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It is one of the best ERP solutions in the batch- and recipe-oriented manufacture of products and co-products in the process industries. The system is high in demand mainly in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries, as well as in the process-oriented electronics industry. BatchPro ERP system enables process manufacturing companies produce, cost, plan, and schedule their products.

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A superior process ERP system for process manufacturing

A suitable ERP for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, personal care, paints, inks, coatings and adhesives

eresource BatchPro ERP system is one of the most affordable ERP systems in the market today. The system has been designed for mid to large-size manufacturing companies; focusing on process and mixed-mode manufacturers with an emphasis on pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, personal care, building components, paints, inks, coatings, adhesives, sealants and specialty chemicals manufacturing companies.


An ERP system that understand your business inside out and works for your growth.


Every company is different so the needs, Here is a flexible system that will work best for everyone


Work with an interface that is easy to understand and simple to work with .Make your life easy.


No big investment . Being a SaaS model customers have to have to pay only for what they use.

An ERP system has value only when you use it properly

Flexible order entry and
accurate inventory control

BatchPro ERP system provides seamless and real-time transactional posting. Flexible order entry, accurate inventory control, easy job costing and completely integrated financials help control the details of complex businesses. The system is also integrated with all the other essential modules.  Process manufacturers need to test raw materials and finished goods with the ability to quarantine materials by batch. eresource BatchPro has been developed keeping with all these parameters tight as per the industry best practice.

The system makes complex production process easy

Make no compromise on quality and production process

eresource BatchPro  ERP system helps your organization work in harmony . The system enables connecting all your branches, divisions and the team.  The system has integrated with Quality Control module that takes your manufacturing process to a level where there can be no compromise.  In resource BatchPro the Batch mode produces scheduled quantities.  Batch mode is based on a formula or recipe that produces a specific number of end items. The system allows you to define different processes for items based on batch size, because many processes vary by quantity.

Customer Relationship is a key factor

Serve your Customers in a better way with eresource

Customer loyalty has a powerful effect on the business bottom line. The dramatic economic power of customer retention is revealed when customers are viewed in terms of life value.

eresource Xcel ERP enables the enterprises to retain its customers, which makes a perfect business sense. A consumer retained for life is more cost effective, requires less service, provides more business and contributes to new customer acquisition by offering positive referrals.

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Fully configurable

Fully configurable modules

Online Helpdesk

Users can solve their problems online on real-time basis.

eCommerce Solution

eCommerce enabled ERP system

SaaS model ERP application

A Solution As Unique As Your Business

Watch Real-time Activities

In today’s business environment, Real-Time activities
have been termed as a very important requirement.
This facility enables management to keep a watch on
what is really happening in every project sites.

Work Better As A Team

eresource works with their customers as a team to achieve
the desired result of our ERP solution. Just choosing the
right ERP alone cannot brings wonders. To succeed with an
ERP solution an efficient team work is necessary.

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