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Web-based ERP Solution is best suited for Small and Medium Enterprises

Lately many organizations started realizing that the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems they implemented have come to a point where these systems are no longer providing the projected benefits. This is because the business models are rapidly changing and evolving to exploit the Internet as a business and commerce tool. However, too few organizations have recognized that the benefits of an ERP system can increase beyond the initial implementation and as a result they have not properly planned for the application's full life cycle.

As the technologies of eBusiness and ERP converge, effective ERP systems like eresource ERP will be a critical component to an enterprise's success. For eBusiness system to be truly effective they must be applied to a web-based ERP system like eresource, so that enterprises can take advantage of increasingly Web focused business processes in the future.

Enterprises must fully understand the options available to them in order to invest in improving ERP usability and effectiveness. eresource ERP system offers broad functional coverage, vertical industry extensions, a robust technical architecture, training, documentation, implementation and process design tools, product enhancements, global support and an extensive list of software services and technology modules like CRM, SCM, BI, etc.

What the decision-makers must realize is that no industry remains unaffected by the changes created by the explosive development of the Internet. As the reality of enabling seamless web-based collaboration between companies and their customers and suppliers becomes more of a reality each day, ERP applications are poised to play a pivotal role.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the major beneficiaries of ERP system and they are the main force that pushed the ERP growth in India. Inflexibility of earlier ERP systems from SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft pushed the customization drive. Customers are moving from best-of-breed to a best-for-business approach, implying that they prefer extensions to their existing ERP for applications like planning and optimization, business intelligence and knowledge management. This has resulted in emergence of eresource ERP, an effective web-based ERP package.

The requirements of each company differ in terms of standard industry practices and unique practices. eresource ERP system caters to every need of an organization. The system is integrated with componentized solutions with standard modules and specific functionality to address the unique process.