage of cloud ERP and ERP SaaS models in Indian market. Our experience reveals that the benefits offered by eresource ERP SaaS model will ultimately result in widespread adoption.

eresource ERP SaaS model delivers everything you need to run your business better. Purchase the product suites that you require, and eresource delivers the quality and reliability you need to run your business. eresource SaaS ERP system can be customized as per your requirement and operates just like an on-premise solution. Economically viable and operationally scalable eresource SaaS ERP system is unique in its own way. You have to feel it to believe it. Call us today for a FREE demo.