Open lines of communication with partners, suppliers and customers

ERP for Business Growth:

Business in this world is complex, fluid and customer-centric. It requires stringent, yet flexible processes and communications systems that extend globally and respond instantaneously. The process and systems must be integrated. No part of the enterprise can escape the pressure to deliver measurable results.

To compete on a functional level today, businesses must adopt an enterprise-wide approach to ERP that utilizes the Internet and connects to every facet of the value chain. They must change their own internal processes and procedures to foster collaboration efforts both inside and outside the organization, and they must integrate technologies that allow their collaboration efforts to take full flight.

Changing internal process is not always easy. Organizations must abandon old methods that strived to preserve and protect data in individual fiefdoms. They need to allow data to be shared with an organization a rule and roles based system. They must overhaul reporting structures that limit decision-making to a select few. They must open lines of communication and collaboration with the organization and to outside partners, suppliers and customers. Without open processes the extension of EPP throughout an enterprise will fail.

eresource ERP gives businesses a vehicle to manage information and use it to their advantage. Its organized customer data in ways that help individual departments operate more efficiently; and it creates streamlined processes that help manufacturing operations cut costs and move products along more quickly.

Web-enabled ERP links departmental communications, work processes, customer data and supplier capabilities into a centrally functioning system – all focused on driving the enterprise forward. Enterprises are already starting to benefit from their eresource ERP installations to more of their organizations. Web-based ERP was a giant step forward when first came into scene. However, over time, most products on the market offer similar functionality, eresouece ERP has its greater efficiencies and effectiveness, which our customers are really satisfied with.

eresource ERP does offer advancements in functionality. It delivers on the original concept of ERP being for the entire enterprise, so that the whole organization can operate more efficiently. No longer does corporate information sit isolated in departmental silos, but it houses with all corporate information, used to benefit the entire organization namely, its business partners, supplies, customers, etc.

This information enabling creates a new level of cohesion and eliminates most of the departmental and organizational information barriers facilitating smooth and seamless flow information. The integration of ERP, the enabling technologies like CRM, SCM, the analysis and business intelligence tools and web-enabled ERP, the organizations to do business in the Internet way at astonishing speeds and high efficiencies.

Consider ERP implementation as investment

Consider ERP implementation as investment

When an organization deploys ERP solution expectations are bound to run high as all the manual processes are automated, production scheduling is more efficiently managed and inventory is more accurately assessed.

We have time and again emphasized the objectives of eresource ERP. Our prime objective is to give the Midmarket organizations an effective ERP solution which after implementation can measure the business performance more holistic fashion than ever before. Our system gives executives real-time visibility into all business processes, enabling them to make better strategic decisions. In short, with eresource ERP system, a midmarket company can compete more aggressively in global markets.

Implementation of eresource ERP can reduce costs in three primary categories such as inventory costs, manufacturing operating costs and administrative costs. Our system has its fingers in all aspects of running a business; its benefits are myriad and go beyond tangible cost reductions. It can improve an organization’s customer service and response time when solving issues.

It can solve issues of interoperability among multiple manufacturing locations. It can standardize and accelerate manufacturing processes in all of a company’s manufacturing sites. It can streamline a manufacturer’s order-fulfillment processes. It can facilitate connecting with partners’ and suppliers’ enterprise systems.

The biggest advantage of eresource ERP is that it is fully web-enabled ERP solution eresource allows software capabilities to be easily connected and reused, making it quicker and cheaper to assemble, deploy and sustain enterprise-grade technology. With eresource, organizations can more quickly adapt to changing business processes. Several midmarket enterprises have already implemented eresource ERP started enjoying the benefits out of it.

The latest and greatest thing to hit midmarket ERP is on-demand delivery of ERP applications. eresource ERP also offer on-demand in addition to filtered ERP options. Filtered ERP or subscription-based pricing of eresource ERP solution will be particularly appealing to midmarket organizations with minimal IT budgets and on-site resources. They can also help organizations react more quickly and with less disruption to structural changes within the company and changes in the market.

