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What is Supply Chain Management (SCM) software?

Supply Chain Management (SCM) software is designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and coordination with vendors and suppliers, transportation and shipping companies, intermediaries, and other partners by enabling faster bi-directional information sharing.


With a supply chain management software in place, a business can manage its entire network more effectively by overseeing all activities across all suppliers, production plants, and storage and distribution facilities.


It becomes easy to streamline and centralize their distribution strategy, and eliminate the logistical errors and lack of coordination that can lead to delays.


SCM increases visibility and enhance collaboration across the entire supply chain by sharing valuable information such as demand trend reports, forecasts, inventory levels, and transportation plans with suppliers and other partners.


It can also minimize storage costs and improve cash flow by better managing inventory levels and it also helps improve logistics tracking, corrects break-downs, inefficiencies, or problems in the supply chain before they become unmanageable.

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