Top ERP Software System for Project Based Industry

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]After understanding about the concept of ERP solution and its benefits for project based industries like construction & infrastructure, no much construction companies who would have not thought of going for a fantastic business application. eresource Nfra for contracting ERP solution is not only oh high demand in India and UAE but also in many parts of African region Nairobi & Nigeria. This could be well possible by way of brilliantly designed modules which took your business into a new era.[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”Nfra ERP system helps overcome challenges faced by project based industry :” font_container=”tag:h2|font_size:20px|text_align:left|line_height:20px” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]Project budgeting is one of the challenges faced in the project industry. With the implementation of eresource Nfra ERP systems it helps us in creation, modification and also helped in managing the budget. You can really differentiate budgeting to actual and see the changes on profitability.

The system helps in tracking the work and expenses incurred by consultants when they are on outdoor duty. The tracking system will help you from travel limit as per the policy for each project budget. After completion of project, time and expense entries need to be submitted by adding to project cost. Smart use of manpower can be done through Nfra ERP system. Smart work of an employee will improve productivity, profitability & utilization of each service professional.

Contract management is not only a challenging task but time consuming. The payment made to subcontractor on timely basis will have a smooth function of work and also completion of work will be done as fixed.

Construction of ERP solution, project estimation is the key element, because all the projects such as interior, external, land renovation and other values begin with altogether estimation which relates to project cost.

Construction projects are primary cost. This contract defines an agreement between developer and customer. Some important elements must be calculated in order to have a strong business output which includes time and materials.

An efficient ERP system requires more professional approach to finance management. eresource Nfra construction ERP software includes contract management, contractor indexing, material management, equipment management, time & billing, GST and other government policy management, purchase management & inventory management.

eresource Nfra ERP system in human resource has been elongated towards hours spend versus cost operations.

Customer relationship management is another module in eresource Nfra construction ERP used for construction companies. It is basically used for making new quotes and also useful in growth of your business. Nfra ERP CRM helps to maintain contact between owners and developers.

Supplier relationship management module is nothing but helps in maintaining a good relationship between company and subcontractor. Sending simple report to subcontractors helps in keeping relation strong. Trust and like minded people is the key to do business.

Project management in eresource Nfra ERP system is basically used for generation of bill towards payment. Project management helps in avoiding bottle necks on the job.

eresource Nfra ERP systems for project industries have two edge, which maintains today & allow the growth later on. So keep both these edges bluntly. Project based companies are difficulties to cope up with the competition in an competitive environment. Technology like eresource ERP system can play vital role in making these companies achieve a competitive advantage and accept their challenges to their project based organizations in construction industry there by realizing their potential.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

ERP For Project Based Industry

Grow with eresource Nfra ERP for Project Based Industry :

Even after understanding so much about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and its benefits for project-based industries like Construction and Infrastructure, there won’t be many construction companies that have not thought of going for a marvelous business application like this one.

The intelligent ERP solutions like eresource Nfra ERP for contracting business involves itself with not only transaction-based processing, but also the projection of detailed cost estimations prior to the efficient execution and delivery of the bid-contract- sale chain, at a systems level, this focus tends drives a number of different and highly-granular business needs.

Today eresource Nfra for contracting industry has been categorized as a high-in-demand ERP solution in India and UAE as well as in many parts of African region like Nairobi and Nigeria. This is because the system has been integrated intelligently with some of key modules that could take your business to new heights.

Nfra ERP system helps overcome challenges faced by project-based industry.

Project Budgeting: Project budgeting is one of the main challenges faced by project based industry. When implemented, eresource Nfra ERP system enables to create, modify, and manage project budgets. You can also compare budgeting to actual and view each change’s impact on profitability.

Time and expense management: The system helps you to track the work and expenses of your consultants when they are out on work. This tracking system will assist you in limiting the travel within the policy limitations as per each project budget. Those completing the projects, can they simply submit time and expense entries and this can be added to the project cost.

Manpower utilization: Intelligent use of manpower can be carried out with the help of Nfra ERP system. Systematic work schedule of employees will improve productivity, profitability, and utilization of each service professional.

Contract Management: Contract management is not only a challenging task but also time consuming. Timely payment to subcontractors will ensure the smooth flow of work, which will enable the project to complete as per schedule. The system will also allow you to take control over change orders, document and payment tracking, and subcontractor disbursements in order to ensure timely, productive, and cost-controlling project completion to boost profitability and client satisfaction.

1. Project estimation (popularly known as Job Cost module)

For construction ERP solution Project estimation it is the most important element. Because all construction projects, such as interior, external, the renovation/reclamation of land or facilities and other developmental values all begin with some sort of overall estimation relating to a project’s total cost.

Construction projects are largely driven by a primary contract. This contract represents a final legal cost/revenue baseline agreement between developer and customer. Hence, certain necessary elements must be estimated in order to establish a desired business outcome including time and materials tasking.