What is to be cautious about the selection of an ERP system is, before you commit to any ERP system, you should first evaluate the system such as what your organization needs and wants to accomplish with its ERP strategy. The outcome of this evaluation will help you determine which applications and what kind of functionality your organization requires as well as go a long way toward easing the implementation

eresource ERP is tailored and personalized for each user

eresource ERP is tailored and personalized for each user

Employing innovative service-oriented architecture and web-enabled technology, eresource Infotech develops end-to-end, industry-specific ERP solutions for various verticals such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, fleet management, construction and infrastructure, modular kitchen, trading as well as gas and petroleum industry.

eresource ERP enables companies to immediate drive efficiency throughout their business operations and builds competitive advantage. With scalability and flexibility to support long-term growth, eresource ERP solution is complemented by a full range of services, providing a single point of accountability to promote a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

In today’s competitive business environment, what you must understand is, your business is accumulating information at an ever-increasing rate and your data volumes are growing daily, but do the people who need quick and easy access to that information have it? Different facets of your business require access to very different sets of information.

Customers need up-to-date order information and support assistance; suppliers need access to purchase orders, production schedules and feedback on their performance; employees need the latest sales figures and forecasts, a heads-up on production bottlenecks and their recent HR information.

eresource ERP software system is a solution that delivers critical information tailored and personalized for each user.

With the use of web-based ERP, you can extend the value of your enterprise information out to the Internet, giving real-time access to remote users and members of your supply chain the up-to-date information they need to make better business decisions.

eresource ERP system is designed to give end-users access to specific information, data that can come from both internal systems or from other data sources, and is designed to allow customers, suppliers and employees, access to role specific records.

This ERP software solution provides a compelling gateway for information users who need to carry out their jobs more effectively and assist them with decision support. It makes use of a personalization paradigm to allow each user’s experience to be tailored to their specific role by filtering out information overload.

Real-time access to data and an easy to use interface make eresource ERP solutions an integral part of your e-Business strategy by providing a collaborative environment. Information is available to all stakeholders, from employees to your customers and suppliers, enabling smoother transactions, a higher velocity in decisions and faster turnarounds.

Real-time business has become cost-effective

Real-time ERP for Business Performance

Cost management is always a tricky problem for SMBs. Enterprise resource planning solution plays an important role in cost management. eresource, one of the leading ERP solution which is proved to be the most effective web-enabled ERP solution in India, is an ideal solution to comply with cost management.

Quick decision making is needed for a successful management of an organization with its cost management factor. Application modules such as business intelligence and business analytics tools are being integrated into eresource ERP systems in order to facilitate better, accurate and quicker decision-making.

Organizations have realized that in order to maximize the value of the information stored in their ERP systems it is also necessary to extend these ERP architectures to include more advanced reporting, and analytical and decision support capabilities.

Integration of information tools with the eresource ERP packages provides a detailed information delivery solution. Almost all technology today is focused on compressing to zero the amount of time it takes to acquire and use information, to learn, to make decisions, to initiate action, to deploy resources and to innovate.

When action and response are simultaneous, we are in real-time. Imagine the competitive edge you could gain by compressing time-to-market, increasing the speed of innovation, streamlining manufacturing and personalizing customer relationships at every point contact.

This strategy requires the ability to discover and act on important business intelligence in real-time. Today, real-time business has finally become cost-effective because of the convergence of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, business intelligence and the Internet.

To take the full advantage of an ERP system investment, just integrating the system with the business intelligence front-end not enough, the system must also to be made a web-enabled one. When a Web-based interface is provided to the information in the business intelligence system, the World Wide Web becomes an enterprise information utility for employees, partners, suppliers and customers.

ERP is necessary to deal with businesses in every corner

The most important aspect of an ERP system is that it is related to sales. Today quick response from a company to its customers is becoming essential part of a healthy and successful business strategy. Therefore organizations are keen to implement tools useful that include applications generating quotes specifying every product that client may require.

Organizations have started realizing that the ERP system not only the best tool that can provide them with essential support but also it can help them in a big way in major decision making. ERP system also give organizations the access to price lists, client information, orders, invoices special offers, and many other functions related to this matter.

In today’s globalized world, ERP is becoming an important requirement for every enterprise. Experts in this field opine that ERP system is necessary to deal with businesses in every corner of the market. The reason they cite for this is ERP just does not work in only one way. ERP system gets to focus on all the relevant aspects that directors need to take into account when they are facing important decisions.

