eresource ERP helps small businesses to grow

ERP for Small Business Growth

In today’s dynamic technological environment, eresource is becoming a name to reckon with. Computer technology has progressed beyond automation and organizations have realized that shying away from constantly transforming technological advancement could push their business into a corner from where comeback into the front arena will be a difficult task.

Though ERP solution has become a key business solution for a competitive business process, the cost involvement was not an affordable affair for many medium and small sized businesses. With the advent of affordable Web-based eresource, ERP solution has become popular with many medium and small businesses,’ eresource ERP provides end-to-end solutions that leverage technology-enabling customers to grow their business. Over the years, eresource has made its stamp in the industry as the pioneers in Web-based ERP solution.

Many of our customers have chosen eresource as their business solution because this system helps their organisation to use its resources more effectively. What is more significant about eresource ERP system is, it is not just an out of shelf software programme; instead, our solution is developed to meet the demands of a company’s customers, suppliers, employees and other business units.

Our customers make us stronger in providing them with an absolutely matching system for their requirements. Many of our customers have commented that an integrated ERP solution like resource that matches the way a company does business can make a difference to the success of an organisation, setting the fast growing company apart from an average performer.

As you know without an ERP system, a company will most likely have a vast number of different software solutions that do not talk to one another effectively. This will not only affect the functioning of the daily operations but also the growth of organization all together. As the technologies emerged there was a talk of unsuccessful ERP implementation and failure to find the good results. However, those talks and speculations have become history now. Today all successful organizations, including the small and medium sized businesses, consider the implementation of ERP system as the backbone of their business process.

With eresource ERP system in place, all business processes are being automated by placing them into a simple and concise visual format. Information can flow constantly, allowing an integrated view of a client’s information process at any point. Purchases and expenditures can be registered at a central database and interactions between marketing, sales, quality control product processes, supply lines, stocks and other areas can all be found at a single point.

eresource ERP system can provide an organisation with the tools to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions – faster. eresource provides its clients a tailored and flexible solution that is cost-effective and allows them to add functionality as their organisation grows.

SMEs are the most aggressive adopters of eresource ERP

ERP for SMEs

The way ERP system was used by organizations taking a rapid change. Initially an ERP solution was mostly preferred by manufacturing organizations only. And that too for the Finance and Accounting, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management/Purchase process. Lately they have included Plant Maintenance, HR, Transportation and Service modules for easy operational process.

Today every industry is looking for an ERP solution to run their business smoothly. Like the manufacturing industry, process industry also has benefited most from implementation of eresource ERP system. Fleet Management, Construction, Chemical, Automotive and Trading Industries all are finding eresource ERP system as an affective business solution to overcome the market challenges.

Apart from the above industries other industrial sectors like cement sector, power sector, and food sector are going for eresource ERP solution. Many construction and project companies have also implemented eresource ERP solution for an effective business process.

The SME segment in India has been one of the most aggressive adopters of eresource ERP software. eresource provides an ideal ERP for SMEs with affordable ERP packages. In fact almost 60 per cent companies in our client list are from the SME segment. This increase in the penetration level in the SME segment is attributed to the introduction of low cost eresource ERP solution.

The implementation of eresource ERP helped the SMEs to get aid in smooth inventory management, timely scheduling of production cycles and shipment of goods, managing human resources and online data communication.

The emerging trend in the ERP market shows a steady increase in the implementation of ERP system in every industrial sector. As a result, these industrial sectors have witnessed tangible quantitative benefits in the post-ERP implementation era.

The companies who implemented the ERP system must realize is that most of the time all the benefits are difficult to prove on statistical grounds as soft benefits like comfort in work life, maturity in planning, attitude changes, transparency, visibility etc are either practically impossible to measure or correlate such improvements to ERP implementation. For the real effect of ERP system, companies are supposed to set their objectives prior to implementation followed by measuring of the achievements after implementation, and only then should they conclude about the effects of ERP.

We must also remember that as the Indian market seems to be very encouraging for ERP implementation, the organizations must pay attention to the time-frame deployment. The structured implementation programme such as eresource ERP’s Guaranteed On-Time implementation, can speed up system deployment and return on investment.

Businesses in India march ahead. From what is an ERP system to which ERP system?

What is an ERP system – Over the years the concept of an ERP System has witnessed massive changes in the business arena. From the question what is an ERP to the questions asked by majority of the business community today is which ERP to be implemented? Therefore the progress from what is an ERP to which ERP shows the growth of ERP system in the business sector. As the benefit from an ERP system started taking business to much higher level, companies have realized the importance of investing in an system that not only bring good return on investment but also helps overall progress of their business process.