  • Method of time and material tasking:
  • Current and archival budget comparisons and storage tasking
  • Complete audit tracking of all budgetary changes
  • Job based category management
  • Actual versus estimated cost comparisons
  • Variable cost calculations ranging from gross/net revenue, to percentage of completion
  • Applied calculations associated with cost-of-sales and earned revenue estimations

2.Efficient Finance Management

An intelligent ERP system requires a more granular approach to financial management. Sophisticated construction systems like eresource Nfra includes the following:

  • Contracts management
  • Contractor indexing
  • Materials management
  • Equipment management
  • Time and billing
  • GST and other government policy management
  • Purchase and change order management
  • Operational inventory management

3.Effective Payroll capabilities

Payroll capabilities in the Human Resource Management module in eresource Nfra ERP system has been extended further, by orienting toward hours-expended versus estimated-cost operations, along with deeply-defined reporting. This modules has been integrated effectively with real-time payroll processing, labour costing, labour cost control reports, taxes, employee insurance, EEO reporting etc.

4. Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is another useful module in eresource Nfra construction ERP feature for construction companies. CRM is generally used when preparing new quotes, but it can also be used to grow your business. If your ERP CRM contains a sales pipeline, you can manage each client or project according to their proximity to a closed deal. You can also use Nfra ERP CRM modules to maintain contact with owners and developers just as we discussed for suppliers above. Let them know of your successes, wherever they are.

5.Supplier relationship management (SRM)

Like CRM, SRM is another component that help keeping the relationship cordiarl between the company and the subcontractor. Because sending simple feedback to a subcontractor goes a long way toward keeping that relationship strong. The same feedback can be sent to material suppliers too. Everyone prefers to do business with people we like and trust. Make sure subs and suppliers like and trust you by ensuring communication channels are open and active.

6. Project management

Apart from tracking milestones Project Management in eresource Nfra ERP system can be used to generate billings for progress payments. Project management module helps you avoid problems on the job.
eresource Nfra ERP for Project based industry have two edges. That’s manage your business today and grow it for tomorrow. So Keep both of these edges sharp.

Exclusive ERP for every Industry

Exclusive ERP for every Industry

The main advantage of an eresource ERP system is to provide the accurate information across different sections and departments that makes the system so valuable to to the organization. With the implementation of ERP system in companies, earlier system of manual process have been replaced by more accurate and flawless way of operations. As you know the manual process was prone to errors and delays as till the order was entered into the application of a particular department, the goods could not be manufactured or shipped.

With eresource ERP system functioning of all departments made easy and error-free. With this system, a customer order is entered only once, and this information is available to all the applications across different departments. Once the order is entered, the application checks if goods are available in the inventory. If the goods are not available, it raises a purchase order which is subsequently used by the production team to manufacture goods, and by the finance team to issue an invoice.

The produced goods go back into inventory, where they then become available for shipment. This single view of demand and supply enables organizations to better understand the needs and demands of the customer – and actually anticipate their requirements. This information can then be used to forecast future demands. This shortens lead time, reduces the overall cost of manufacturing, and ensures enhanced customer satisfaction.

When an information is updated in the ERP system, all the people working in different departments will be able to see the same information, and update relevant information. As soon as one department finishes its part of the order, the ERP system forwards it to the next concerned department, which is defined in the workflow. To understand the status of an order, anyone in the organization can simply login to the ERP system. And being an Web-based ERP system, access can also be provided to customers who want to track down the order status.

As ERP system became more popular and every organization started depending their working process on latest technology advancement, enterprise solution applications have became part of every industry. However, ERP applications being a standard business application, usage of the system for different industrial process demanded lot of customization in the application itself. For example, every industry has its own working method with different department and its sub divisions.

Therefore, the ERP system that has been developed for manufacturing industry won’t fully suit for a company which is working in the Project-based industry. This is the reason why eresource has found a novel idea by separating each industry verticals as per each and everyone’s working process and developed separate ERP system that will suit them perfectly.

Recently we have introduced number of ERP systems that could provides an exclusive ERP for every industry verticals. eresource Xcel ERP for Manufacturing, eresource LifeScience ERP for Process Manufacturing, eresource nfra ERP for Project-based Industry, eresource eTrade ERP for Trading, Sales and Distribution industry, eresource 3GL for Logistic and Transport Industry, ersource PMS for Preventive Maintenance System, eresource ACCT for Accounting Package and eresource HRMS for Human Resource department.

eresource executives will provide live demo of these ERP system as per your requirement at your office premises, that too as per your convenient date and time. A closer look at the functioning of the system will help you to arrive at a right decision whether the system is right for your working process, and how it will help improve your business growth. Write to us if you would like to have touch and feel of the system. Rest can be decided as per your opinion.