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What is ERP II? Can eresource ERP be placed in ERP II category?

ERP II is a solution that includes the traditional materials planning, distribution, and order-entry functionality strengthened by capabilities like customer relationship management (CRM), human resources management (HRM).


Such a system can quickly, accurately and consistently operate an entire organization. It delivers information in an instant to the people who need it. It manages the access to that information by establishing security roles and ratings that define which employees can use certain pieces of information. It also addresses the issue of multiple office locations by making the solution web-based, so employees can access the system no matter where they may be.


Businesses are utilizing the Internet more and more. It is no longer just a tool for e-mail, research and single transaction commerce. It is quickly becoming a tool for globalizing a business – a tool that allows an organization to tie together its employees, its suppliers and its customers. It enables the free flow of information and the next generation of solution will be built upon it.

Eresource ERP, India’s leading web-based ERP solution is integrated with all these latest modules and therefore can be termed as extended ERP or ERP II.

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