eresource shows the way to reach the zenith of productivity

eresource  ERP & Productivity

eresource ERP system allows organizations to exploit B2B advantages and improve CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Before implementing an ERP system in an organization a deep analysis of its business requirements and operational methods is required. eresource is a pioneering ERP solution provider and clearly understand every requirement of an organization. eresource ERP system helps an organization to deal with Inter-enterprise process engineering (IPE), Business-To-Business (B2B), customer relationship management (CRM), Data warehousing and Costing models.

eresource ERP System connects your suppliers, customers, and your organization becomes fully equipped with a B2B system. Today there may be other ERP system which provides some of the features provided by eresource, eresource facilities your end users with adequate training to use the system to the optimum utility which will make not only your business grow to new heights but also can make the return on investment (ROI) from your system more commendable.

What is to be remembered is that eresource ERP system is not just ordinary ERP software. It is a web-based business solution application which has been integrated with modules for every business operations of an organization. There is a misconception about customer relationship management and many people think CRM is just a tool to analyze the marketing contacts. CRM module in eresource ERP is much more than that.

Very powerful and a complete Financial Management module is another highlight of eresource ERP. The Financial Management module in ERP allows accounting staff members to more effectively track net cash flow, accelerate and manage order to cash cycles, and better negotiate and execute purchasing agreements.

Apart from the above modules eresource ERP system can also deliver significant improvements in other areas, enhancing many non-financial processes such as payroll, quality control, resource allocation and scheduling for project management teams, supplier relationship management for purchasing and procurement departments, and training and time and attendance tracking for human resources groups.

Web-based eresource ERP system also enables companies to maximize the utilization of both human and financial resources, better track vendor managed inventory and other off-site or remote stock, and significantly improve workflow management by better planning, mapping, and executing key processes across the business.

Being an affordable ERP system, eresource ERP can help companies achieve and maintain a solid competitive edge, reaching the zenith of productivity and cost-efficiency.

Go for eresource, the next-generation ERP system

Undoubtedly, eresource ERP can be termed as the most effective next-generation ERP. eresource is an exclusively web-based ERP solution that extensively integrated with all the major and minor modules to run an organization’s business operations successfully. With a simple implementation process, eresource ERP can be brought into operational mode in a quickest way.

eresource ERP system is armed with real-time data access, interactive and collaborative features such as online customer assistance and, real-time analysis, as well as open access to all internal and external users.

This web-based next generation ERP system is enabled with e-commerce, advanced planning and scheduling (APS), net-based procurement, business intelligence (BI), and customer relationship management (CRM).

eresource ERP system also identifies critical web-enabled business functions that many other ERP developers have not incorporated into their packages, including quick and simple reconfiguration of business processes, intuitive interfaces that require minimum training.

Main strength of eresource ERP applications lies in its powerful and complete financial management, which allows accounting staff members to more effectively track net cash flow, accelerate and manage order to cash cycles, and better negotiate and execute purchasing agreements.

This ERP system can also deliver significant improvements in other areas, enhancing many non-financial processes such as payroll, quality control, resource allocation and scheduling for project management teams, supplier relationship management for purchasing and procurement departments, and training and time and attendance tracking for human resources groups.

The next general ERP, eresource also enables companies to maximize the utilization of both human and financial resources, better track vendor managed inventory and other off-site or remote stock, and significantly improve workflow management by better planning, mapping, and executing key processes across the business.

With the implementation of eresource ERP next-generation ERP system, companies can achieve and maintain a solid competitive edge and can achieve operational efficiency.

Quick to implement and easy to operate eresource ERP

Quick ERP Implementation Process:

Many major organizations as well as small and medium companies are increasing their reliance on eresource ERP system as a cost efficient alternative to their current manual procedures or their piecemeal software applications. Under-performed legacy system and cost-factor involving the customization of existing outdated ERP system in many companies are making the business process a time consuming exercise and, in many cases, impractical.

eresource ERP has been developed with full awareness of specific requirements of industries and customers. It is an ERP system that serves many vertical industries. eresource ERP system has been incorporated with triggers, alerts and workflow procedures that ensures operational efficiency for any business. Being a web-based ERP system, implementation also not a cucumbersome process like in many other ERP packages.

The architecture of eresource ERP systems may be termed the total package approach. All customer-specific functionality has been included in the system effectively. This system has been developed in keeping with the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Indian market in mind. Its operational method, functionality and investment cost all well-suited to address the SMEs requirement in a rightful manner.

