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SMBs can benefit more from eresource ERP

Published On - April 22, 2019

ERP Software for SMBs (Small Businesses)

ENTERPRISE Resource Planning (ERP) system is becoming an increasingly indispensable application for SMBs in many manufacturing industries. But the real benefits the SMBs get from the implementation of eresource ERP differ from those gained by bigger organizations. Here are some details to help you understand eresource ERP can bring to SMBs.

eresource is an ideal ERP software for SMBs as our solutions are scalable. In addition to Tier 1 ERP solutions such as those from SAP and Oracle, SMBs can find Tier 2 ERP solution in eresource and it occupied with all industry-focused software options.

Large organizations spend almost 9 per cent of their annual revenue for the purpose of ERP implementation. SMBs, on the other hand, need to spend materially less when it comes to eresource ERP.

While implementation costs vary greatly depending on company size, there is less variability in implementation duration. However eresource implementation takes less time than any other solution in the market today. This has been linked to our guaranteed On-Time Implementation strategy, which makes as one of the most reliable and prompt ERP solution provider in India.

Software customization takes up a lot of money and time. This will make a real impact on SMBs in their business negatively. With eresource ERP you can eliminate any customization as it has been developed and implemented with a proper case study and successful design signoff, which makes our system most appropriate and suitable solution for your business.

This to be remembered that SMBs have more options in the market that the larger organizations. They should not be hesitated to cash on it. ERP implementation is a one time exercise and decision regarding this must be taken with right mind of frame and vision keeping your business strategy in heart. A small wrong step can leads to a big implications in your business. This should not occur.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the major beneficiaries of eresource ERP system and they are the main force that pushed the growth of ERP software in India. Inflexibility of earlier ERP systems from SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft pushed the customization drive. Businesses are moving from best-of-breed to a best-for-business approach, implying that they prefer extensions to their existing ERP applications like planning and optimization, business intelligence and knowledge management. This has resulted in emergence of eresource ERP, an effective web-based ERP packages

The requirements of each company differ in terms of standard industry practices and unique practices. eresource ERP system caters to every need of an organization. The system is integrated with componentized solutions with standard modules and specific functionality to address the unique process.

eresource ERP with its expertise in providing vertical and micro-vertical solutions has nearly half of its software implemented in the SMB segment. Monitored through a highly qualified implementation team, eresource ERP solution is affordable, easy-to-deploy and proven business solutions to better meet the needs of customers across diverse industries.

The integrated and cost-effective eresource ERP solution allows SMBs to maintain, a low total cost of ownership and the scalability and the flexibility to support current and future business needs.

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