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eresource ERP 360 – an Enterprise Solution that can take you to new business heights

Published On - April 11, 2019

eresource ERP 360 – an Enterprise Solution that can take you to new business heights

eresource ERP, one of India’s leading and award-winning Enterprise solutions is a web-based business software that is designed to benefit the entire workforce in your organization to work together smoothly and efficiently with one integrated system. eresource offers both Off The Shelf and industry-specific customisable applications to meet the exact requirement of customers’ business process and terminology. You can request for a LIVE DEMO of this economical, powerful and easily implementable web-based ERP system and feel how this application can be helpful to your organization.

eresource, a ERP 360 system provides a lot of working freedom to organizations. Many major organizations as well as as small and medium companies are in our clients’ list. These companies have implemented eresource ERP system as a cost effective alternative to their manual procedures or their piecemeal software applications.

Under-performed legacy system and cost-factor involving the customization of existing outdated ERP systems in many companies are making the business process a time consuming exercise and, in many cases, impractical.

Keeping with our practice of moving ahead with the changing technology environment, eresource applications are getting updated on on regular intervals. Our aim to provide industry-specific ERP system for every Industrial verticals are getting fulfilled with introduction of eresource Xcel, eresource nfra, eresource Life Science, eresource e-Trade, eresource 3GL and eresource WMS etc. We have also recently developed exclusive system for Accounts and Finance, HRMS, PMS and Excise etc. that are the products that have been placed under our Off The Shelf option.

All our systems have been incorporated with triggers, alerts and workflow procedures that ensures operational efficiency for any business. Being a web-based ERP system, implementation is not a cucumbersome process like in many other ERP packages. All customer-specific functionality has been included in the system effectively. Although eresource ERP systems have been developed in keeping with the Small and Medium Enterprises in mind many large-scale organizations in India and in Middle Eastern countries are opting for eresource today.

The prime reason why eresource is concentrating more on SMEs is that the SME segments are the ignored sector by the large players in the ERP market. However this attitude of big ERP players towards SME segment has helped ERP firms like eresource Infotech realise the need of an economical and reliable ERP system for this sector. And the result is the birth of one of the most flexible and affordable ERP software in India — that is eresource.

It must be admitted that developing such a package was not easy. As everyone knows that meshing the specific needs of thousands of customers into a single coherent package was not that easy. But eresource’s top quality expert to sift through this mature package, incorporating a massive volume of functionality processes as required by the customer. Being a web-based ERP solution, eresource has simplified the implementation process and it brings efficient operational methods and return on investment (ROI).

In spite of its benefits one of the most important factor to be remembered is that ERP is not a just another software application in your organization. The system involves every internal process and must be preceded by a reevaluation of every section together with its functions. It is also important to note that the ERP system will not change the management functioning on its own. You must keep in mind that it is an important and decisive tool, but in order to obtain a correct development you will have to decide carefully who is going to command it, as well as the way in which the data will be saved and how information will flow.

Just implementing an ERP system alone won’t help the organization make any success. Though the effectiveness of an ERP system could be measured by the improvement in the ROI, the goal of measurement is not to measure; rather, it is to improve performance and processes are the point at which this can be best accomplished.

A well-performed ERP system can be maintained till about 15-20 years. In the later stages the package will have old architecture. It will become very difficult to make changes in the program code without inflicting hazardous damage to the system’s stability. It is possible to give older systems a ‘facelift’ with modern tools.

Though those ‘facelift’ can extend the life cycle of the package for some years, they will certainly speed up the appearance of the useless codes. If your ERP system is under-performing, it is better to go for an overhaul of the system. Do the right evaluation as per your requirement and implement a suitable ERP system that could take your business success to new heights. As the saying goes – It is better late than never.

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