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What is the impact of ERP in an organization?

The implementation of ERP turns out to be a challenge for many enterprises, but their chances for success are greater if they get to implement it rightly. Nowadays, many ERP solution providers are reducing their prices and make the products more accessible to all industrial segments. They are also focusing on quick implementation procedures that in turn help these organizations save some money. High competition in this field also forces the ERP providers to show results in a short time of period.


Earlier, organizations were looking at ERP as a back-office application. Today many organizations are initiating new projects to use ERP in their sales activities, customer service and commercial planning. Majority of these organizations have found ERP system an ideal application to e-business functions, while others are taking several actions in order to use software that can facilitate client-vendor relationships.


Users in these organizations started realizing that it was a good decision to implement ERP technology. They also feel that it is really important to understand that the system as a basic software. This system also can be customized to accommodate additional modules and other functions as per the organization’s needs.


One important area that could demand for additional functions is commercial analysis. You should use applications that allow you to measure benefits directly. These kind of applications need a well designed backbone ERP to make them work, and in this way it is certain there are a number of reasons to install an ERP system.

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