ERP software can change the sales employees from a programmed selling machine into multiple task developer. ERP system can make them more intelligent and active and they will start searching for answers pertaining to intelligent sales strategies. Though getting answer won’t be that easy in the beginning for them with the proper training and experience in the working methods of an ERP system they will be able to understand the use facility in the right manner which would ultimately provide the best service to your clients through an exceptional experience where every aspect is organized and detailed.

This will enable to generate quick orders and distribute it to the other people who have involved in a matter of seconds. This will not only save the time but also can avoid unwanted paperwork. As all the staff involved in the process will working on the same information there will be less chance of mistakes happening in between the work process.

When an ERP implementation starts it is to deal with the people in charge of handling stocks. This is because these people are the first ones to know when a product is not going to be available, and when there is going to be plenty of another one. This will help the ERP system to guide vendors to reduce unnecessary stocks by offering the product that might be exceeding reasonable inventory.

Easy process of invoicing and delivery can be carried out with the click of mouse button. When an order is entered all the information is available for vendors to deal with clients at the same time that they are dealing with stocks, prices and possibilities of discount. This information arrives correctly and in a complete way to the rest of the employees speeding up posterior work.

ERP system can bring a kind of magic that simplifies daily tasks to your organization. It keeps your employees updated about what they need to know to increase their efficiency levels. Over and above this system also gives you the chance to control anybody at anytime.

eresource ERP system is extraordinarily wide in scope

ERP Scope – IT is always very difficult to convince people about the benefit of a new system. This is not due to any short comings in the system, but the people who are used to work on an earlier system for years will not accept the changes that easily.

A regular training session will help the users of the new ERP system understand the benefit of it. It can bring a lot of benefit to the users as well as the organization. Working methods will become much easier for the users. This will make the users getting more time to concentrate on their job instead of breaking their heads to carry out their usual work.

Organizational change is very important factor when it come the implementation of an ERP system as there is going to be some changes in the process. It is a false idea to think that the successful implementation only depends on the services that the ERP solution provider can offer you. Furthermore it is certain that if the organization does not commit with it from the beginning, failure will likely result. This is why the figure of the internal responsible is a matter of vital importance.

There are many important factors to be understood before going for eresource ERP implementation. eresource ERP system is extraordinarily wide in scope and can be extremely useful for many organizations. Though there may be some changes required in the work practice it can be effectively done with the proper training of the users. Our training sessions are very effective and with little help from the ‘in-house’ IT staff everyone in the organization will be accustomed with the new system soon.

When a company sets up eresource ERP system, all aspects of the organization can work in harmony. As a result the organization enjoys increased productivity and may use less types of software.

The key to eresource ERP is integration. Its main goal is to integrate data and processes from all areas of the organization and unify it, to provide ease of access and an efficient work flow. ERP Systems usually accomplish this through one single database that employs multiple software modules.

There is also another factor why you must work with eresource ERP. It is fundamental to work with the best software suppliers, because in this way you can be sure that your investments are not going to be wasted. Another important aspect is that the eresource Infotech gets really involved with the projects, that they offer high levels of commitment.

With the advent of Internet and Web-based ERP system like eresource ERP, SMEs also started benefiting from the advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning solution. This has not only given more room for SMEs to expand but also sky-rocketed the usage of ERP in bigger companies. Till now many major companies were shying away from investing large sums of money in ERP.

With the need-based ERP applications such as eresource ERP investment in ERP has started showing the upward trend which ultimately resulted the companies yielding good return on their investment. It is encouraging to notice the improving trends in ERP implementations.

There was another reason why some companies discouraged ERP implementation. This is because it took such a long time to get an ERP system implemented and set the whole process into action. Since implementation of ERP system is involved a substantial amount of money there were chances for reduction in potential business and losing man-hours.

eresource ERP has a quick implementation strategy with easy to learn training session. Needless to say on-time implementation is one of the success factors of eresource ERP.

eresource ERP for easy business operations

ERP for Business Operations

Though it is commonly understood that an ERP system is important for an organization’s business success, many people doesn’t know why eresource ERP is an ideal application for many industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, modular kitchen, fleet management, construction, and oil and gas etc.

