eresource ERP Eliminates disparities and errors

eresource ERP Eliminates disparities and errors

Web-based eresource ERP is becoming the best business tool that helps lots of mid-sized companies to maximize operational efficiency, cut overhead costs and compete more effectively in the market Since the introduction of an affordable, low-cost ERP from eresource ERP, many of the midmarket organizations also started to administer their businesses effectively using this latest technology.

Ideally, an ERP package should provide company with a solid foundation, incorporating all of the fundamental aspects of running a business. Expectations also run high when a company deploys an ERP packages. The company will gain from the ERP system only if the solution is a good fit for the company. And eresource is undoubtedly the number one reliable and affordable ERP system available in the Indian market today.

eresource ERP systems automate all routine works, which are carried out manually that waste staff time and often result in errors and re-work. This ultimately results in more efficient completion of day-to-day activities. The system enables the staff to perform their jobs better and get more work done in a shorter period of time.

Apart from this, with eresource ERP system, companies can understand which workflows are effective and which ones aren’t, so they can implement the kind of best practices and structured, formalized processes that will further improve staff productivity.

With the implementation of eresource the company can also reduce the inventory costs, manufacturing operating costs and administrative costs. eresource ERP system has its fingers in all aspects of running a business; its benefits are myriad and go beyond tangible cost reductions. It can improve an organization’s customer service and response time when solving issues. It can solve issues of interoperability among multiple manufacturing locations. It can standardize and accelerate manufacturing processes in all of a company’s manufacturing sites.

eresource can streamline a manufacturer’s order-fulfillment processes. It can facilitate connecting with partners’ and suppliers’ enterprise systems. eresource ERP can even help an organization maintain compliance with government regulations, from hiring practices to environmental laws.

eresource ERP system creates a single, consolidated, centralized repository of timely, accurate business information that can be accessed by employees across the business. Every piece of data from every transaction conducted by every person in every department is handled, recorded, and managed by a single system, eliminating all disparities and errors in critical business information.

To achieve and maintain a competitive edge and maximize profitability, companies must operate as “lean” as possible. By increasing efficiency and minimizing redundant and overlapping back office tasks and activities, ERP systems can also help mid-sized firms to dramatically reduce their operating costs.

What all companies must remember that any company that do not have an ERP system in place will often challenged to create formal goals and metrics, and accurately measure and assess performance company-wide. eresource ERP system include pre-defined reports and executive dashboards that enhance strategic planning by making it easier to set objectives and monitor achievement.

Implement eresource ERP to eliminate your business worries

ERP Eliminates Business Worries

The main strength of India’s leading ERP solution, eresource, lies in its financial management module, which allows accounting staff members to more effectively track net cash flow, accelerate and manage order to cash cycles, and better negotiate and execute purchasing agreements.

eresource ERP system can also deliver significant improvements in other areas, enhancing many non-financial processes such as payroll, quality control, resource allocation and scheduling for project management teams, supplier relationship management for purchasing and procurement departments, and training and time and attendance tracking for human resources groups.

eresource ERP system also enables companies to maximize the utilization of both human and financial resources, better track vendor managed inventory and other off-site or remote stock, and significantly improve workflow management by better planning, mapping, and executing key processes across the business.

With eresource ERP companies can achieve and maintain a solid competitive edge, reaching the zenith of productivity and cost-efficiency.

Manufacturing was the very first industry to benefit from the use of eresource ERP system. Many manufacturing companies have been utilizing eresource ERP to improve production processes and reduce related costs with enhanced inventory management. Companies can also optimize labour utilization, eliminate lag times in production schedules, and improve the effectiveness of materials management through the use of eresource ERP manufacturing applications.

Implementation method also plays an important role in success of eresource ERP. Successful implementation requires a structured methodology. The method should be people and process-focused. This is the best way to manage the risk effectively. A good methodology of eresource ERP implementation process covers all the bases. Therefore if there is anything unexpected pops up the user will be able to handle these exceptions without severe negative consequences.

eresource team makes the employees properly trained to handle the ERP system effectively. Evaluation of the organization’s business strategy and the right ERP plan makes eresource design the software suited to the business operations. Cost factor also is an important element when it comes to eresource ERP.