In the competitive business field, the heat is started to feel by the large and small as well as midsize companies. They have left not much sleeping time for important decisions. Challenges faced by them started increasing day by day with ever-growing competition and their survival based on how they will overcome these challenges. There were no short cuts. The scenario has become survival of the fittest. Businesses have realized that the infrastructure, whether it is in the form of man power strength or the software system, must be streamlined and handle the workload successfully on a time bound basis and help deliver the result in a desired manner.

Customers are the backbone of a business. The relation with your customers must be maintained a high level quality to achieve success in the business. The faith their customers keep with them is very important and to gain that faith businesses need to have an ERP system with good customer relation management module.

Professionals from eresource ERP System identify the requirement of every department through a comprehensive analysis before the development of the ERP System for an organization. All the details including the production details such as the raw material requirement, stock available, stock to be ordered, delivery time, production details, man power required, time required for production and all that need to bring out the product on time on a required manner are taken into consideration before the actual development of the system. eresource ERP System also has the facility to send out emails alerts to other departments/braches and customers whenever necessary.

eresource ERP systems promise to integrate an entire business with a suite of software modules covering activities in all areas of the business. Furthermore, our ERP system is now being prompted as a desirable and critical link for enhancing integration between all functional areas within the manufacturing enterprise.

eresource ERP system has been defined as a packaged business software system that allows a company, to automate and integrate the majority of its business processes, and share common data and practices across the enterprise. Through integration of various functions in the organization, managers and staff alike can use timely information to make better decisions and to perform activities, which add value to the company.

Most of the time ERP implementation has been considered a costly affair, which forces many small and medium scale companies shying away from implementing it. eresource ERP system has become answer to all these worries as this ERP system has become most affordable and effective ERP for SMEs in India. Write to us for your requirement and the quote. We will get in touch with you soon with a comprehensive report on your requirement and quote.

ERP Software Price: Some facts and figures

ERP Software Price When an organization plans to implement an ERP Software the first thing that comes to consideration is how much the implementation is going to cost. Number of enquiries we receive every day through phone calls and emails demands price of ERP Software. There are some important factors to be considered before finalizing the cost of ERP Software implementation.

This is because ERP Software is developed as the industry specific requirement. Therefore ERP software price is always negotiable as each company’s requirement differs from others. The final pricing of ERP Software will depend on what is recommend for each company’s requirement which will make the operations of their business process much easier.

What we would like to remind our potential customers is that the price of ERP implementation cannot be calculated on a flat rate basis like any other Software available in the market. ERP Software should not be treated like any other Software that can be purchased directly from the vendors and installed in your computer system. Developing an ERP system needs lot of studies and research. Each company requirement and operation methods have to be scrutinized before a plan is laid on the drawing board, which ultimately get into the hands of development team for further process that comes into alive with an operation module of an ERP system.

In the process of development if the system a lot of attention has been paid to make the system more powerful with all necessary elements running efficiently that makes sure the system is working 100 per cent effectively.

While considering the final pricing of an ERP implementation, all these factors must be taken into consideration. The size of the company with its users and branches also is one of the factors that to be considered while finalizing the price of an ERP Software.

Customers should also realize that price of ERP Software cost should also include consideration for the rest of the implementation costs that will be incurred. Software license fees are also part of the total cost to implement and ERP software solution.

Despite all the above facts, eresource ERP has been developed with majority of the Indian SMEs in mind. This factor has been included not only in our development method but also the pricing of our system, which makes the system the most affordable ERP Software in the Indian market today. Being a Web-based ERP solution eresource is also the highly preferred ERP system among various industry verticals in the country.

Having said this, we must also admit that an ERP Software always be in the higher side when the price list appears. Then everyone knows that you can’t get an elephant for the price of a goat.

Modern ERP systems can provide greater working freedom

Modern ERP Systems for Growing Business

As the ERP market got matured in India, there were speculation that a few large ERP software companies would dominate the industry. However, with the advent of more affordable ERP solutions such as eresource, manufacturing companies in SME sector in India has started benefitting greatly. The high demand for ERP application from the small and middle-market manufactures is a big morale boosting for ERP system providers, which has given encouragement to innovate new additions to the system that would greatly help the SMEs in the coming days.

Easy way of operational methodologies and an user-friendly interface with more advanced features are the highlight of eresource ERP systems that give the SMEs an upper hand in their business process. eresource ERP has been developed to meet the requirements of various types of manufacturers.