There are still some organizations that run on many kinds of software that do not allow interaction and also cannot be customized. Due to this they are not able to optimize their business activities. The engineering design of the software will be needed in order to improve the product, and to follow the client’s behavior and choices since the first contact is quite important. Administration of the different receipts interdependence will be very complex, such as invoices regarding materials purchases, general expenditures or salaries.

All these operations can be made easy when you implement eresource ERP. The flow information is constant and allows you to follow a client’s processes at any moment, no matter which part of the process they are going through. Purchases and expenditures are registered in a centralized database which allows you to have close control over these activities.

Other important aspect of eresource ERP is that organizations can integrate marketing, sales, quality control, products processes, supply lines, stocks and many other areas in one single database. This will help in avoiding the occasional loss of information and other typographical errors. eresource ERP integrates all departments and functions across an organization in a single computer system that is able to serve all those different department’s particular needs.

eresource ERP systems also automate business processes by putting them into a useful format that is standardized and common for the whole organization, and it could even be used between their suppliers and customers. It captures data about historical activity, current operations and future plans and organizes it into information that every staff member can use to help develop business strategies.

Our ERP system integrates financial data. For the decision makers who want to scrutinize the company performance, reports can be obtained without any hardship. Every department will have its own modules with self function which can be easily shared as per the requirement of other sections.

eresource ERP can be implemented in multiple sites of your organization which can be integrated to one main server. Being a web-based ERP, eresource can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. This advantage makes our system more flexible and feasible.

There are some organizations with multiple units and its HR department may not have a unified method for keeping employees’ record. eresource ERP can take care of this and there will be a unified method of functioning for the Human Resource department of the organization as a whole.

eresource ERP systems are exhaustively comprehensive and can be deployed in any major industrial units within a short period of time. eresource ERP systems were designed to be used by all the major industries mentioned earlier. It is the one of the most affordable ERP systems available in Indian market today.

eresource ERP can raise the productivity to unprecedented levels

ERP & Productivity

In today’s changing business setup web-based eresource ERP is definitely an ideal solution. We are not saying it for the sake of saying. As everyone is turning to eBusiness, organizations consider web-enabled eresource ERP as their most important and strategic platform because it provides a solid foundation and information backbone for eBusiness.

Organizations that runs it operations on eBusiness, can accept payments – credit card payments, digital cash, etc – over the Internet. The use of electronic media for information and transmission and financial transactions greatly reduce the time required for completing a transaction at the same time automating the business process involved.

An efficient and completely integrated web-based ERP system like eresource ERP could capture and create accurate, consistent and timely relevant data, and assist in intelligent business decision-making. The effect of ERP/e-Business integration is will be clearly visible. The result will be reflected in every level of operations, ranging from reduced inventory and personnel level to improved order and cash management. It can also result in improved customer responsiveness, reduced IT costs and the availability for value-added activities.

Upmarket organizations are constantly modifying their client serving methods which also increases their profit margin. To achieve this positive result, organizations have to intelligently integrate the supply chain, so that information, material and money automatically flows up and down the supply chain at high-speeds without any glitches.

In the existing competitive business environment, businesses need to attract customers with personalized services. What the decision makers in an organization must realize that there is no consistency in the loyalty of a customer. It is always in fluctuating mode. As the information is freely flowing through the Internet, it is highly possible for the customer to switch loyalty without any indication when there are better quality services available in the market.

Therefore the organization should not waste time and must collect information about the customers and analyze it to find the customer preferences, purchase patterns and so on. To do this, companies must be occupied with an effective ERP system which could give them a properly supportive customer relationship management (CRM) module.

It is also to be remembered that just keeping customers happy and offering personalized service will not have any effect if the operating efficiency of the company is poor. In order to improve efficiency and to have better information integration, companies should have an effective Web-enabled ERP system in place. An efficient and well-implemented ERP system like eresource ERP can raise the productivity to unprecedented levels.

Web-enabled ERP system, eresource also helps in making the enterprise operations go on-line. Any authorized person can access the required information very easily and that too by sitting anywhere and anytime.

For a Successful Business ERP is the future

For a Successful Business ERP is the future

What is special about eresource ERP? Some may ask. There are plenty. Before we go deep into that we must say there is already some management software in the market which changes their names into ERP sounding system for new business opportunities. They make their clients believe the system could do miracles once implemented. But unfortunately the end result is a huge disappointment.

