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Indian SME’s take eresource ERP in their side

Published On - April 23, 2019

ERP Software for SMEs

The first and foremost reason being that it has been designed by an Indian software solution company exclusively for the Indian manufacturing industry, especially the Small and Medium scale Enterprises. Needless to say that the contribution made by the SME’s in the Indian manufacturing industry incomparable.

What is more appreciable is that all these years they were contributing largely into the growth of Indian industry with their limited resources and infrastructure facilities. Growth of any industry depends on what basic environment they work with. An advanced work environment will not only boost morale of their employees but also the outcome will be reflected in the quality of their product.

eresource ERP Software for SMEs (Small and Mid-size Enterprises)

There was a time when implementation of ERP solution was a long lost dream for many of the SME’s in India. They never imaged implementation of ERP could be within their reach in near future. But introduction of an affordable low-cost ERP by eresource Infotech was a dream comes true for the Indian SME’s. The reason why we have come out with this kind of a solution is that if Indian SME’s could perform tremendously with the limited resources they have, they can also bring miracles in the industry if they are armed with right working environment. We were sure that the implementation eresource ERP will definitely change the way they work and also it can make the impact on their production sector, in both quality and quantity wise.

Another matter of success with eresource ERP is its quick implementation. The ERP system should be implemented quickly, efficiently, on time and on budget and with no interruption to the business. As far as Indian SME’s are concerned time factor is very important and fully understanding this scenario eresource ERP gives maximum priority in implementation process.

Over and above, eresource Infotech serves all our ERP customers directly, unlike some ERP vendors who have a strategy to serve the large client directly whilst, directing SME’s to their re-sellers or consultants. Though our client list too include many large enterprises, when it comes to business we are impartial. That’s our policy practice, indeed.

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