In a short span of 8 years, eresource has grown in to a position where its competitors are the lead players in the market. During this period eresource has identified and evaluated ERP software specifically for manufacturing industries such as process manufacturing industry, chemicals, castings, electronics, equipment, food, molded products, primary metals and printed products. Eresource also developed ERP solution for numerous other industrial verticals and implemented successfully.

For the last two decades, ERP packages have experienced extensive development in features and functions. With this revolution, eresource ERP package now comprises of dozens of modules. Also with the introduction of cloud-based ERP solution buyers have more flexibility in selecting specific features and modules.

Customization of ERP system

The early version of ERP system was highly rigid and required programmer-level skills and source-code access in order to make even minor changes, such as alterations to screen layouts. Unfortunately, there are some companies still relying in this types first-generation ERP solutions. Come to think of, customizing these software packages is an expensive venture. We therefore advise our customers to look for more flexible and reliable ERP solution rather than spending in the customization of the out-dated system which is going to be a waste of resources.

Modern ERP systems like eresource provide greater independence through customization and personalization tools. In addition to this customization tool , eresource ERP systems come with workflow-management tools, which also allow a company to adapt the software to its own, unique business processes. Workflow tools, for example, can interrupt a software process; suspend a transaction and send a notification; suspend a transaction for managerial approval; or route a partially completed transaction to another employee. These tools help coordinate the activities of several employees, working in different areas of a company.

Data conversion

Like it has been mentioned earlier, upgrading an aging ERP system is a costly affair and often, the cost to convert historical transaction data outweighs the benefits. eresource ERP offer data-import routines, templates and tools that simplify the process and reduce the data-conversion costs. The system allows extraction of data from the old system, which can copied into the new system quickly and with integrity checks.

Although it is encouraging situation that the ERP software has reached market maturity, ERP implementation has been considered as a biggest software investment project. It is where the role of eresource is getting more irrelevant. Because it is a one of the best ERP system available in the Indian market for an affordable cost. Call us to know for more details.

eresource Xcel ERP helps manufacturing industry overcome business challenges

ERP for Manufacturing Business Growth

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When an organization deploys ERP solution expectations are bound to run high as all the manual processes are automated, production scheduling is more efficiently managed and inventory is more accurately assessed.

We have time and again emphasized the objectives of eresource ERP. Our prime objective is to give the Midmarket organizations an effective ERP solution which after implementation can measure the business performance more holistic fashion than ever before. Our system gives executives real-time visibility into all business processes, enabling them to make better strategic decisions. In short, with eresource ERP system, a midmarket company can compete more aggressively in global markets.

Implementation of eresource ERP can reduce costs in three primary categories such as inventory costs, manufacturing operating costs and administrative costs. Our system has its fingers in all aspects of running a business; its benefits are myriad and go beyond tangible cost reductions. It can improve an organization’s customer service and response time when solving issues. It can solve issues of interoperability among multiple manufacturing locations. It can standardize and accelerate manufacturing processes in all of a company’s manufacturing sites. It can streamline a manufacturer’s order-fulfillment processes. It can facilitate connecting with partners’ and suppliers’ enterprise systems.

The biggest advantage of eresource ERP is that it is fully web-enabled ERP system. eresource allows software capabilities to be easily connected and reused, making it quicker and cheaper to assemble, deploy and sustain enterprise-grade technology. With eresource, organizations can more quickly adapt to changing business processes. Several midmarket enterprises have already implemented eresource ERP started enjoying the benefits out of it.

The latest and greatest thing to hit midmarket ERP is on-demand delivery of ERP applications. eresource ERP also offer on-demand in addition to filtered ERP options. Filtered ERP or subscription-based pricing of eresource ERP solution will be particularly appealing to midmarket organizations with minimal IT budgets and on-site resources. They can also help organizations react more quickly and with less disruption to structural changes within the company and changes in the market.

What is to be cautious about the selection of an ERP system is, before you commit to any ERP system, you should first evaluate the system such as what your organization needs and wants to accomplish with its ERP strategy. The outcome of this evaluation will help you determine which applications and what kind of functionality your organization requires as well as go a long way toward easing the implementation[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

eresource Xcel, a Manufacturing ERP system with excellent performance

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When eresource stepped into ERP system development, manufacturing industry is the first vertical that has been served with an effective ERP solution. As time moved on eresource has became number one Manufacturing ERP system available in this country. eresource system for Manufacturing ERP was aimed at SME segments in the country. Our efforts to provide an affordable and effective ERP for SMEs in Indian manufacturing sector has brought positive result.

