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eresource Nfra is an ERP solution for all your civil engineering work.

Civil works and civil engineering are the backbone of any construction industry and need to be addressed cautiously. The work involved in this field is a very sophisticated as it involves planning, execution, transport of material, site development and structural engineering works.

Civil works have go through many complex levels and needs technology assistance to streamline all the routine work process. As construction companies are getting engaged in number of projects simultaneously, managing the civil works with manual manoeuvre becomes a herculean task. Implementation of an enterprise solution like eresource Nfra, an exclusively ERP solution that has been developed for civil engineering works has been the best option to make the work flawless.

Civil works personnel needs to maintain time management of the project on each project that they are engaged in. Keeping track of every development in each site, workforce management and material supplies is also their other responsibilities. Apart from these tasks, they also must keep track of the current business trends, customer relationship as well as sales and marketing of the project that they are involved.

A browser-based Civil engineering ERP system can helps a lot


eresource Nfra ERP system for Civil Engineering Works helps the contracting firms to carry out above tasks easily and quickly without any human error. The system collects, stores, and manages data for product planning, marketing, inventory and plant management, asset management, and shipping. eresource Nfra ERP is a vital tool because of its ability to integrate systems and provide error-free transactions. Organizations have an option to implement this system On Cloud and On Premises. This browser-based system is an easy to use ERP application that allows you to work from anywhere at any time.

eresource Nfra for Civil Engineering is an effective solution for the complex projects and challenges that civil engineering firms face. It will include efficient management of bids through customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities using vital information. The system allows you to work more transparently and project costs are estimated in a more accurate method. The system can give more visibility to internal and external work progress. The project management function includes resource scheduling and effective contract management. You’ll have complete visibility of assets, inventory, materials, and labor.

Challenges faced by Civil engineering organizations


Project complexity


Main challenges faced by the organization working on the civil work projects are completing projects on time. Construction companies are getting into too many projects at the same time and this prevent companies from complete the job on time or cause them to lose all profitability from date slippage.


Change in technology


Use of the latest technology in the construction industry that includes every civil works is becoming a big challenge to many companies that are yet to adopt this hi-tech way of functioning. Competition among the companies that have hi-tech and other who have yet to join in the bandwagon is a big concern for the later ones. Construction field being a very competitive, technology adoption is very important. However, when going hi-tech companies must be strategic in implementing new technology to not get into too complicated system that will only make your work more challenging for employees. Companies must be careful while choosing their technology support like ERP solution that can be managed efficiently by all the employees of your organization alike.


Lack of efficient workforce


Civil Works companies must be careful in choosing their workforce. They must able to cope up with the latest trend and work methodology in the construction field. It could make the company achieve its work targets easily making the company reach its desired growth target easily and smoothly. As the employees are the real wealth of a organization they must able capable to adjust with the changes happening in their field as and when it demanded.


Overcome business challenges in Civil Industry with eresource Nfra


eresource ERP system are designed to understand the complexity of all your business process and can efficiently help you to manage these complexities and challenges in a orderly manner. Apart from helping your organization lay foundation for growth the system allows companies to cover job costing, bidding, project management, finance, and even human resources very professional way.

The system improves efficiencies, reduces risk hence maximizes profit margins. All the work procedures have been automated that includes material management, processes contract releases and purchase orders. The system improves efficiency of operations. Being a hi-tech solution that works with all web-browsers with an internet connection, it helps project managers work more collaboratively and allows them to resolve issues quickly.


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  • Project Planning Management
  • Budgeting
  • Material Requisition from Site Portal
  • Purchase Enquiry to Suppliers
  • Purchase Management
  • Tools Tracking Management
  • Material Pending for Consumption
  • Dashboard for Execution Team
  • Project Delay Report
  • Excel BOQ Upload
  • Drawing documents Attachment
  • Site Survey – Quantity Take off
  • Material Planning Management
  • Site Portal for Site Engineer
  • Material Procurement /Issues material
  • Supplier Quote Comparison
  • GRN – Site or Warehouse
  • Budget intimation
  • Labour Attendance Management
  • Dashboard for Finance
  • Project wise Profit & Loss
  • Bills pending
  • Material Demand Vs Supply
  • Customer billing Vs Contractor
  • Dashboard for Project Team
  • Accounts Management
  • Site Expense
  • Drawing Revision
  • Subcontract & Billing
  • Client Billing, Supply Bill

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