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eresource Xcel, a Manufacturing ERP system with excellent performance

Published On - April 18, 2019

When eresource stepped into ERP system development, manufacturing industry is the first vertical that has been served with an effective ERP solution. As time moved on eresource has became number one Manufacturing ERP system available in this country. eresource system for Manufacturing ERP was aimed at SME segments in the country. Our efforts to provide an affordable and effective ERP for SMEs in Indian manufacturing sector has brought positive result.

Today eresource ERP has become an indispensable part of manufacturing industry. However, over the years we were serving with a full-fledged ERP solution that has served every operations of a manufacturing industry. As manufacturing operations varies on different products, a full-fledged ERP system were not necessary for many of manufacturing industrial units.

Understanding this aspect and to make usage of Manufacturing ERP Software more useful and easy, eresource has reconstructed its Manufacturing ERP system that will make the system more flexible and economical. Eresource Xcel ERP, which is an exclusive ERP for manufacturing sector has become a big hit among the manufacturing organizations in a short period.

Eresource Xcel, the manufacturing ERP software controls the entire operations of an manufacturing organization. Its effective CRM module makes customer-organization interactions and easy and quick. Customers will also benefit the quick passage of information that will make then understand the status of their orders, complaints etc., using their customer login details in the web based systems. Similarly, on the purchase / procurement side, the vendors can login into their accounts and perform various operations like quoting for a bid, order receipt, informing the organization about dispatch of material, input invoice details, see status of their payment etc.

Eresource Xcel is also an effective Manufacturing ERP which has many advantages and we list below some of them.

  • The system could curb manufacturing cost significantly
  • It can reduce manufacturing bottlenecks
  • Very effective customer service
  • Enables accurate and faster revenue tracking
  • Increase profitability
  • Best suited for both single and multiple manufacturing units and locations
  • Have a improved inventory and supply chain management
  • Optimum sales tracking and management
  • Seamless and automated payroll processing
  • Efficient management of engineering and manufacturing processes
  • Quick and easy quote generation
  • Real-time access to critical business data
  • Gain real-time visibility and key metrics

Undoubtedly ersource Xcel is one of the best suitable and useful ERP solutions available in ERP market today for Manufacturing sector. For more details and a live demo of the product, please contact our sales team sales@eresourceinfotech.com or visit our website https://www.eresourceerp.com/

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