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ERP Software for Business Growth

With the implementation of eresource ERP, many companies in India have become technology-driven organizations. What is important is that all these companies had a MRP solution in place before embarking into eresource ERP solution. These companies, however, noticed that their MRP system formed islands of data that inhibited information flow. It was inadequate for the needs of these companies whose businesses were large and complex.

When the plans for re-engineering underwent in these companies the future course of growth also have been taken into consideration. Many of these companies were growing into strategic business units from functional organizations. In some of these companies the decision to implement eresource ERP was the direct fallout of BPR initiative. However, it is not to be forgotten that a large-scale BPR is inevitable for exploiting the capabilities of an ERP package. These organizations have focused implementation of eresource ERP after their restructuring exercise.

It is also important carry out thorough analysis of the ability of applications to meet core business process needs and identifying gaps between core needs and existing application’s features and functionality should b e documented well with alternatives, including estimates of all resources and schedule impacts.

Basically ERP system is a complex application when it comes to the question of handling multiple functions. Many of the ERP packages available in the market were more prone to serving individual functions. Even though some of them served multiple functions they did not always cater to different functions from different category. But it was not the case with eresource ERP. It could not only integrate different functions from different departments but also different function from different industries.

There was time when an ERP solution was an exclusive internal solution of an organization and many people in the organization were not aware of the existence of a technology under their nose or they have lacked the information about functioning. With the advent of Web-based eresource ERP everyone in this organization started realizing the functionalities of an ERP solution also its benefits.

Though there was awareness that ERP system was a web friendly application the advantage has not been fully explored, until eresource made its entry. However other ERP solutions had its own reservations in using internet abundantly. eresource ERP worked on them and hence became totally a web friendly application.

There is also misconception that an ERP system is only for the large organizations. However, that is not correct. We can say with confidence that the Small and medium-sized businesses are the major beneficiaries of ERP system and they are the main force that pushed the ERP growth in India. Inflexibility of earlier ERP systems from SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft pushed the customization drive.

Customers are moving from best-of-breed to a best-for-business approach, implying that they prefer extensions to their existing ERP for applications like planning and optimization, business intelligence and knowledge management. This has resulted in emergence of eresource ERP, an effective web-based ERP package that suits large organizations and SMEs alike. eresource ERP software is an ideal ERP for Business Growth.

Suitably optimized ERP for Small and Medium sized organizations

ERP for Small and Medium Organizations

It is not a secret that with advent of eresource in the ERP market, there is a tremendous change in the way organizations used to operate. It was believed that ERP was meant only for the big organizations. That is because almost all the leading ERP system available in the market were mainly developed their application to suit these big organizations.

eresource has realized that majority of the organizations in the manufacturing sector were small and medium categories and their operations are managed with average 100 or less than employees. This has inspired us to develop an ERP application that will suit and benefit this majority category. Gradually, realizing the benefit of our ERP solution, many of these smaller manufacturers have started adopting eresource ERP which is suitably optimized for smaller operations.

Web-based resource ERP is becoming a driving force in the manufacturing sector. There is no doubt our system is getting smarter with very implementations. Computer power that was once reserved for network servers is now embedded in shop floor equipment. This is not the only advantage. Advanced ERP system like eresource application allows users of ERP system to work anywhere anytime.

Web-based eresource ERP also has unique way of functionality with its dynamic modeling. Advanced ERP systems like eresource ERP consider order lead times and may even have a list of substitute parts and alternate suppliers but the actual heuristics used to determine quantities and order times do not change.

eresource ERP has been incorporated with all the modules that are required for the functioning of a manufacturing division with the latest functionalities.

It is also important that small and medium sized manufacturing organizations must consider using the web-based ERP solution instead of outdated legacy systems or other traditional ERP system. While selecting an ERP, the manager must make decisions based not only on vendors supply and customer’s demand, but on vendor’s projections and customers’ expectations.

ERP for Small and Medium Organizations are the major beneficiaries of eresource ERP software and they are the main force that pushed the ERP growth in India. Inflexibility of earlier ERP systems from SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft pushed the customization drive. Customers are moving from best-of-breed to a best-for-business approach, implying that they prefer extensions to their existing ERP for applications like planning and optimization, business intelligence and knowledge management. This has resulted in emergence of eresource ERP, an effective web-based ERP package.

The requirements of each company differ in terms of standard industry practices and unique practices. eresource ERP system caters to every need of an organization. The system is integrated with componentized solutions with standard modules and specific functionality to address the unique process.

