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What is MIS, its functions and the main characteristics?

Management Information System (MIS) are computer based information systems consisting of the network of all communication channels used within an organization.


Its functionalities include :


Integrated database of the MIS enables greater flexibility in meeting the information needs of the management.
The MIS integrates the information flow between functional areas.
MIS caters to the information needs of all levels of management .
Management’s information needs are supported on a more timely basis with the MIS.


The main characteristics of the management information system are :


MIS is flexible and can be adapted to the changing needs of the organization.
MIS uses an integrated database and supports a variety of functional areas.
MIS supports the data processing functions of transaction handling and record keeping.
MIS provides operational, tactical and strategic levels of the organization with structured information.
It is important to be noted that today’s ERP systems are integrated with functionalities of MIS (Management Information System) and DSS (Decision Support System). Therefore organizations that implement an ERP system could get advantage of all these functions.

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