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How could we convince our manager to implement an ERP system?

When you think it is the right time that your organization must implement an ERP system and your manager can’t decide as he is not sure about the advantages, first you need to make strong opinion among your internal personnel in favour of implementing an ERP system. You also need to do some homework and prepare a list of pros and cons from the point of view of each member of your management team.


After this you should talk to each member of management team as well as all head of department one on one and understand their opinion while introducing your proposal. This way you may select management members who are in favor of an ERP. After this step, plan the next step of internal presentation first by yourself and then from a third party who are well-versed with your industry-specific needs. You may also arrange a third party presentation separately for the members in favour, before the presentation for the deciding authorities from the high level management team. You may make any further changes in your presentation as per the opinion collected from the members in favour before the final presentation to the deciding authorities.


Final presentation must consists of details of advantages and disadvantages of an ERP system, evaluated ERP solutions for your industry, figures in form of estimated time, benefitted users, cost savings, cost of ERP software and implementation cost etc. The presentation should be made effective and your proposal must be fool proof. We feel you will definitely succeed in your mission if you could plan the above strategies in rightful manner and present it well to your deciding authorities. We can assure you that your managers will get fully convinced about the benefit of an ERP system, which obviously help them to implement the system without any doubt.

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