Implement eresource ERP in 90 days

Implement ERP in 90 days

Over the years the SMEs in India have witnessed a drastic change in their style of functioning. This was due to the emergence of powerful ERP tool like resource. eresource ERP system has emerged as the core of successful information management and the enterprise backbone of organizations.

Though difficulties of ERP implementations have been widely cited in some write ups appeared periodically, eresource has found its own way to implement the system successfully within a limited time period. With our on-time guaranteed implementation program, eresource carry out most of its implementation successfully in SME segment within 90 days. This is a commendable service appreciated by all our customers who are fully satisfied with our system.

When it comes to ERP implementation, what is to be remembered is there are certain factors that were found to be critical to ERP implementation success. These are ERP teamwork and composition; change management program and culture; top management support; business plan and vision; business process re-engineering with minimum customization; project management; monitoring and evaluation of performance; effective communication; software development, testing and troubleshooting; project champion; appropriate business and IT legacy systems.

Customer satisfaction is our prime concern. Satisfaction could be attributed by fulfillment of one simple expectation that the company is using only one ERP system for all the transactions happening day in and day out. This system must typically include proper planning of salaries of employees, taxes, cash purchases, maintenance of machines, annual maintenance contract along with complete manufacturing planning, sales planning, engineering and design planning, and so on,

Apart from the special care taken during the implementation process, our methodological training also holds key to the success of eresource ERP system in whole. Our training session includes information sharing in power point presentation about the brand details, its flexibilities, strength and successful installation apart from the core practical session which is a user-based special training method.

What is not to be forgotten is that many ERP brands are not providing adequate training to the user which ultimately results in improper functioning of the system. We have realized that training is equally important as the system implementation itself and full attention is given to training of the users of the ERP system.

For the successful functioning of an ERP system, the users need to have the skill for using the functionality relevant to their roles. They should understand the basic concepts of ERP and also how to perform the day-to-day activities in the ERP system. Not only the users but others who are directly or indirectly connected to the functioning of an organization also need to know what is an ERP is and its functionalities. This includes managers, who should have at least an appreciation of what the system does. Ideally, the project manager should have a good understanding o fall aspects of the system so that he can be effective in dealing with any issues raised.

eresource ERP training session provides a good foundation for all these requirements. What must be realize is for a successful running of an ERP system a select number of people will require more specific technical training which is covered at our training program.

We also train the system administrators how to setup the system and maintain it. They will require knowledge about how to handle system security and deal with technical problems. They will need to develop a level of understanding of the functionality so that, at some stage after implementation when the project team is disbanded, they are able to manage the system smoothly.

eresource is here to make your business success. We always go an extra mile to ensure that you get the full benefit our system. When you sign an agreement with us for implementing an ERP system in your organization, we make it sure that success on your way. We don’t just implement an ERP system in your organization in 90 days but we make it sure that your staff is well trained to handle the system effectively and successfully.

Lively ERP system must for business success

ERP System for Business Growth

In the earlier days client-server method was the standard way of functioning in the computing world. Therefore it was natural that ERP applications running on desktop PCs stored their transactions on database servers running in the background.

This kind of an ERP system had many drawbacks and the primary issue with this type of an ERP system was the cost factor involved in it. Not only the cost factor but also the lack of customisation facility and absence of integration made this application not an ideal solution for a growing industrial set up. With this application, when you wanted to have an extra functionality, you either waited for the software vendor to decide it was a profitable feature, or you hired a specialist developer to embark on a long and costly process to build it for you. Connecting to other systems – like remote branches – was a distance dream and if it all it was executed it would make a big hole in your pocket.

With the advent of Web technologies the method used in computing world in general and the ERP space in general witnessed a drastic and rapid change. With the browser-based ERP applications like resource ERP systems are cost-effective, readily customisable, easily integrated, and provide companies with the opportunity to offload their IT overhead to third-party providers.

Though lot of companies implemented web-based ERP system to run their business, there are many others companies that haven’t taken advantage of these benefits – opting rather to continue hoarding IT hardware and software assets that threaten to become obsolete soon after they’re installed. The reason for this trend is mostly tradition. Companies feel the need to retain their data on their premises “because that’s the way it’s always been done”. In reality, it was done that way in the past because the technology didn’t exist to do it better. Now it does – giving companies the chance to continually cut costs and improve performance.

There are questions raised that why the companies must upgrade their existing legacy system to a more advanced and user-friendly web-based ERP system?. The reason for their concern is the system they are working currently is giving them a comfortable working method though actually the system functions are mostly outdated. What these organizations are scared is changing to a modern technology will affect their working method which they are comfortably accommodated into. Coming out of that comfortably may be the prime reason why they are shying away from implementing a modern system. The most disappointing factor is their attitude won’t do any good for the organization in the long run.

