eresource Nfra ERP for civil works keeps track record of success steady

ERP for civil works:

Civil works can be termed as the one of the oldest working field that involves planning, execution and transport of materials, site development and structural engineering. It is therefore a field that has many complex levels. There are lots of individuals and small companies are involved in this field and perform engineering work for a variety of clients, in both private and public sectors.

Time management is very important for any kind of construction and other civil works and project managers responsible for maintaining the time management that would help the company keep its reputation for punctuality in their every project work works. Also in order to keep their track record of success in a steady level these organizations have to keep up with current business trends, engage with clients, and focus on creative marketing.

ERP makes your working base stronger

Many of these companies that works in the field of construction field deals with deals with design, construction, and maintenance of a naturally built environment which includes bridges, roads, buildings, and dams. It is therefore to support their complex work nature, advanced technology assistance becomes a must. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution has become an indispensable business application serving many of industrial verticals and Civil works companies and other firms that are in the construction industry can also benefit tremendously from this automated business system.

Eresource, one of the most trusted ERP firms in the country and abroad is providing a exclusive ERP Software for Construction and other civil works. eresource Nfra is an exclusive system that has been extensively developed for this purpose.

eresource Nfra ERP software can be an effective solution for the complex projects and challenges that civil works firms face. It will include efficient management of bids through customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities using historical information.

Challenges faced by civil works companies

Sticking to the limited budget and completing the project on time is a real challenge for most of the civil works and construction companies. There can also be timely changes in each phase of a project and incorporating the new changes in the project becomes a challenging task. Ability to make these changes due to unforeseen circumstances can be met with a efficient ERP system deployed to carry out all functional process of a civil works company.

eresource Nfra help overcome challenges

eresource Nfra ERP system for Civil Works has been is integrated and customized for multi-users and multi-functions. With core modules that focus on project planning towards increased profitability. Eresource Nfra ERP system is comprehensive and user-friendly. It can be configured rather quickly and can integrated with additional modules that will be required to overcome any challenges.

Many of the civil works companies and other construction have been running their business with tight profit margins, as well as uncertainty. A single unfruitful event can throw a project off their hand. With a comprehensive ERP system like resource Nfra deployed in these companies will be able sort out these problems and will allow the user to work comfortably under any situation. Nfra ERP system fully integrates into all stages of your project and it can really boost profits.

Venco Imtiaz Construction Co (VICC) signs contract with eresource

The Company

Established in 1993, Venco Imtiaz Construction Co. is a multinational corporation significantly operating in the Middle East, south Asia and North America. The company’s expertise include; Engineering Services, Turnkey Construction Solutions, Infrastructure Development, Industrial Facilities and K-Span Pre -Engineered Buildings.

VICC diversely employs more than 4,500 people around the world making us one of the leading construction companies in those regions. Our strength lies in our ability to cultivate innovative, practical solutions for our clients.

By combining our vast experience and ISO Certified Management System, the company constantly enhance their capabilities in line with market forces in the global construction industry. Having their operational branches in USA, UAE, China and Afghanistan, they are capable of mobilizing their resources in the most strategic locations around the world. VICC diversely employs a team of 4,500 professionals and skilled manpower around the world, making us one of the most competent construction companies in the region.


  • Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Engineering & Design
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Construction Materials & Water Testing

Why eresource?

The decision to implement eresource nfra Construction ERP system for the company was taken after continues evaluation of number of ERP systems Currently the company operations are managed with various software applications such as QuickBooks for accounts, Primavera for Project Management and rest of the functions are managed on MS Excel.

With the volume of the project works that are under progress in various countries and locations the company was in badly need of a suitable ERP system that could take care of their each and every operational process. Apart from the quality of module functions what made eresource nfra erp is so impressive that the system’s ability to integrate project works of different location and bring it under one centralized location from where the project managers and other decision makers able to scrutinize the progress of each projects . This will further enable them to make changes or alterations in the project works whenever necessary. Communication with and between every department from different locations also becomes an easy process with eresource nfra ERP system, which is also one of the most important factor when it comes to a company like ViCC.

Once implemented eresource nfra erp system will allow the Project Managers manage their work effectively from work stations and all information could be feed to them on real-time basis from the on-site location.

Manpower Management

One of the important elements of success in the construction industry is an efficient management of manpower. Human Resource Management module in eresource nfra system could help organizations streamline their recruitment of personal and management of workers in the construction site.

Each project needs to be supplies with adequate manpower to complete the project on time. eresource NFRA helps companies to identify the requirement of manpower for each project accurately and thus the deployment can be done effectively. Manpower if not managed properly could bring negative results on project success.

Company culture

  • VICC’s corporate culture is founded on a set of values:
  • Safety and sustainability: Safety first! Provide safety trainings and safety tools to all ouremployees and labors while adhering to international safety provisions.
  • Talent and skills: Talented and highly skilled people are our greatest asset.
  • Honesty and integrity: We have a zero-tolerance policy to bribery and corruption practices, we respect our competitors and stake holders.
  • Attitude: We promote a positive and proactive attitude towards business and a constant commitment to the company as those are the most powerful tools we may think about, even more powerful than technical and economic strength alone.
  • Training and skills enhancement: Young and innovative staff will forge the company’s future by promoting and enabling their skills, creativity and innovative approach.
  • Quality: Quality is the key to competitiveness in the international arena.

An exclusive ERP system for MEP contractors

eresource Nfra Construction ERP Software is also an innovative Software Solution which covers end-to-end business for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumping (MEP) contractors. This ERP system offers excellent MEP work management and its work scheduling applications that enable you to maximize work productivity and to save time. Real time information capability across our MEP Management system ensures data integrity and helps you to get updated with important data real time.

As it is important for the MEP contractors to create, manage, track, and share project documentation with project partners, eresource Nfra ERP system has been developed with all the required modules that falls within the parameters of an efficient MEP management.

With eresource Nfra as your business application, the system help you to have your project documentation from contact information and schedules, tasks and events to project logs and change orders is stored in a single location and these information can be accessed from the project team from different locations whenever required through our web-based ERP application.

Able to access timely information from different location could help decision making easy for MEP Contractors and this will also help your team view and update daily reports, project tasks and correspondence.
With the implementation of eresource Nfra ERP system, all your project process are getting automated and eliminates all the paper work. You will also be relieved from managing heavy Excel sheets for your documents. Everyone in the company will control over the day to to day operations as all the work process be more transparent. The system also makes you work flawless and error-free. The new working method also will increase customer relationship that will ultimately make the business grow.

As eresurce is a most trusted ERP solution company in India today that keeps tap on all the latest technology changes in the ERP space. It is therefore our customers are informed for timely updates to keep up with the latest changes that may be required face the competition.

What that makes eresource Nfra so special ERP for MEP contractors is the question that may be asked by some. The system could create a better and accurate project estimates, manage contracting projects, accurate cost accounting and timely job information reporting are some of the highlights of the solution.

The system will help your companies get organized in the right manner and present a professional to your customers. This professional approach of your company could attract more customers to your business and every customer could be treated with care and attention with flawless customer management system.