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eresource 3GL One of the best ERP System for fleet Management Industry

Published On - July 10, 2019

The logistic companies who have their own fleet of trucks or any other vehicles need an efficient fleet management system. The fleet management system created by eresource became an important factor for fleet managers. The system not only helped the fleet managers to increase its profitability but also shown an efficiency in using the vehicle. eresource is an exclusive brand who introduced an ERP for logistics companies. The system called as eresource 3GL which is exclusively for fleet management system by which the companies could gain a niche position in their operations.

The industry by not having an proper system and a proper ERP solution found difficult to meet their business challenges. The introduction of eresource 3GL really helped the industry by way of meeting their requirements but also found suitable within their budget limit.

eresource 3GL is a web-based fleet management software which brings an end to end solutions for fleet owners with their required modules. The system also serves and manage as a ready reckoner in maintaining fleet history, fuel usage, & about driver details. Even areas like vehicle insurance, asset management, tire management, inventory management, lorry receipt management as well as other expenses related to operation of your fleet of motor vehicles could also be managed by the system.

eresource ERP for fleet management is a powerful business applications which is based on master configuration and allows easily to create an individual vehicle configuration.

Driver management mo duels helps the companies in scheduling and managing drivers efficiently. Drivers being an important part of the organization, the system also helps in tracking current driving license and accident rates. eresource 3GL ERP system also helps in maintaining by way of monitoring an operational cost to your fleet.

The system also helps in tracking for vehicle maintenance so that it becomes easier to see as to which vehicle requires more maintenance by taking proper measures that could avoid an unnecessary expenses.

In short eresource 3GL is a unique ERP software for fleet management. eresource fleet management ERP system is made up of many useful modules. Each of these modules have their own set of functional area for transport organization. Apart from common ERP modules like finance, human resource, purchase & inventory control, the unique modules created for utilization of fleet management are the major functions of eresource ERP system. Many transport organizations have implemented this ERP system which is economically & technically feasible.

The challenges faced by fleet industry are witnessing a sudden change with eresource fleet management. The user friendly business application also helped many small and medium sized fleet management organizations to a full fledged profit making enterprise. This is for the first time such an unique software for fleet transport has been created.

eresource ERP for fleet management is the no1 for fleet/transport management ERP which will not only help the business to flourish but will also have good return on investment. The main aim of every business is to save cost and increase the profitability of the business. To avoid loss on business eresource 3GL fleet management is the key for success. The basic idea of eresource 3GL fleet management ERP is to minimize the risk involved in the business. The web based fleet management system can be tracked from anywhere in the world. The benefit of 3GL fleet management system is time saving, due to which the customer not only get satisfied but become more efficient. Delay in implementing the unique and best ERP system could be an costly affair for any transport industry/companies in the long run.

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