When an advanced web-based eresource ERP system is implemented, you could log in to the application through your browser from anywhere with an Internet connect and start working like from your office room.

With this application you could communicate with all the users in your network which puts you available to anyone who like to have your assistance anytime from anywhere. Being online from anywhere anytime can also solve all your problems in one go and can carry out all operations without any delay.

Be wise in your thinking and also in your actions. Place you before your competitors. There is no way other than going with the latest. Be smart in your business and implement eresource ERP system for business growth today.

More business growth with better data visibility and fewer employees

Business Growth with Fewer Employees

ERP systems became popular with the large and complex companies sought to standardize their business processes and operations across the globe by implementing the system. Until recently, it was only the larger companies that had the resources required to implement such large-scale technologies. With the introduction of web-based eresource ERP system, ERP technology has become effective solution for small-to-midsized companies as well.

It is widely accepted now that the cloud computing is beginning to deliver tangible benefits to organizations. These developments include increased flexibility and agility to business process. Though moving to the cloud computing can bring little more expenses to companies, the benefits these systems could be bring is incomparable, according to IT executives whose organizations have implemented cloud services.

Though in the beginning ERP system has brought interest only to technical managers, later it has been realized that the functioning of an effective ERP system affects business managers of all sorts. ERP is more than just computer software; it’s also a way of transforming and optimizing an entire business. This is why it is necessary to involve business owners and managers in the purchase decision and the implementation of an ERP system.

Success of an ERP also holds importance of involvement of managers in purchase and implementation of the ERP system. In addition, companies should define their future business processes to help select the appropriate ERP software. As the time changing and technology is fasting moving business application also improved a lot as per the requirement of the situation. From traditional legacy system today we are on the way to much advanced cloud computing system like eresource ERP.

It’s important to focus on organizational change management and training activities to ensure that employees understand changes to their jobs resulting from the new software. Showing your back to the latest development in the business world can only push you and your business activities to the corner. What is to be remembered is if you are so cautious in your approach your outing from the field will be imminent that too before you really realizing it.

Web-based eresource ERP implementation can bring changes to the entire operations of your businesses The system now has better visibility of operating data, including order status and financial results. In addition, being a web-based ERP system it can be accessed by company executives and employees worldwide who have Internet access to real-time operating data and can enforce tighter business controls.

Finally, with eresource ERP, improved efficiency will allow the company to more business growth with fewer employees than projected.

eresource, an ERP ideal solution for SMEs

The flexible, affordable and fully scalable, eresource ERP solution for SMEs is the ideal solution for newly emerging and smaller companies, as well as for growth-oriented SME requiring multi-site and multi-currency capabilities.

It is especially well suited to improving the manufacturing processes of engineer-to-order, make-to-order and high-volume make- to-stock manufacturers in the automotive, electronics, capital equipment, and discrete products industries.

Built on excellence

eresource’s cost-effective, web-based ERP solution, combined with eresource’s flexible and affordable pricing structures, provides SME with a technology solution having all of the functionality and benefits of a “big company” ERP system – but with minimal investment and risk.

The eresource ERP for SMEs solution is built on the rich technology heritage and deep industry expertise of eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and has a history of success in the manufacturing sector, providing comprehensive solutions that are used by the world’s leading manufacturing companies.

Implementation is fast and easy, without the need for expensive hardware and high fees for licensing, implementation, upgrades and maintenance. This also helps avoid additional financial burden for SME sector. Once implemented, the result is maximum value with minimal investment and low risk. Eresource ERP offers a powerful ERP Software for manufacturers and a high value proposition for SME who would rather expand resources on building a successful business.

The modules include:

Product Management

  • Costing
  • Engineering
  • Engineering Change
  • Estimating


  • Work Orders
  • Inventory
  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Materials Requirements Planning
  • Physical Inventory
  • Repetitive Manufacturing


  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Billing
  • Financial Integration Management (FIM)
  • General Ledger

Customer Management

  • Bid Process Management (BPM)
  • Contract Management
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Quotes

Supplier Management

  • Supplier Quotes
  • Purchase Orders

Project Management

  • Project Accounting
  • Project Definition
  • Project Resource Planning (PRP)

eresource ERP is an integrated solution that brings together a wide variety of business functions. Below is the functional description.

