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How can ERP database be kept protected all the time?

ERP database is perhaps one of the most vital assets a company owns. Keeping that ERP database fully protected from threats such as security breaches, performance issues, and technical breakdowns is crucial to ensuring continuity and consistency in most important business activities.


A threat to ERP database can affect all the major operations of a company and management of human resources, production planning, procurement, accounting and finance and other critical back-office function could come to a halt.


There are some measures that can be taken to enhance the security of a company’s ERP database. Role-based IDs and passwords will ensure that users can access only the data they are authorized to view, based on their job function or position within the company. A practice of changing the password on regular basis by the users will be a good habit that could act as a ideal ERP data protection. And, data encryption, firewalls, and other measures can help you keep hackers, cyber-criminals, and other outsiders far away from your ERP database.


Organizations are also to be prepared with other natural disaster recovery management. Today there are few companies that are prepared in the event of a major fire break out or a flooding situation. To face this kind of natural disaster the companies must be occupied with well-designed back-up plan in place. Loss of critical information and database could cost the company millions of rupees and could take the company back to years in terms of business growth.

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