Unlike some other ERP packages available in the market, eresource is affordable to even small organizations. By choosing this affordable web-based ERP solution, organizations can not only make the business operations easy and sophisticated but also its usage can result in handsome ROI in the short span of period.

As the financial year nearing its closing, it is the right time to think and go for eresource ERP system. Let your organization plan it now, so that the next financial year could see the benefit of eresource ERP system. Don’t wait any more. Sow today and reap tomorrow.

What makes eresource ERP different?

eresource offers web-based ERP software for all major industries including Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, and Modular Kitchen etc. Our ERP system is available on a filtered modules basis, so that you only purchase and maintain what you really need. We have categorized it in three phases starting eresource ERP Light, eresource ERP Pro and eresource ERP Enterprise. All these categories are developed with taking into consideration of all needs of the users.

eresource ERP manufacturing modules help manage and monitor work in process on the factory floor. We provide a comprehensive collection of plant maintenance modules which takes care of all plant maintenance with utmost efficiency.

eresource ERP system software is designed to improve productivity and operational excellence. Organizations that implement eresource ERP software could benefit from checking the cycle-time, which is the total time to produce an order, as an important key performance indicator.

By implementing eresource ERP system, organizations could also enjoy the benefits of Greater visibility and control; Reduced lead time; Reduced manufacturing costs: Increased production; Reduced work in process; Reduced inventory; Improved product quality ; Reduced defects and scrap; Reduced cycle time; Improved traceability and Reduced paper work, data entry, manpower.

What is unique about web-enabled eresource ERP system is that it addresses the integration of business process that extends across the enterprise and its trading partners. Our ERP system forms the basis of Internet enabled eBusiness and collaborative commerce.

Prime advantage of web-enabled eresource ERP is to give customers and partners access to scheduling, delivery, inventory, manufacturing, invoicing and planning information. Over the last few years, solutions like CRM and SCM have leveraged the Internet to support these processes. eresource ERP system incorporates them all in a single package.

To compete with challenging business world companies needs to be open in its business approach and must reach out to its collaborative partners. Our ERP system will enable businesses to compete by providing information on-line and adding real value to businesses of all types and sizes.

To be success in business companies need information to be more readily accessible. They must also have the real-time access to their business information to manage timely decision making without having to get out of their seats. eresource ERP system helps the decision makers to manage the business with a click of their mouse’s button. Top management personnel could monitor key business information real-time and that could help track the health of their business.

Having said about the eresource ERP advantages and its benefits, the actual result will be visible only if the ERP solution has been implemented and operated in a successful manner. The entire organization and its operational methods should bring under ERP system by delivering consistent, measurable processes and up-to-the-second information that supports profitable decision-making.

eresource could boost the power of ERP by offering 24×7 accesses to business information and business intelligence irrespective of the geographical location of the user, enabling him or her to make timely decisions.

Get eresource and have a Consistent Planning and Control

ERP Production Planning & Control

With implementation of eresource ERP system, organizations enable integration across multiple locations and all its functional areas. As a result, eresource ERP system will help to improve decision-making capabilities that manifest themselves in a wide range of metrics, such as decreased inventory, personnel reductions, speeding up the financial close process and others. It has been proved beyond doubt that implementation of eresource ERP can help firms create value.

The integrated ERP system, eresource, has the ability to automatically update data between related process and functions. For example, you need only update the status of an order at one place, say, in the logistics management module; all the other modules will automatically get updated. The beauty of eresource ERP system is that information updating happens instantaneously. So you get up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips through our effective web-based ERP system.

Another advantage of our ERP software is that that all the users who are involved are also connected to each other. This integration has tremendous potential for improving productivity.

As all the data is available on-line and in real-time with the usage of eresource ERP, all the members of the organization have access to the same information for planning and control purposes. This can facilitate more consistent ERP Production Planning & Control planning and control, in contrast to a legacy system.

Our ERP systems permit organizational standardization across different locations. As a result, those locations with substandard processes can be brought in line with other more efficient processes.

Moreover, the firm can show a single image to the outside world. Rather than receiving different documents when a firm deals with different branches or plants, a single common view can be presented to the world; one that puts forth the best image.

