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What the stars foretell for your business in the year 2011?

The above headline may read like an astrological question. But we are not into astrology. What we would like to remind you is that your business future is decided neither by some stars located in the galaxy nor just wearing some rings. It will depend on how you are planning your business strategy today.

Despite many setbacks in business strategy there are still some small and mid-sized enterprises that are shying away from implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. What they have failed to realize is that in today's aggressive business environment ERP has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Still there are three months left in this financial year. Act wisely to turn these 180 days to a decisive time of your business achievements, so that the coming days and months and years will be yours. eresource Infotech is here to help you to turn your enterprise from a people driven organization to a system driven organization. eresource ERP is the right source to gain operational excellence.

You may be thinking is it the right time to implement an effective enterprise solution like eresource ERP? Analyze yourself the last months of your business process. Are you satisfied with the outcome of your business strategy? No need to worry if the answer is a big NO. With the implementation of eresource ERP you may overcome any deficiency your business process may have and can also achieve operational excellence in the coming years.

Why eresource ERP?

eresource ERP system is developed in keeping Indian SMEs in mind. . In this age of mergers and acquisitions, many of the organizations that were once small companies, and now, as midmarket organizations need to consolidate various software systems and standardize business processes. It is also true that many of these organization in the SME segment are coping with increasingly complex operating environments, aging technology - including outmoded ERP systems - proliferating business-management software and, of course, the need to grow revenue.

Though a respectful number of midsized companies have implemented eresource ERP system, there is still a few numbers of others who don't already have an ERP solution. Midsize companies also face challenges specific to their industries. Businesses that make consumer product goods are concerned about regulations and reporting requirements, while public-sector organizations are worried about maintaining customer loyalty. Also, manufacturers are concerned about the commoditization of their products. We are confident, eresource ERP system can help address all these issues, as well.

On the other hand it is also to be noted that many ERP implementations in the midmarket are quite mature and ripe for replacement. These midmarket companies must now choose an ERP system on which to standardize after multiple systems were installed, perhaps through mergers, across the enterprise.

Currently, the SME segment in India has been one of the most aggressive adopters of ERP software. This substantial increase in the penetration level in the SME segment is attributed to the introduction of low cost ERP solutions such as eresource ERP which also caters the country-specific localizations.

The smooth inventory management, timely scheduling of production cycles and shipment of goods, managing human resources and online data communication are also the primary reasons for many SMEs in India switching to eresource ERP system. If you are still confused when and how to go about an ERP implementation, without doubt we can say this is the right time. As the saying goes -- better late than never.

For a better tomorrow plan it today with eresource ERP.