Any organization that plans to invest in an ERP system also must do a proper evaluation before taking the final decision about the right choice of the ERP system. It is to be remembered in today’s technologically advanced business environment, a web-based ERP system can definitely do wonders if not miracles.

Web-based eresource ERP system can definitely help all business operations. It makes the work easy with avoiding unnecessary entries of information. Once an order is entered, the same data could reflect in all necessary modules instantly. eresource ERP is more dynamic than any management software where you may need to do several entrances to complete one task. With eresouce ERP user can evaluate credit possibilities for a sale in real time according to client debt reports, helping you to reduce irrecoverable amounts.

After implementation of eresource ERP, maintaining records will be an effortless talk as employees need not check thousands of files to collect the information they required. With one entry or click all the information required will be displayed in your ERP module screen.

Another important aspect is that with eresource ERP you will be able take precise financial decisions without any difficulty. The right financial decision at the right time in right manner could bring a good profit. We must also remember that timely financial information is absolutely necessary in the business process. This kind of information could decide the gap between profit and loss. With eresource ERP there won’t be any gap in communication. You may get any kind of information at any time sitting at anywhere.

In addition to this, eresource ERP systems can show you the cash flow immediately, letting you control expenses in general and finding out where your money goes the whole time. This is the key to control for employees in this sector, and it is important for avoiding fraud and unnecessary or unsupervised pay outs.

However, control is not the only function remarkable on ERP. The dynamism is very important too. We live in a fluctuating world, a world that never stops, where strong dynamism and flexibility are required to keep on track every day, and this is exactly what ERP offers to your complete enterprise, level by level.

eresource ERP could implemented and used in almost all the industries. Appropriate modules are included in every vertical, which will be suitable for all organizations, irrespective of its strength.

Web-based eresource ERP system is a more flexible, affordable and reliable ERP software in India today. This is a tool exclusively designed for every situation. What is more important is that for a successful business, ERP is the future, and it has become essential in the business world because it brings information classified and simplified to those who have to make decisions. And that itself makes the difference.

eresource ERP: A great business information management tool

ERP – A Business Management Software/Tool

Eresource is emerging as the powerful and magic enterprise ERP software in the Indian market. Eresource ERP is designed to help Small and Medium Businesses with their business process strategy and technical management. As eresource ERP is developed with keeping the Indian SMEs in mind, special care has been taken while deciding the cost of implementation. We have made it possible for every Indian SMEs to take advantage of a ERP system within their limited budget.

With eresource ERP’s FILTERED ERP offer, customers can choose to implement the only nodules that are required for their business operations, instead of going for the complete ERP system. eresource ERP provides secure and rich functionality, whether you choose the FILTERED module or the full implementation.

Nowadays, organizations are increasingly searching for solutions that simplify their ongoing business processes and eliminate the high expenses often associated with enterprise software systems. The success of Web-based eresource ERP system has achieved in the marketplace caught the attention of most of the Indian SMEs and they have realized that eresource offer every functionality of big players in the market within their affordable budget.

Today, you could see every industry is serviced by eresource ERP. Name a few are Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Fleet Management, Automotive, Modular Kitchen industry, Logistic industry as well as construction and infrastructure. eresource ERP is getting expanded as the demand grows and today we have spread our wings to the other countries by establishing our UAE office in Dubai. There are number of implementations have been carried already in this region and we are also on the process of expanding our business in other overseas countries too.

Being a Web-based ERP solution, eresource, provides up to the minute information from all branches and locations of your organization. This information could be obtained from anywhere if you have a laptop and a net connection. This helps the management to take the right decision at the right time in right manner, which are essential for a successful business management.

To make our customers understand our system better we provide LIVE DEMO of our system as per their convenience. There is no better way to understand it than viewing it directly. We are sure this demo will an eye opener for you. So don’t wait. Let us know when you will be free. We will be on your desktop with all our modules. Choose only if you are getting fully convinced. We can assure you that there won’t any time you have to regret about the selection of your ERP system.

We would also like emphasis once more that eresource ERP solution, with all of its modules, will able to increase operating efficiency and successfully manage company resources to sustain growth. eresource ERP system has proven to be a great tool in business information management.