In today’s business environment where organizations are functioning with multi-site, distributed production, where different groups situated in different parts of the world develop the components of a system. In such a scenario, managing the activities of an organization is a very complex task.

If proper control mechanisms and procedures are not in place, very soon the operations can get out of control and products and organizations can fail. Therefore an effective ERP is becoming an essential business tool for a successful management.

Timely delivery of quality ERP is highlight of eresource

Timely delivery of quality ERP

If the success of ERP projects in India for last five years to be measured, you could witness a significant role played by eresource in this field. With the domination of Internet in almost all the business process methods, and with the phenomenal rise of software industry, eresource made its stamp in the ERP field with successful delivery of numerous mega projects using its most effective web-based application.

Conceived and developed by our young techies and a steady implementation in all major industries eresource ERP has brought revolutionary changes in this business application during the last couple of years.

Flawless performance of eresource ERP in its all implementations has prompted organizations to select eresource as their foremost and first choice when a decision of ERP is taken. The selection of affordable and efficient web-based eresource ERP has benefited by bringing satisfactory return on investment (ROI) to all the companies who have implemented it.

Not only did eresource ERP nurture a favourable business environment with affordable cost and substantial ROI, it also meets customer expectations in terms of timely deliveries and quality standards.

Though the market seems to be very encouraging for ERP implementation, the time-frame for deployment may be an issue. However, eresource ERP with its guaranteed timely implementation process has helped to put off any such fear from the mind of the investors. The prompt implementation and maintenance method of eresource has helped a long way in building confidence between us and our investors.

Looking at the ERP graph is also very encouraging. From the graph it has been observed that many industry categories, such as Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Steel, Consumer Durables, Engineering, and Construction have shown a very high ERP penetration in recent times. This means obviously these categories represent the greatest potential markets in coming years and other industries will also follow.

Most of the industries in India already have realized the need for ERP solutions, and finding the industry-related ERP solution has become more and more easy with presence of eresource ERP. To match with their competitors in their field, organizations started looking for a business application that will suit their business process as well as budget. eresource once again remind all its aspirants of ERP project that they must speed up their projects and get the suitable solution from eresource within your limited budget on a guaranteed timely implementation method.

Enhance your customer service with web-based eresource ERP

Role of ERP Software in Customer Service:

With the usage of web-based eresource ERP, organizations have been able to enhance their customer service tremendously. As Internet technology is becoming an indispensable medium for the existence of any business, it is not necessary to emphasis the important of web-based ERP application.

With the deployment of web-based eresource ERP system, users become infinitely more responsive to the needs of both their customers. This intelligent enterprise application system provides job status reports over a secured web site and makes it easy for clients of the organizations’ users to place or modify orders and releases via the Internet.

eresource ERP enables quick response from clients and it helps the organization to take timely decision and action pertaining to the particular decision without losing any valuable time. The beauty of working with eresource ERP system is that it provides information over the web any time of the night or day, eliminating unanswered calls and phone tag – that results in improved customer service.

With eresource ERP in place, the answers to a customer’s common grievances now can be solved anytime the customer wish to, provided having an Internet connection and a personal computer.

A clear advantage of eresource web-based ERP solution is that apart from the users from the different branches and location and also other customers, remote users like company executives and sales representatives can also access the company system with any browser, which is much more convenient than going through terminal-based Services. And easy and quick implementation method of eresource ERP also makes this solution as most preferred and reliable ERP application in India today.

Though you may have come across some suggestions on other ERP packages too, selecting the right one is crucial. What is to be understood that a web-hosted solution ensures a lower outlay and predictive spread of cost over time. You have a substantial saving in cost that can be better invested in your business process.

Web-based eresource ERP removes your worry about the new functions and features. When you deploy the eresource ERP in your company, you can start using it from day one. eresource ERP solution are like off-the-shelf software. This web-based ERP application is going to be the real player your for the success of your business strategy which ultimately can bring anticipated return on investment (ROI) without any concern and worries.

