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What makes dot net application compatible to ERP?

Be it enterprise resource planning or software programs the chances of errors are often very high. These errors not only undermine the working of the software but also disturb the whole process in an organization.


No platform (including dot net ) can be guaranteed for controlling errors. However the unique codes set in dot net helps in knowing as and when errors occur and that too at the early stage. This is an important issue especially for ERP as the functioning of ERP has to be constantly monitored to ensure accountability and performance. Since the platform immediately points out what is going wrong it is easier for the company to freeze the whole process rectify the errors and set back things to motion properly.


As far as ERP software is concerned it has the simultaneous function which leads to lot of collusions and confusions. Even though they work separately the functioning of one will clash with that of the other. Dot net will neither have interference nor an influence with other applications/platforms unless they are desired in the course of work. Even in such cases dot net will only act as an inducer. This explains the reason for preferring dot net platform.

Dot net also facilitates faster communication and renders many additional services to companies availing them.

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