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eTrade is a VAT-enabled ERP Software for Trading Business in the UAE

Published On - July 1, 2020

Trading and Distribution ERP Software

Trading and Distribution industry is one of the major business segments in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Being a country where business dealings are flourishing day by day, the role of Trading and Distribution activities have an upper hand. However, ever increasing customer demands and quick and easy transaction methods requires advance technology support that will provide operational excellence.

In this situation, all the Trading and Distribution business houses in the country needs a reliable and flexible industry specific ERP system to run their business in an efficient and profitable way. eresource, one of the most trusted ERP solution which is getting wide acceptance among the Construction, Manufacturing software in the India and UAE, has developed eresource e-Trade, an exclusive ERP software for Trading and Distribution business. The system that has been introduced in the UAE market a couple of months is becoming first choice of ERP system among the trading and distribution fraternity in the UAE.

Eresource eTrade, the Trading and Distribution ERP Software developed by eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd, of India is a intelligent ERP system that can help the companies manage demand fluctuations, unpredictable consumer behavior and any government rules changes that is being introduced time to time.

Eresource eTrade – Trading and Distribution ERP Software has been developed after a comprehensive study on working of trading and distribution business industry in the UAE and the system can provided in-depth data analysis and reports that will help organizations analyze business performance and make change in their operational methods if required to match with the company’s requirement and expectations. The information data passed to various departments and decision makers on real-time basis would enable the authorities to take quick and prompt decision without any time delay.

How can eresource eTrade help your trading and distribution business?

Demand forecasting is one of the most important and useful information that an ERP system can provide to the company. eresource eTrade is an ERP system with a strong demand forecasting method which can provide organizations with wide data which will enable managers and other decision makers take quick strategic decisions.

Everyone will agree that quick decisions and actions from the management can increase the success rate in an organization especially in segments like trading and distribution business. This effective ERP system can bring relief from dependency on manual process, poor data transmission among the departments and other authorities which ultimately results in poor execution and performance.

The real-time inventory data enables intelligent purchasing decision that can reduce inventory costs. For a trading and distribution company it is important to identify the movement pattern of their goods. It includes the non-moving, slow-moving stocks, purchase return and cash flow. To identify them clearly, companies need to have an intelligent ERP system like eresource eTrade, which will enable the decision makers to measure and improve performance of their company.

For a trading and distribution business, quality customer service is an important factor. Keeping the existing customers happy and getting new customers will depend on how good your customer relationship management is. It is therefore, having a efficient customer relationship management module that could provide all the necessary assistance in keeping a healthy customer relation intact is a must and eresource eTrade undoubtedly is the most ideal ERP system to match your requirement.

When it comes to trading and distribution business local and international rules and regulations must be adhered strictly to avoid any mix up in any dealings. The recently introduced VAT system in the UAE has brought some changes in the tax structure and the trading and distribution business is one of the sectors where in the new tax system will be visible more transparently. Therefore, the new VAT system must be rightly integrated in the ERP system to avoid any complications. Eresource eTrade is a VAT-enabled ERP Software designed for trading and distribution business in the UAE.
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