Today eresource ERP has become an indispensable part of manufacturing industry. However, over the years we were serving with a full-fledged ERP solution that has served every operations of a manufacturing industry. As manufacturing operations varies on different products, a full-fledged ERP system were not necessary for many of manufacturing industrial units.

Understanding this aspect and to make usage of Manufacturing ERP system more useful and easy, eresource has reconstructed its Manufacturing ERP system that will make the system more flexible and economical. Eresource Xcel ERP, which is an exclusive ERP for manufacturing sector has become a big hit among the manufacturing organizations in a short period.

Eresource Xcel, the manufacturing ERP system controls the entire operations of an manufacturing organization. Its effective CRM module makes customer-organization interactions and easy and quick. Customers will also benefit the quick passage of information that will make then understand the status of their orders, complaints etc., using their customer login details in the web based systems. Similarly, on the purchase / procurement side, the vendors can login into their accounts and perform various operations like quoting for a bid, order receipt, informing the organization about dispatch of material, input invoice details, see status of their payment etc.

Eresource Xcel is also an effective Manufacturing ERP which has many advantages and we list below some of them.

  • The system could curb manufacturing cost significantly
  • It can reduce manufacturing bottlenecks
  • Very effective customer service
  • Enables accurate and faster revenue tracking
  • Increase profitability
  • Best suited for both single and multiple manufacturing units and locations
  • Have a improved inventory and supply chain management
  • Optimum sales tracking and management
  • Seamless and automated payroll processing
  • Efficient management of engineering and manufacturing processes
  • Quick and easy quote generation
  • Real-time access to critical business data
  • Gain real-time visibility and key metrics

Undoubtedly ersource Xcel is one of the best suitable and useful ERP solutions available in ERP market today for Manufacturing sector. For more details and a live demo of the product, please contact our sales team or visit our website[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Stimulate your business by choosing right ERP

Stimulate your business by choosing right ERPeresource ERP software

Having discussed in details about the user’s role in successful ERP implementation, it is time to look into the other element which is the consultant or you may refer them as vendor or ERP solution providers.

The task of selecting a suitable consultant is very important and there is no point in cursing the consultant later for their poor performances. There are various reasons behind poor performance and the prime being the poor industry knowledge followed by lack of knowledge on client’s key success factors. The other factors are lack of understanding of user’s perspectives and also limited consulting experience.

A soft approach towards customer and user is a way to show the consultant’s integrity, which many consultants do not possess. Adamant attitude will help bring only unfruitful result. The problems should be solved with loyalty and dedication, which will boost morale of both the customer and the user.

Unfortunately, this does not happen with every consultants, which prompts some company to believe, ‘consultants know nothing; they come here, learn from us and then vanish one day for the self-betterment without solving our problems.’ Interestingly, in many cases, consultants are not blamed for their poor ERP product knowledge, but for their approach.

Contradictory to the above, Eresource ERP clients are extremely happy with our product service as well as our approach. All of our personnel are professionally qualified along with long years of functional experience.

A good ERP consultant should be an equally good business consultant too. This may help in reengineering of existing set-ups in the client’s side to improve ERP performance.

To improve ERP performance it is very important to focus on reengineering of existing set-up in the client’s side. The expected qualities of the ERP consultant are that they should have adequate level of pure functional experience, a deep knowledge of ERP product, must possess good HR skills with convincing abilities and eye for process improvements rather than automation. They should also have a cool head with a composed personality.

Many a time consultant needs to encounter various ‘orphan’ activities and deal with them in a proper manner.

The following incident will indicate why an efficient consultant is needed to address these issues. The design department in an engineering company used to claim that making Bill of Materials was their job, but selecting and arranging branded components required by customer should be the purchase level decision. And the problem was, purchase may select some economical brand, which in turn affects the performance of some other assembly, hence, again, the design department comes into picture. The process was continuous and creates a lot of back and forth interactions for one decision. Users were demanding the automation of such discussions across departments in ERP.

In this circumstances what to be done by the consultant is to revamp the whole process of BoM structuring in the organization. They must convince the client to form a cell of BoM structuring for complicated customer configurations. The cell consists of each user from marketing, engineering planning production, purchase, and also from accounts. In fact, by doing this the consultant had reengineered the functional set of the organization into a temporary process set-up for improving decision-making quality and speed.

Eresource ERP consultant follows a few general guidelines regarding BPR preparations required during consulting.

It is the job of consultants to take only the policy decision from users on various scenarios and then design, map and implement and process suitable to user’s culture. In such cases, it is better to avoid more discussions.