Apart from the above points there is also another reason for companies to implement the most effective web-based eresource ERP system. The reason being that is that just keeping customers happy by offering personalized service will not have any effect if the operating efficiency of the company is poor. In order to improve efficiency and to have better information integration, companies should have an effective Web-enabled ERP system in place.

An efficient and well-implemented ERP system like eresource ERP can raise the productivity to unprecedented levels.

eresource ERP – Big Advantage for Small Companies

eresource, India’s leading web-based ERP solution is developed with keeping Indian small scale industries in mind. With eresource ERP for small companies are finding the value in project management solutions within their ERP platforms. This includes many medium and small manufacturing companies as well as construction companies.

Undoubtedly eresource has become the first choice for majority of SMBs in India and it has established as the most popular integrated solution that help keep track of everything from major initiatives to everyday client requests.

The big advantage of eresource ERP solution is that it has its fingers in all aspects of running a business; its benefits are myriad and go beyond tangible cost reductions. eresource can improve an organization’s customer service and response time when solving issues. It can solve issues of interoperability among multiple manufacturing locations. It can standardize and accelerate manufacturing processes in all of a company’s manufacturing sites.

eresource ERP can streamline a manufacturer’s order-fulfillment processes and can facilitate connecting with partners’ and suppliers’ enterprise systems. Our ERP system also can help an organization maintain compliance with government regulations, from hiring practices to environmental laws.

Case studies in organizations that have implemented eresource ERP reveal a variety of different business-specific benefits. One of the case studies revealed that by replacing legacy systems with an our web-based ERP system, one manufacturing company has reduced its inventory levels by 30 percent, reduced its warehouse space requirements by 38 percent, improved its month-end close process by five days and increased sales by 100 percent without hiring new employees.

With web-based eresource ERP in place, all manual processes are automated, production scheduling is more efficiently managed and inventory is more accurately assessed. Also, business performance can be measured in a much more holistic fashion than ever before. This gives executives real-time visibility into all business processes, enabling them to make better strategic decisions. In short, with eresource ERP packages, all small and medium companies can compete more aggressively in global markets.

eresource ERP system can also deliver significant improvements in other areas, enhancing many non-financial processes such as payroll, quality control, resource allocation and scheduling for project management teams, supplier relationship management for purchasing and procurement departments, and training and time and attendance tracking for human resources groups.

eresource ERP Offers Free Customization and Implementation

Free Customization and Implementation of ERP

Although ERP customization seems to be a costly affair and caused problems with each upgrade, with the introduction of eresource’s powerful ERP system, lessons have been learned and customization and implementation of ERP system has become an easy method. eresource could customize your ERP system without compromising your strategic business processes. Our efficient implementation team can effectively manage any customization with appropriate project management, that too free of cost during the current financial year.

When an ERP system is selected the heavy implementation cost is always a concern for worry for most of the organizations. To enable all type of companies to escape from these concern eresource has come out without a novel idea to carry out all implementations free of cost for the next one year.

Some companies that still using a legacy system that is no longer supported or their existing system has outgrown its usefulness because of more complexity and volume of transactions. In this scenario the IT department must able to convince management that a new ERP system is needed to stay competitive or will generate significant ROI.

The reason why some organizations still managing with their outdated legacy system is that they are reluctant to spend the money on new ERP systems due to cash crunch and when there seems to be more pressing needs. Organizations are also fearful of a failed implementation. However, eresource ERP eliminates all these concerns. Because neither eresource ERP expensive nor has any implementation hassles. These elements are the one of the main highlight of our web-based ERP that has been widely accepted by in Indian ERP market.

Some companies do not like to change their existing ERP system, and reluctantly live with the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of their old system. These systems could be upgraded to meet the current requirements. eresource ERP system is capable to help and customize these systems provided there are recommendations from the existing users. It will be a big setback for the companies if they do not extend the useful life of an upgrade ERP system from eresource that can improve business process, third party solution, customization, integration workflow and business intelligence and reporting tools.