It must be admitted that developing such a package was not easy. As everyone knows that meshing the specific needs of thousands of customers into a single coherent package was not that easy. But eresource’s top quality expert to sift through this mature package, incorporating a massive volume of functionality processes as required by the customer. Although being a web-based ERP solution, eresource has simplified the quick ERP implementation process, it still brings efficient operational methods and return on investment (ROI).

There is also one important reason why eresource is concentrating more on SMEs. That is, SME segment is ignored by large players in the ERP market. But this attitude has ultimately helped competitiveness among ERP developers such as eresource, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the SME segment.

Another reason why the bigger players avoiding the SMEs are the high volume of customization and the work demanded by the SMEs need more personal care, which the bigger players do not support. So when it comes to the question of SMEs it takes a great deal of time for them to understand the business and design software programs based on modality. On the other hand eresource understands their requirements and genuinely get involved with them and train them to handle any complicated issues. This has helped the SME sector to choose and implement a solution which will be suitable not just only for their needs but also will fit into their budget.

Sometime there comes a big dilemma for companies evaluating ERP solutions because they are unsure of choosing software offered by a branded player or a small player. Some companies debate that only a branded player can satisfy the requirements even though the recipient is a small concern. It is not true.

Wanting to compete globally, manufacturers look for eresource ERP

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]eresource ERP software is an easy to install system that streamlines manufacturing industry processes through automated planning, scheduling and fulfillment. The system also yields new data intelligence that quickens decision making and reduces administration costs.

The industry-specific workload-optimized ERP system developed by eresource help companies save huge amount in the manufacturing, distribution and services sectors. Manufacturing is a process and each step can dramatically affect profitability. Gaining more visibility into processes and optimizing each step efficiently is crucial for any company wanting to compete globally. By offering an effective ERP system that is already tuned to the specific tasks of manufacturers, eresource simplifies the IT environment to make every business process transparent and more effective.

The recently launched eresource Cloud ERP for Manufacturing Industry includes all the regular modules along with complete customer support, implementation and migration services and other service options. With this introduction now customers can choose our regular ERP system or Cloud ERP version or the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model as per the requirement and budget.

eresource continues to demonstrate its commitment to all its customers and willing to serve them with any required enhancement for the existing eresource ERP solution to bring greater efficiency and improved performance.

eresource is always ready to deliver integrated solution to help manufacturers achieve greater profitability and improved business decision.

A normal scenario in the ERP market is that many companies that are planning to implement an ERP system is not guided properly. Not knowing which ERP system to choose, they end up selecting the wrong one which not only turns out be useless but also lot of money going into the doldrums.

eresource helps its customers with a thorough evaluation and selection process to identify the ERP modules that would best enable their future business requirements and corporate growth objectives. Eresource gather primary data to measure our whole system in general and modules in particular against your unique business and technical needs. We also identify the total cost of ownership to identify the right price for our customers. The result helps our customers to make a clear capital budgeting decision.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

eresource ERP system brings transparency, responsibility and accountability

Effective ERP System brings Transparency, Responsibility and Accountability

Agility is the watchword There is only a simple answer to the question raised by organizations ‘why they must implement eresource ERP?’ The answer is – to simply complex process. As you may be aware that as far as a business establishment is concerned process capital can positively affect customer capital and customer capital ultimately affects business performance. Companies implementing eresource ERP can build process capital to meet the challenges of the competitive market environment.

Impact of eresource ERP can be visible in the business process and operational methods right from the implementation stage. eresource ERP can have an effective influence on the business process in short span of period. We have ample proof to prove our claim that eresource ERP can bring a significant impact right from the time its implementation in the organization.

India’s leading web-based ERP Soluion eresource can be an eye-opener for any organization because they get to realize the benefits and operational methods involved in modifying the business process. What is to be remembered before an ERP implementation is that organizations must be fully prepared before going for an ERP implementation to get the desired result. The role of managers and other decision makers in the organization plays an important role for the success of any ERP system from the implementation stage.

eresource ERP enables interactions and healthy relationships among departments in organizations which would have otherwise remained isolated. The problems of co-ordinations faced by each department are solved with implementation of effective ERP system like eresource. Organizations that have decided to implement eresource ERP can expect an extremely close assistance from a team of expert who will able to identify the flaws and guide the organization in devising better procedures. It helps organizations to adapt and adjust to change right from the implementation process.

eresource ERP has directly and indirectly helps to redefine functions in an organization. Anything that people wanted to know about the company and its operations will be available by a click of the mouse. There was no more relying on the department of internal communications even for single information. Outsiders don’t have the hassle of obtaining permission and following stringent procedures to access information.

eresource ERP also helps the employees of organization in big way with their routine work procedures. The system provides more freedom, authority and responsibility to the individual employees which were mutually beneficial to the management. Every user/employee became more aware of their function while eresource ERP has given the confidence to execute it individually and successfully This way of working style results in transparency and accountability.