Financial -general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, asset management, cost tracking and accounting, cash management, budgeting, invoicing, and time and attendance

Sales – pricing, margins, quotations, contracts, and schedules

Procurement – pricing, requisitions, quotations, contracts, schedules, and vendor rating

Planning – item planning, resource planning, demand planning, order planning, and plan analysis

Project – project definition, project estimating, project budgeting, project planning, project progress, project monitoring, and project invoicing

Manufacturing – bill of materials, routing, cost price calculations, manufacturing processes, shop floor control, project control, manufacturing control, tooling requirements, configuration control, and product classification

Quality Management – inspection plans and execution, calibration plans and execution

Warehousing – inventory planning and handling, inventory analysis

Freight Management -freight order control, route planning, loading, rates and invoicing

Service Management– contract management, configuration management, subcontract management, call management, planning, service order management, scheduling, and depot repair

For business flexibility and control implement eresource ERP

Which is the perfect ERP system for you? This must be first question asked yourself before you select an ERP system for your business flexibility. From conventional ERP to Web-based system and Cloud ERP as there are many variant available in the ERP market, selecting the right ERP for you is very important.

Selection of right ERP system for business flexibility depends on a number of criteria. This includes functionality of potential ERP systems relative to your business requirements, cost-factor and your organization’s need. It is also important to consider whether you would like to go for a short-term vs. longer-term costs. Ultimately this decision could be further narrowed down to two main variables: complexity and control.

Large companies with huge number of employees need to control their IT infrastructures because they view business technology as a competitive advantage. These companies are more likely to find that traditional on-premise ERP systems to meet their business needs. With their larger background these types of systems can provide the flexibility and control that these organizations are demanding.

On the other hand, most of the small and mid-sized companies consider the ERP function as a tool to excel in their day-to-day business process. They don’t mind outsourcing by getting the facility from outside their compound wall. For these types of companies, Software as a Service or the Cloud ERP solutions often makes more sense.

Global presence of each company also varies depending on their strength and operations also their supply chain sophistication, diversified products, and customer interfaces that provide competitive advantages over their competitors. Companies with higher levels of complexity and sophistication can consider either on premise or hosted off-site (in the cloud).

It is also a fact that almost every mid-market ERP suite shares several common modules, the differences among solutions tend to be quite granular within these modules. Also, even if different packages offer the same feature – say, sales-order management – it might not be bundled in the same module; some vendors include sales-order management in their CRM suites while others package it in their SCM suites.

What is the taken in to account when evaluating an effective ERP system is that key to an ERP package is tight integration between modules, so that all of the core business modules are related.

As every company is different and has different business needs, so it is important to understand which types of ERP systems will work best in your situation. For more information and comprehensive evaluation of each variant, please write to us or call us today.

eresource SAAS ERP model brings economic relief for mid-sized companies

ERP for SMEs

SaaS ERP Model:

It is true that companies are feeling the pressure to continue their technology expansion plans despite the tight economic conditions witnessed all over the world. The option before them is to find better ways to carry out with business process operations much successful way.

In the technology front it is undisputable belief that companies have to have an ERP system to run the business process in the right manner. When the traditional ERP system brings an additional burden to the companies that are already reeling under the economic crunch, SaaS model eresource ERP solutions are really a big relief.

Getting an ERP system varies from companies to companies. When the big companies can afford and needs an ERP system which will be extensively support their all their operations and linked with their branches and departments, small companies must look the system in different angle. The questions about why they must purchase an entire system and spend thousands of rupees on a system which they may not even utilized. In that case it is going to a clear case of waste of money.

This is where the importance of eresource SaaS model comes to picture. eresource ERP SaaS model solution helps to reduce the large-up front expenses associated with software purchases by offering less costly monthly pricing and reducing the investment on server hardware.

Also eresource give companies to an option purchase the modules as per their fund availability and later they can go on extending the system by adding more modules as the requirement demand and as the funds become available.

Though there are other versions of SaaS model ERP system in the market, it’s important to check if you can use the system for your purpose or you need to customize it as per your business process. You need to assemble a Request For Information about the system you are looking for. This document should outline exactly what you want the software to accomplish.

Eresource Saas ERP model can certainly be as flexible as you need to be, complete with the customization your system needs. eresource’s SaaS model is served apart from its main ERP system which provides a browser based platform that also has an agile capability of framework built into it. Eresource is the leading Web-based ERP software in India. Eresource Web-based ERP model with its SAAS version can provide your business with more stability, reliability and flexibility.

