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Fleet Management company, Saizar Enterprise, Counts on eresource ERP

Published On - May 24, 2020


One of the leading and largest transporting companies based in North India  today Saizar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Late Jai H. Indorewala which was established its corporate identify in the year 2000. The company has established their business in the logistic industry with five decades of expertise in road transportation business. Today Saizar Enterprise caters to the road transportation needs of prestigious customers like Tata Steel Ltd. and Tata Motors Ltd. The company also servers other customers in the open market spread across the whole country.

Saizar Enterprise Association with eresource

Being a large transportation company with a fleet of more than 800 vehicles
Saizar Enterprises has a huge responsibility on their shoulders as the company is the prime logistic source for Tata Steel, number one steel producers in the country.

The company’s challenge was involved working on strict time limitation and the management of the fleet of vehicles efficiently. It was more than eight years ago the company approached eresource for a suitable ERP solution to manage their business as they were not able to find a solution that could manage their functionalities in a orderly manner. Surely it was a challenge for eresource too, as considering the volume of their work load we need to work from the grassroots level to bring out a solution that will satisfy their requirement. Our professionals were quick to understand all their working method and drawn the outline for a solution that will automate every functionalities of Saizar. Undoubtedly it is one of the best fleet management solutions that we have presented to them eight ago. Since then the company functions and manages all their routine business with the help of eresource 3GL ERP system.

Challenges Faced by Saizar Enterprise

The company was running a Excel based system, where all information were stored in Excel. Getting information on-time was difficult.

Managing freight bills and fuel surcharges and relentless customer service pressure.

Accountability of Fuel usage was getting difficult. Managing Inventory of over 20,0000 Tyres was getting difficult.

Accountability of Variable Cost was getting difficult.

An unique ERP system for Fleet Management

eresource 3GL ERP system, the exclusive fleet management ERP, is an unique solution for fleet management and logistic-related business. For companies like Saizar, it was an herculean task to management their fleet of vehicle. With the deployment of eresource 3GL ERP system functionalities such vehicle management, driver management, Contract Management, Operation Management, Maintenance Management, Stores Management, Tyre Management, Battery Management, Receivable / Payable. Legal Management and Reports / Utilities all have been automated. With eresource 3GL Saizar has a system that will take care of their enhanced fleet strength comprising of vehicles of various payload capacities.

Key Benefits Achieved.

  • Improved visibility into the transportation Function.  Optimization of costs through better planning of route and management of Loads.
  • Improved transportation logistics ensuring on-time deliveries and expected customer service levels
  • Efficient management of all expenses associated with operating transport vehicles
  • Centralized unified system helped company gain operational excellence because of on-time visibility of information.

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