The work of employees becomes more easy and independent and they also able to keep track of work happening in other department or section related to their work procedure. This total transparent and reliable and flexible method of working mode boost the confidence and royalty of the employees that ultimately brings the goodwill to the organization.

eresource ERP sales module emphasis that Customer is God

eresource ERP sales module emphasis that Customer is God

We have learned how one can login to the eresource Web-based ERP solution and the master module to create multiple companies, multiple branches under one company and multiple warehouse under one branch, etc.

Now let us turn our focus to the ERP Sales Module. You will agree that Sales is the most important aspect concerning any business. No business can witness success unless the company treats their customer as a God. Therefore Sales module also can be termed as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module.

As we have promised you to take through all modules of eresource ERP system, let us start from the Sales module considering the importance of the module. In eresource, the process of sales starts from the Sales Personnel section, allowing sales personnel capture the source of lead, which could be from various sources.

Sales Order Module Comprises of Contact Management and Sales Order Processing Management. It is an integrated solution comprising of marketing and sales activities. Organization can act immediately improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness by using this Module.

eresource Sales Management module is all about retaining customers, improving customer loyalty and gaining customer insight. What is notable is Sales module in resource ERP system also help to you getting your customer order management easier day by day. Whether it is maintaining customer information, quickly creating a quote or migrating it to sales order or being responsive to your customers, we provide you right solution and efficient flow of information.

Provision to classify product categorization in different levels, here in the example below, the classification of the product is defined on the basis of Product Group (Example, Flanges), Product Sub Group (Example SLIP ON), and other parameters like, Size, Pressure Rating, Wall Thickness, Flange Grade, Ends Flange, Coating, etc.

Search on product can be done using different permutation and combination. All information of one product can be viewed at one central screen, likewise, Weighted Average price, Last purchase, Sales history, Available Customers, In transit of the product, Stock Information, Purchase history of the product, etc.

Implement ERP and make your business technology-oriented

Successful ERP Implementation and Operations of an ERP Solution

We are living in the technological era. To be successful in this era, every organization need to be a technology-driven one. ERP Software or Enterprise Resource Planning being an essential business application, ignoring or down-sizing the usage of this marvelous technological advancement can backfire the growth of a business organization.

eresource ERP, one of the leading ERP software solution providers in India today, excelled its technology in almost all the industrial verticals. You name it and we have it. From manufacturing to trading industry there are numerous industries that have benefited from eresource ERP during the last decade. With our recent addition of ERP solution for Car Rental Services, we have widened our operational areas and there are many more are in the pipeline.

Over the last decade we have successfully implemented our ERP software in many different industrial segments. Although some of these were new to usage of ERP software system, some of them were using a MRP solution in place before embarking into eresource ERP solution. These companies, however, noticed that their MRP system formed islands of data that inhibited information flow. It was inadequate for the needs of these companies whose businesses were large and complex.

For a successful ERP implementation and operations of an ERP solution, an organization must do some pre-planning and a systematic re-engineering. Re-engineering of operations must be carried out with the future course of growth into consideration. It is also important carry out thorough analysis of the ability of applications to meet core business process needs and identifying gaps between core needs and existing application’s features and functionality should b e documented well with alternatives, including estimates of all resources and schedule impacts.

It is a common belief that ERP system is a complex application especially when when it comes to handling multiple functions and some of the ERP packages that were implemented years ago prone to serving only individual functions. The scenario has changed massively and today Web-based ERP solution such as eresource ERP handle any complex and multiple operations easily and quickly. eresource ERP software could not only integrate different functions from different departments but also different function from different industries.

In the earlier days ERP solutions were used as an exclusive internal solution of an organization and even all employees of in the organization were not aware of the existence of a technology under their nose or they have lacked the information about functioning. With the advent of Web-based eresource ERP everyone in this organization started realizing the functionalities of an ERP solution also its benefits.

Though there was awareness that ERP system was a web friendly application the advantage has not been fully explored, until eresource made its entry. However other ERP solutions had its own reservations in using internet abundantly. eresource ERP worked on them and hence became totally a web friendly application.

