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Understanding data migration process

Data migration is the process of moving required volume of data from existing systems to new systems. Existing systems can be anything from custom-built IT infrastructures to spreadsheets and standalone databases. Data migration encompasses all the necessary steps to cleanse, correct and move data into a new system. Technological changes, change in providers, software updates or data warehousing/data mining projects make such delicate and critical operations necessary.


A good data migration should allow one to:


Reduce risk: Data being an organization’s most critical business asset, it is essential that any manipulation be carried out without any disruption.


Lower operational expenses: Data migration is a one-off activity triggered by certain circumstances. The data migration tool or solution reinforces the organization’s resources which can remain focused on its ongoing continuous core activities. Improve data quality: The cleansing and correction solutions ensure perfect data integrity after it has been migrated. From a user and development perspective, the migrated data results are completely optimized.

From a user perspective, the data migration solutions should make sure that a strategy is put in place to achieve maximum flexibility and quality.

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