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Why some companies are still using legacy systems?

Legacy systems utilize outmoded programming languages, software and/or hardware that typically are no longer supported by latest ERP software.

Legacy systems are still used by some companies because they think a change over may cost them lot and potential risk of business interruption associated with the movement of data and key business processes to more advanced and contemporary technologies.

We have seen number of companies still heavily reliant on decades-old legacy systems. Further complicating the situation, many of these companies has been built through a series of mergers often must manage a variety of incompatible legacy systems inherited from their predecessor organizations.

In general, legacy systems tend to be given inadequate resources for their proper maintenance, even when an upgrade to contemporary technology is not being contemplated seriously. The blame must go to the decision makers in the organization and the non-technical executives who tend to assume that they can continue to run on the cheap, and underestimate the risks of taking this approach.