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Automotive ERP

Auto components manufacturing industry has a bright future

Published On - April 17, 2019

Benefits of ERP for Manufacturing Industry in India

The growth of auto component manufacturing industry in India is showing a positive trend for the couple of years and the trend is going to continue for years to come. This trend is giving a tremendous opportunity for the automotive components industry in India to rise to the occasion and serve the global automotive parts and components market through exports.

According to reports, with this healthy growth rate, Indian automotive components industry is pegged to accrue an impressive US$100 billion in revenue by 2020, with expected exports in the region of US$35-40 billion.

However, to keep pace with the growing industry needs, the auto components manufacturing companies in India need to upgrade their working system which could cope with growing demand of world market. Deployment of an effective enterprise solution is the need of the hour in many of these companies. eresource, the number one ERP solution, which serves the automotive industry for almost an decade now could be a right choice for companies in India to overcome any challenges.

eresource Web-based ERP Software is a fully integrated ERP system to Improve business processes, enhance collaboration, and boost competitive advantage. It is not an exaggeration to say many of the auto component manufacturing companies in India is looking for a reliable ERP solution and most of them are happy to be the beneficiaries of eresource. Not only auto component industry but also every industry is looking for an ERP solution to run their business smoothly. eresource ERP system serves as the foundation for daily customer interaction and execution in many areas, including material requirements planning, inbound delivery, goods receipt, production, delivery note creation, shipping, billing documents, and invoice creation and settlement.

Keeping your organizations business process system compatible with the changing world business environment is an absolute necessary for the existence this industry. And most importantly, this industry is also one of the largest employers in the country along with a high concentration of export and should get special status and incentives from the government for a level playing field with other Asian counterparts. Therefore, be equipped with the best technology components to be in the forefront of any tough competition.

In the eve-changing ever-growing and competitive marketplace, it is very important for Automotive manufacturers gain operational excellence. eresource ERP gives you visibility into strategic information at every juncture, which help you to take timely decision. Excellence regional markets are saturated and global capacity exceeds demand. While seeking to protect today’s business by adapting to changing customer requirements, suppliers are also trying to invest for tomorrow so that they can grow and expand into new markets.

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