For example, in one company, the same item was available in domestic as well as in imported market. The price difference was high. Since the company follows standard costing, ideally there should be different identification for the same item having such price differences to account for inventory costs separately because it has not implemented Lot Control Module. The company was unable to understand the need of separate code of them item. In this case the consultant must be able to convince the accounting repercussion to hardcore functional guy from stores. Since the user doesn’t understand commercial, operational and legal implications of the process completely in the ERP, consultants should exhibit dominating role in such cases to ultimately give the best out of ERP to the user.

The consultant who can manage the implementation with the above qualities and techniques can be classified a genuine, reliable and a simply good consultant. Without doubt, eresource ERP stands tall here.

Brain of your planning activities- ERP Scope

ERP Scope:

eresource ERP is a modular solution built for vertical enterprises, which supports Sales, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Inventory and Material Management, Quality, Research and Development, Production, Quality, Finance, Human Resource, and service functions, amongst others.

eresource ERP’s major strength lies in the manufacturing module in ERP that provide multiple benefits. eresource, ERP is key to business process automation. eresource ERP helps you control your day-to-day business, irrespective of whether the day is spent on the shop floor or around the board table. Once implemented, eresource ERP will be the heart of your manufacturing business, the wheels of your distribution channel and the brain of your planning activities

eresource ERP is the most reliable enterprise resource planning application, providing organizations with the strategic insight, ability to differentiate, increased productivity and flexibility they need to succeed. eresource ERP helps drive innovation and supports future of your organization.

eresource ERP benefits at a glance

  • eresource ERP offers the functionality you need to increase efficiently across your enterprise.
  • Completing daily task efficiently – Business automation
  • Integrating department for real time collaboration and security.
  • Linking branches, factory, sales, purchase, dispatch/delivery, supply chain management spread across different geographical location at real time.
  • Uniform monitoring system for customer, suppliers, vendors and partners
  • Managing organized and streamlined business process – purchase, sales, Inventory, billing, production, receipt, payment, HR, Taxation, Excise and Exports.
  • Maintaining efficient product catalogue.
  • Keeping day-to-day track sales, dispatch & payments
  • Calculating accurate production costing
  • Accessing consolidation financial information
  • Accessing daily report without depending on anyone.
  • Timely Delivery and reducing inventory yet maintaining production cost.
  • Maintaining best practices and introducing Industry best practices
  • Ensuring that everyone in the organization is responsible and accountable

Importance of Sales and Marketing module in ERP system

Sales and Marketing Module in ERP

At the midst of latest global business developments, ERP service providers are mainly focusing on mid-market companies with easy to use, rapid to deploy and cost-effective ERP solution.

With the deployment of these ERP systems, companies can now leverage the extended functionality of their international business requirements. ERP systems also help them respond to complex needs, from data analytics, reporting and financial accounting through to management control and operational management (production, purchasing, sales, inventory management, etc).

Sage, a global leader in enterprise management solutions, is now offering Sage ERP X3, its international ERP solution for mid-market enterprises. And in India eresource ERP has also recently launched its Cloud ERP version with its SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Companies who have implemented these type of ERP solutions are highly benefited and they are grateful to its unique ability to factor in the international aspects of companies’ business, especially by supporting a broad array of different legislative systems with just a single database. Exclusively developed for the mid-market, these systems cater to the every need their day to day business process.

eresource’s Cloud ERP model is a solution that adapts requirement of every small to mid-market companies in Indian industrial segment. Companies that have deployed the system find comfort in their operational mode and they feel with this system they can confidently go about meeting their objectives.

Indian ERP systems like eresource is serving the Indian market for almost a decade now and its effective system is capable to address mid-market company’s specific requirements and challenges in various industries from manufacturing, services to distribution and many more.

Small and medium scale industries are the one that could benefit maximum from the Cloud ERP system in India, they are in the stage of growing path. Unwanted expenses incurring in the way of investment in an exclusive IT departments and the executives to maintain and manage its successful operations will definitely make a hole in their pockets. With the usage of this cloud computing application method they will be able to divert the resource in other areas that could help them grow further.

When mid-market companies plans to implement an ERP they must really must get into a long discussion and have a thorough evaluation of their requirement about the ERP system. All ERP consultants are always ready to clear any doubts pertaining to the ERP system in A continuous interaction between company executives and the consultants will clear the way to understand an ERP system more closely.

The requirement of companies also varies. There are cases which needs only updates of few modules. In some cases companies may subscribe to a demand-planning module or a production-planning program for an overseas plant rather than going with a full ERP suite. Whatever the cases may be, all options are available in the ERP market today. What you need is the right advice from an efficient consultant.