Once again we wanted to remind you that with eresource, you will be able to extend the useful life of your ERP system. And implementing a whole new eresource ERP system is the best opportunity for business process improvement. This is the right time to improve business process and implement our new ERP system. So if you have confidence in the future, now would be a good time to retool your processes and systems. And the plus point is eresource offers an absolutely free erp implementation during this current financial year. So don’t wait any more. Call us now. We will be at your service, always.

eresource ERP can make your business rhythm steady

ERP for Business Growth

When your business process doesn’t bring you a satisfied result and that ultimately gives you sleepless nights, you have to find ways that can lead you to a promising future. Many companies that were going through this kind of a bad phase have implemented eresource ERP and found their business rhythm going well.

Eresource ERP system will help your managers make sure that functioning of every department and branches are interlinked with each other and there is no information loss. Information loss can result in wrong decision making and that is the one of the most frustrating aspects or running a business.

It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you are running, eresource ERP system can make sure that all of your data is in one central location that everyone can access. The logistical advantages behind eresource ERP is that it is designed to reduce costs overall and allow the data flow between single departments or international offices to move smoothly and in real time for better processing. It can also help with the analysis of design engineering, streamlining purchasing functions, managing the basics and advanced functions of bill of materials, three-way matching of purchase orders, inventory, and costing, reports and all accounting function.

eresource ERP system is very effective for companies looking to streamline the current process by either trimming it or making it faster and less bulky. Eresource ERP for business growth determine how they want to label or identify version numbers of their products. Other advantage of eresource ERP system is the security features that are built into the software. They are designed to protect the company from industrial espionage and other outsider crime as well as insider crime such as embezzlement.

Other advance of eresource ERP system is it very cost effective and affordable ERP to even very small organizations. As you all know that in this economic conscience society organizations of all types want to reduce their manufacturing costs. By streamlining the data flow and a transparent working system among the employees of an organization can bring tremendous changes in the whole organization and its business process.

Eresource ERP will allow employees to view all of the information pertinent to do their jobs, they will be able to provide customers with quicker answers and waste less time trying to figure the answer out, saving the company valuable time and money and allowing the employees to work more efficiently.

Another advantage about eresource ERP is that it unifies a company, it allows the customer service team to understand the financial background for a client or to check if there is stock in the warehouse. It allows the warehouse to update the system of whether something is in stock or not, without having to send emails or documents. It minimizes inventory time.

But one warning before you implements eresource ERP solution. ERP insists change. But the main problem is people normally don’t like to change the way they do their jobs. Change today for a better tomorrow. That should be your success mantra.

Go for an ERP that can bring attractive ROI

ERP and ROI:

During our deliberation about ERP with some of our clients we have came across questions raised on the necessity of an ERP system. They can’t be blamed for their doubts. Because their organizations typically have software systems that performed much of the component functions of ERP. In this case it is our duty to make them understand the functioning of web-based eresource ERP system and what makes our system different from a standalone system.

The integrated eresource ERP software provides a degree of interoperability that was difficult and expensive to achieve with standalone, custom-built systems. eresource’s web-based ERP serves many industries and numerous functional areas in an integrated fashion and automate operations from supply chain management, inventory control, manufacturing scheduling and production, sales support, customer relationship management, financial and cost accounting, human resources and almost any other data-oriented management process.

Web-based ERP systems have become increasingly prevalent in almost all major industries and it is gaining wide acceptance among Indian SMBs.

Being the most affordable ERP system available in India today, it is not a surprise that the usage of eresource ERP is growing rapidly. With a cent percent success rate in implementation eresource is becoming the first choice for organizations looking for substantial return on investment (ROI) though their enterprise system.

With eresource, business operations have become much easier. For example, when a salesperson enters an order in the field, the transaction can immediately flow through to other functional areas both within and external to the firm. The order might trigger an immediate change in production plans, inventory stock levels or employees’ schedules, or lead to the automated generation of invoices and credit evaluations for the customer and purchase orders from suppliers.

Every growing organization must realize that ERP systems have become the most significant IT investment for most companies in their capital budgeting. It is the business category that plays a very important role in choosing the right ERP and the successful implementation. Because of the specific features of resource ERP system, it is expected to go well with majority of the business process.

eresource is being implemented successfully in major industrial segments and there is no concern about its functionality and module compatibility. Numerous case studies conducted successfully proves eresource ERP is one of the best enterprise software solution available in Indian market today.