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How to prevent computer crimes by employees?

There are several ways in which an authorized user of a computer, such as an employee using the company’s computer, can accomplish unauthorized and illegal objectives.


Here are some tips to prevent it.




It is common to request three references when interviewing a potential employee: however, many employers never check these out. It is vital to call former employers and get their assessment of the candidate’s history.


Notice period


When firing an employee, it is common practice to give him two weeks’ notice so he can begin looking for another job. In a computer-related field though, this gives him two weeks to sabotage data, as well as copy data to sell to a competitor. If an employee is fired, have a security guard watch him clean out his desk and then escort him to the door. This may mean giving him two weeks’ pay for doing nothing but this is better than letting him stay around the office and potentially cause millions of rupees in damage through sabotage.


Keep employee lists up-to-date


Security guards get used to seeing the same faces every day and may let a former employee into an unauthorized (or formerly authorized) area because they think he still works there. It is important that security be kept up-to-date on this kind of personal change.


Access restrictions


Make sure that access to crucial data such as grades and payroll data is limited to those who must have it.

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