Web-based eresource ERP system as a long-time business solution

Web-based ERP for Long-time Business – Eresource ERP Software

Agility is the watchword As a comprehensive, flexible and industry-specific ERP system provider, eresource, satisfies all its clients’ need for quick access to reliable, one-source information for continued business growth. eresource, a leader in web-based ERP solution for many industrial verticals has recently launched its ERP SaaS model focusing the small and medium sized companies in India and abroad.

Web-based eresource ERP system made business process easy for companies. The legacy system they were depend on their day to day work process getting outdated as the demanded regular customization and even after the customization the system lacked integrated functionality.

The data available to support critical business decisions also lacked quality and as a result every sections were forced to develop their own database on spreadsheets and workarounds. Additionally, companies having different ERP system deployed in their other location further contributed to the islands of information and multiple data entry points.

Companies also realized that application support and customization was not adequate enough for an efficient business process and many companies after implementing eresource ERP started feeling the impact with streamlined and effective working method of the system.

It makes extremely happy when we hear about the success stories of our customers that are experiencing with the implementation of our system in their companies. It makes us more proud when we hear that our customers are recommending eresource ERP to new clients, which is highly unusual in today’s competitive business world.

Success of eresource ERP starts from the time of its implementation. As you know the catch word of ERP implementation is speed. It was our New Year resolution that all our future implementation will be completed just in 90 days. However, we ourselves surprised that our first implementation of the New Year has been completed in a record-breaking 40-day time span.

The mission was started when the company, the Byteware Technologies in Dubai has planned to implement an effective ERP system sometime in February 2011. Though the company has evaluated many ERP products, they could not find a suitable one that will match with their requirement. It was during the month of October 2011 that the company happened to established the rapport with us, eresource Infotech, and demanded a quick go and implementation process. The order was finally placed by the company in the month of November 2011 and wanted to see the project go live by January 2012.

The project covered end to end business functions, i.e. from Sales, Procurement, Material Management, Distribution, Warehouse Management, Project Sales and Finance. Yes, of course, the project went live on January 8, 2012, as demanded by the company. It was really a record-breaking achievement.

It is normal to encounter with some technical setbacks at the implementation time. But we have surprised this time there were hardly anything that took much time to resolve. The credit must be given where it is due. Hats off to our implementation team for completing the mission in a very successful way. All our current and future implementations are focusing on the same line of working method and we can promise all our clients that we deliver what you demand that too on time.

eresource ERP system brings transparency, responsibility and accountability

Effective ERP System brings Transparency, Responsibility and Accountability

Agility is the watchword There is only a simple answer to the question raised by organizations ‘why they must implement eresource ERP?’ The answer is – to simply complex process. As you may be aware that as far as a business establishment is concerned process capital can positively affect customer capital and customer capital ultimately affects business performance. Companies implementing eresource ERP can build process capital to meet the challenges of the competitive market environment.

Impact of eresource ERP can be visible in the business process and operational methods right from the implementation stage. eresource ERP can have an effective influence on the business process in short span of period. We have ample proof to prove our claim that eresource ERP can bring a significant impact right from the time its implementation in the organization.

India’s leading web-based ERP Soluion eresource can be an eye-opener for any organization because they get to realize the benefits and operational methods involved in modifying the business process. What is to be remembered before an ERP implementation is that organizations must be fully prepared before going for an ERP implementation to get the desired result. The role of managers and other decision makers in the organization plays an important role for the success of any ERP system from the implementation stage.

eresource ERP enables interactions and healthy relationships among departments in organizations which would have otherwise remained isolated. The problems of co-ordinations faced by each department are solved with implementation of effective ERP system like eresource. Organizations that have decided to implement eresource ERP can expect an extremely close assistance from a team of expert who will able to identify the flaws and guide the organization in devising better procedures. It helps organizations to adapt and adjust to change right from the implementation process.

eresource ERP has directly and indirectly helps to redefine functions in an organization. Anything that people wanted to know about the company and its operations will be available by a click of the mouse. There was no more relying on the department of internal communications even for single information. Outsiders don’t have the hassle of obtaining permission and following stringent procedures to access information.

eresource ERP also helps the employees of organization in big way with their routine work procedures. The system provides more freedom, authority and responsibility to the individual employees which were mutually beneficial to the management. Every user/employee became more aware of their function while eresource ERP has given the confidence to execute it individually and successfully This way of working style results in transparency and accountability.

The work of employees becomes more easy and independent and they also able to keep track of work happening in other department or section related to their work procedure. This total transparent and reliable and flexible method of working mode boost the confidence and royalty of the employees that ultimately brings the goodwill to the organization.