There is also misconception that an ERP system is only for the large organizations. However, that is not correct. We can say with confidence that the Small and medium-sized businesses are the major beneficiaries of ERP system and they are the main force that pushed the ERP growth in India.

eresource gives its customers what they want

Eresource ERP Customer Service

eresource ERP solutions from eresource Infotech are totally a web-based ERP solution and cover everything needed to run an organization irrespective of size of a company. eresource offers exclusive ERP solutions for various industries and operations such as Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Construction and Infrastructure, Trade and Sales, Preventive Maintenance and Human Resources etc. eresource ERP solution is best known to be less expensive, easier to implement, and easier to maintain.

Being a Web-based ERP solution the solution provides real-time information about all the operations of an organization that includes finance, purchase, inventory, employee management, e-commerce and many many more. This browser-based application allows you to work from anywhere at any time with use of a desktop or laptop which has a net net connection and a browser application.

eresource is following a widely accepted approach by providing exclusive ERP system for each and every industry. This is in keeping with our primary objective which is, give what the customer wants rather than what we have. This also could be the reason behind our unmatchable success. Having said that, developing exclusive ERP system for various industries are somewhat a complex issue as all customer-specific functionality must be included in the system effectively.

Initially when we launched the system there was just one common ERP system that has been developed serve all segments. It must be admitted that developing such a package was not easy. As everyone knows that meshing the specific needs of thousands of customers into a single coherent package was not only that easy but also complex. However, eresource’s top quality expert came out with a novel idea and developed exclusive ERP systems for different industrial segments. We have also simplified the implementation process and enhanced operational methods which can support early return on investment (ROI).

Another important factor about our system is that it has been developed in keeping with the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of Indian market in mind. Therefore utmost care has been taken with its operational method, functionality and investment cost which must be suited to address the SMEs requirement in a rightful manner.

There are number of reasons why eresource’s target ERP customer which is mainly from the SME sector. The bigger players in the market with their standard ERP products are too hot to be handled by the small companies. Though there are many factors involved in this, the high cost involved in implementing such services are one of the primary concern.

Secondly the heavy customization that is needed in these standard ERP systems to suit their requirement that many a time becomes doesn’t bring the desired result. Thirdly. the annual maintenance and other regular technical assistance whenever required. Being locally placed, an efficient technical service of eresource is available 24×7

For further details and discussion let us have a one to one meeting with a live demonstration of the product. Call us today so that a meeting can fixed according to your convenient.

Web-based ERP can boost your business

Web-based ERP Software

Successful organizations are continuously modifying their methods in serving their clients which also increases their profit margin. To achieve this positive result, organizations have to intelligently integrate ERP system in their business management process. An effective ERP system gives the solid foundation to the supply chain which enables information; material and money automatically flow up and down the supply chain at high-speeds without any glitches.

Of late many of the organization consider Web-enabled ERP as their most important and strategic platform because it provides a solid foundation and information backbone for e-business. When a business application like an ERP system is enhanced with the e-business capability, i.e. making it a web-based e-business enabled ERP, they supercharge each other. e-business is the best vehicle to share business information with partners for creating major B2B synergies.

A fully integrated web-based ERP software will capture and create accurate, consistent and timely relevant data, and assist in intelligent business decision-making. The impact of ERP/e-Business integration is substantial, ranging from reduced inventory and personnel level to improved order and cash management. It also results in improved customer responsiveness, reduced IT costs and the availability for value-added activities.

A clear advantage of the web-based ERP software is that remote users like executives and sales representatives can access the company system with any browser, which is much more convenient than going through a laptop configured for Terminal Services. A quick and on-time implementation of the solution can be done on your existing configuration set up. That means you do not need to upgrade your network for Windows/Exchange Server and SQL Server database.

As you would have come across more suggestions on ERP, selecting the right one is crucial. The term “Hosted Solution” is rapidly catching up, on account of its own benefits. A web-hosted solution ensures a lower outlay and predictive spread of cost over time. You have a substantial saving in cost (on both the software and hardware, licensing) that can be better invested in your business process.

Web-based ERP removes your headache from the Investment made towards time and cost in the maintenance of the server & other hardware. When you go in for a web-based ERP, you can start using it from day one and can eliminate all trouble shooting and other related technical snags. Most of the hosted applications are like off-the-shelf software. The web-based ERP applications are available to you anywhere and at anytime from a simple browser.