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To cope with business challenges, midsize companies looking at ERP

Published On - April 23, 2019

ERP for Midsize Companies

Sales and Distribution Module in this age of mergers and acquisitions, many organizations which were once small companies, and now, as midmarket organizations, need to consolidate various software systems and standardize business processes.

Currently, most of the ERP action is happening in the midmarket. More and more midsize companies – which are rather broadly defined as organizations are looking to replace outdated ERP systems or jump into the technology for the first time.

Most companies in this space are coping with increasingly complex operating environments, aging technology – including outmoded ERP systems – proliferating business-management software and, of course, the need to grow revenue.

Midsize companies also face challenges specific to their industries. Businesses that make consumer product goods are concerned about regulations and reporting requirements, while public-sector organizations are worried about maintaining customer loyalty. Also, manufacturers are concerned about the commoditization of their products. A robust ERP package can help address these issues, as well.

As per a survey conducted last year, which surveyed more than 500 organizations from a variety of industries, it was found that very few midsize companies – just 6 percent – don’t already have an ERP’s MRP (Material Requirements Planning, the precursor to ERP) implementation. For those businesses, the reasons to take a leap into ERP, which is largely considered necessary infrastructure for midsize companies, are many and compelling.

It was found that many ERP implementations in the midmarket are quite mature and ripe for replacement. Most of today’s midmarket organizations had ERP systems older than 10 years old. ERP technology has evolved significantly in the years since these systems were deployed, so many of these organizations have developed their own applications to make up for inadequacies.

Many midmarket companies must now also choose an ERP system on which to standardize after multiple systems were installed, perhaps through mergers, across the enterprise.

It has been noticed that many midsize companies had two or more ERP packages, and some have implemented three or more ERP systems. Although it’s not necessary, midsize companies seem to prefer consolidating their business-management applications in one ERP package, at least in part to cut down on integration headaches.

With the advent of Eresource ERP for midsize Companies in India were able to find a suitable ERP solution to match their needs.

eresource ERP’s major strength lies in the manufacturing modules that provide multiple benefits for small and midsize organizations. eresource ERP helps the organizations control their day-to-day business. Needless to say, once implemented, eresource ERP will be the heart of your business, wheels of your distribution channel and the brain of your planning activities.

Other added feature about eresource ERP system is its on-time guaranteed implementation programme. eresource offers a full refund for any implementation fees where the agreed-upon ERP go live date is delayed, provided the customer meets all defined milestone deliverables on time.

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